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Mission Update - October 2011

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

 It seems like time slips away so fast and another year is almost gone.  I wanted to write each of you on behalf of our missionaries to thank you for all you have done over the past year through prayer, financial support and the care of the poor saints around the world.  I would also like to give a brief report on each of the works Charity Baptist Mission is involved with.

Mexico - 1974

(Los Pocitos Children’s Home)

In 1974 Marcus and Judy Padget along with Preacher Potter started the children’s home in Mexico with the help of many local churches and faithful supporters.  This home has been a blessing and a refuge to many children in that region.  After Marcus passed away in 1991, Sister Judy was faithful to stay with the work that she and her husband loved and gave their life for.  Since then a national has worked with Judy for about 19 years and continued to take care of the home.  In March of 2011 Sister Judy went home to be with the Lord.  This past summer the national decided to retire after the children left for school break.  At this time we do not have anyone to oversee the home.  Due to this change the mission board does not feel that we should carry this work.  We want to be faithful and accountable to the Lord and to all who have supported this work.  From now on any support sent, pertaining to this home, will be returned to the church or supporter who sent it.

Bulgaria - 1991

Revelation 3:8 says “…behold, I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it:…”.  The Lord is truly blessing the work with the Millet Turks in Bulgaria.  Many souls are getting saved, churches are being birthed, and we believe this is their time of visitation.  This past summer, many new believers were baptized, with several more waiting for the next baptism.  This work is growing by leaps and bounds.  Please pray for the work and our missionaries in this area.  They are as Moses when Israel fought against Amalek: as long as his hands were lifted up Israel prevailed, but Moses’ hands got heavy and Aaron and Hur needed to stay his hands.  The missionaries get tired as well, and it is your prayers and financial support that keep their hands raised.  Please pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers.  The good news is that many laborers are coming right out of these Bulgarian Turkish churches.  The Lord is raising up national pastors who already know the culture and the language.  Yet there are many villages which are begging for someone to come and preach to them, but we don’t have the money for vehicles and fuel to get them there.  The national pastors and our missionaries currently go to about 90 churches a week.  In addition to this they oversee 18 feeding centers where children are being fed at least one meal a day!  Their greatest expense is fuel which cost about $7 per gallon.  Some are spending around $1,000 a month just on fuel to get to their meetings.  Also, I would also like to ask you to pray for one of our missionaries, Brother Robert Schrader.  He is currently in the states with some physical problems and is greatly missed in this work.  He needs the Lord to intervene so he can go back soon.

Romania - 1995

The work in Romania is much like the work in Bulgaria, it is growing tremendously.  The missionaries oversee around 15 churches and 16 feeding centers, including the Casa Julia Children’s home which started in 2002.  This past year doors in many villages have opened that we thought were closed.  When God opens a door no man can shut it!  They also had many new believers baptized this summer.  To God be the glory!


The work is growing faster than the support is coming in, but this is a good problem; and we believe God will supply all the need according to his riches in Glory.


Brother Ralph has contacted us about trying to get supplies together in the states to finish an addition to the children’s home and then ship them over in a container.  This will be much cheaper and the quality of the material will be better than they can purchase over there.  The total cost for the materials and the container will be around $15,000.  If anyone has any contacts for getting building supplies it will be greatly appreciated.

North India - 1979

The Children’s Home in North India is going really well.  It consists of four centers which take care of 145 children.  The missionary couple which started the home are currently in Florida and would like to go back to India in December for a visit.  The husband has had some health issues over the past year and we would ask you to pray for him, but this has not affected his love or care for these children.  He is careful to watch his diet and this is really helping him physically, but your prayers are much needed.  He is a true missionary with a heart not just to see a work done in his lifetime, but to see it carried on well after he has departed.  When not in India he stays in constant contact with those who have taken the mantel of this work.  One National couple has been helping them since 1981.  They are very faithful and dedicated to the children's ministry.  Now, three young men who were raised in the home are also helping to run it.  What a blessing to see the fruits of his labor continue with the work.

 South India - 1975

The Children’s Home in South India is such a blessing to write about.  Our missionary who oversees the home recently returned to the states and said everything is going very well.  They now have 54 children in the home.  It seems they just quietly march along and the Lord is blessing this work.  41 national pastors have come out of the home since it began.  Now they are pastoring churches all over South India.  It is so good to see the fruit of your prayers and support.

Please remember both of these homes in India as Christian persecution does exist in these areas.  For this reason we have omitted any names.  Your prayers are coveted to keep a hedge about these national pastors and the homes during this time of persecution.  Also, over the last several years we have been trying to support these pastors each month (when the funds are available).  We want to thank you for this support and anything in the future will be greatly appreciated.

 Ukraine - 1992

This work is much like the rest; it has God’s touch on it.  Our missionary families in the region stay busy with regular church meetings, Bible study groups, youth conferences, child training and Sunday School seminars.  Many have come to know the Lord Jesus as their savior through this ministry.  Their last report told how the Lord was dealing with a group of about 75 young people in a one-day youth conference and some responded to the call.  Through these churches two Ukrainian couples surrendered as missionaries.  They are now in Siberia spreading the good news and have established a work.  As cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

Charity Baptist Mission

In closing, we want to thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus for your Prayers and Support for all of these ministries.  We also want you to know that every penny you send goes to where it is designated.  This letter was meant to keep you informed as much as possible without writing a book about all that the Lord is doing through Charity Baptist Mission.  There are several works connected with the mission board which were not mentioned in this letter due to space constraints.  We hope to give you an update on these in our next letter.  If you have any questions please feel free to write or call.


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Director:  Rev. Michael Nixon