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Brother Caeble



Bolivia and other Hispanic countries



Dear Pastors, Friends and Churches,                                                     November 2011

In my letters I usually talk of the persecution these people receive.  Many hear about the changes being made in Hispanic Countries, but really not a lot has changed as long as there is a Communist government in power.

As we travel into this country there is always some sort of trouble.  They try to discourage any religious activity from the outside world on the island.  Due to these difficulties I had to make two trips there this fall.

During one of these trips, I had two pastors with me from North Carolina.  We lost two days sitting in motels due to the problems I mentioned earlier.  During the night service we had a great time and God moved in a wonderful way.  We met in a small house church and the place was packed.  There were around 20 people in the house and about 30 or 40 people were standing out in the yard.  Both American pastors preached and it was such a good service.  I was surprised at the invitation when no one came forward!  One man finally walked into the house to get saved and when he did 14 more came forward!

On the next trip, a Vietnam veteran came with me.  One night he was going to give his testimony and tell about his experiences in Vietnam.  As we sat in this particular service, we were told “only saved people were there”.  The brother gave the gospel and there was so much liberty that night that he did not get to his experiences in Vietnam.  He simply told of what God had done in his life.  During the invitation I was so burdened and thought, “boy somebody needs to get saved, even though there are no unsaved people here tonight”.  One woman in her 60’s came forward then five others got saved that night!

So you never know who is sitting in a service with you and needs God in their lives.

Joyfully Yours,  Farren Caeble, 1Sam.12:24


Dear Pastors, Friends and Churches,                                                     June-July 2011

We had some great services on our last trip..  We did not make the first flight due to a scheduling change, but flew in two days later.  In our first service, 15 people got saved.  In the same church 10 were saved in a service prior to our arrival!

On this trip we had some trouble with the Immigrations.  While waiting for our bags an immigration officer came up and questioned me about our plans and asked “how long were we going to stay in their country”?  In other words, we know you are here and we are watching you.

I’d like to say something about our services in the States.  Every weekend I am traveling, preaching, presenting and bringing updates to our churches.  We have had some very good services!  Years ago when the work began, I prayed, "Lord, these people may never go to a mission field, please verify in their hearts that what we say is true and real".  And He has.  God is so good.  Some of you may never go to these foreign fields, but you have been very helpful in many ways.  When I go to these churches and try to do what the Apostle Paul did as he "declared particularly what things Christ had wrought among the Gentiles by his ministry". (Acts 21:19)  I ask the Lord, “Please, let the people know in some way what I am saying is exactly in full descript as to what is happening”.

It is amazing to see all the things which have happened in our ministry and especially in Hispanic countries.  From time to time God lets us know that it is His ministry and that He is only letting us be a part of His great work.

To better understand our ministry, we support the Hispanic Nationals because God has worked in the hearts of the American people to take these men on for support each month.  I have preachers asking me all the time, "how do you do it?"  I say, "I don't, He does!"

God Bless! Brother Caeble, 1Sam.12:24



Dear Pastors, Friends and Churches,                                                                    March - April 2011


I hope all is well with you and your church.


While preaching in American churches I have been requesting prayer for my permit to travel into Hispanic countries.  Some of you know that I could not go due to an expired permit back in March.  Brother Ricardo Lees went in for me this last time.  The trip went well and they accomplished the goal we had for this particular trip.


Last week I finally received word from the U.S Treasury Department, stating that all my papers are in order.  Some things have changed for the better regarding our permission to travel, which will hopefully make the trip easier and less dangerous.  Please pray for us as any change in our treatment from the U.S. could complicate matters, this is always a sensitive issue dealing with a Communist country.


I got a call from our Hispanic pastors last week and all is well.  Lord willing our next trip will be in June.  We have a couple of American pastors lined up to go with us and we are making flight plans now.


It is so good to be a part of God’s plan in reaching lost people whether it be here in America or beyond our borders.  As a young preacher 34 years ago, I never dreamed that I would be part of God’s work in other countries trying to reach the lost.  You never know what tomorrow holds!  As a believer I have learned that if you walk through the little doors of opportunity each day, at the end of life’s way you will look back and realize that you have walked through the big doors of opportunity that changed your life forever.


Thanks for your prayers and support to us personally as well as to these national pastors.

 Joyfully Yours, brother Caeble, 1Sam.12:24


Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends,                                                                             June – July, 2010

As some of you know I have been having trouble going to one of our Hispanic countries in the past year.  I went in March and was detained again.  So, in spite of these troubles my pastor made the trip with a couple of his members in June.  They had no trouble and saw several works while there.  One of the men who went with him said to me, "I am willing to go in once a year with you if you need me."  People are so moved by seeing these precious people as they endeavor to carry the great work that God has given them to do. 

Our next trip is scheduled for September.  Please pray for us as this door to these Hispanic countries is still open.  Paul said, "For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries."

1 Cor. 16:9  I have learned in my 33 years of preaching, that where the Lord blesses, the Devil fights! Bob Jones Sr. use to say that the door of opportunity swings on the hinges of opposition.  That's true not only in this Hispanic country, but wherever the gospel is faithfully preached.

I am building a data base of e-mails that I can use as a matter of letting you know when I will be traveling, then you and the church can pray as we travel.  I will only use this e-mail for sending prayer requests.  We need this "prayer partnership" among our churches and the brethren, this is not only my ministry it is our ministry and you are a very viable part of this precious work that God has given us in these last days.  Paul again said, "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:" 2 Thes. 3:1

We also have a trip to Brazil coming up in October.  We are excited as we make plans to go there to preach in the anniversary service for a Brazilian preacher, Euler Falcao.

 Joyfully Yours,  Brother Caeble, 1Sam.12:24


Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends,                                                                                                                            Aug-Sept 2009

As I wrote in the last newsletter many things are changing and I want to continue this thought.  I have never seen so many pastors so discouraged.  There are things which are happening now and to mention and name them would only discourage the church.  Brethren, the Lord prophesied that this day would come, not only are things happening in the spiritual realm, but also on the political level.  Our country has always been so connected to the Bible and Judea Christian Ethics that what happens on the national scale also has its consequences in the churches as well.  But this is only a reminder of the times that we live in.  In Luke it says, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28.

As the fall of the year approaches, our schedule tightens.  It happens every year.  We have some revival meetings here in the States and several trips planned out of the country.  Our next trip will be the first week of October.  Pray for safe passage and a blessed time with our pastors.  Those Hispanic pastors so look forward to our coming.  We want it to be a time where they can be edified from the scriptures and be reminded of the great call upon their lives and ministry.

In August we had a National pastor here for some of the mission conferences that we were going to in West Virginia.  He was trying to get help for some of the missionaries out of his church that are starting meetings in other areas.  He was a real blessing to those conferences in WV.

We have lost a couple of supporters during this economical down turn, but thank the Lord we have picked up a couple of new supporters to take their ranks.  We had one church that was going to have to down scale their mission giving.  After seeing and hearing what God was doing in this Hispanic country, instead of lowering their amount they increased and took a couple more!  It is God’s work and God will take care of His own.

Thanks to all of our churches and supporters for being faithful in these troublesome times.

Joyfully Yours, Brother Caeble, 1Sam.  12:24 

PS; If you would like more information please call me at: (828) 460-0196


Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends,                                April-May 2006

I just returned from a trip with many blessings.  We had 13 souls to make professions of faith.  It was one of my favorite trips.  We began in a seaside town where Christopher Columbus first landed and said, “it was the most beautiful place on earth.”  What I believe topped off the trip was that we were privileged to stay with a National pastor who had spent time in prison during the 70’s for preaching the gospel.  In 2001, I preached in his home (which is a church) and have never forgotten it.  I shall not forget the experience of spending the night in his home on this trip!  I had him to relate some of his experiences to the American pastors that I had with me.  He said, “you know, they put me in prison and tried to stop me for preaching the gospel and I still preached.”   He said they took me from one cell to another, “I knew they were going to move me, so I preached to the 14 prisoner and 13 got saved!”  What a blessing, to spend time with one of God’s men!  The next morning we awoke to an aroma of coffee and ate saltine crackers, then said our good-byes to this precious family.

 We were in several other cities preaching in house churches and we also preached in several regular church services.  One service we preached in a bungalow beside the ocean, with people standing on the outside.  These people never grow tired of hearing the Word of God.

 In the last two years we had another interesting development.  There have been some 5,000 Bolivians travel to this  on Student Visas.  We were going down the street one day and I saw some people that I knew were not Hispanic Nationals.  I said who are those people?  They replied, “They are Bolivians”.  I could not believe my ears.  That happened a year ago.  Now, the main church that I work with has a special ministry, called “the Bolivian Ministry.”  On this trip I have seen Bolivian people attending several of the church services.  How great God is!  I am able to reach the Bolivians in a country where many people are coming to the Lord!


In the last two months we were able to buy a Bolivian pastor a car.  He has been a blessing to our ministry and desperately needed transportation as he preached in several places.  This month I had to send $500 to help on the repairs for the car.  Please pray for him, his name is Geraldo Choque.

 Joyfully Yours, Brother Caeble, 1Sam. 12:24