Radio Broadcast for:  7-21-19


part 2 Rick Bolick preaching from: Luke 15


"The message that will meet you again"  5-25-97 PM



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7-14-19 Rick Bolick Luke 15 "The message that will meet you again"
5-25-97 pm
6-30-19 AM part 1 and 7-7-19 part 2 Mike Nixon Matthew 23 "Something worse than damnation" 6-23-19 AM
6-16-19 part 1 and 6-23-19 part 2 Matt Welch Mark 2 "And again He entered in" 5-23-19 PM
6-9-19 Mike Nixon Ruth 1 "What are you looking for"
6-2-19 Fred Potter II Timothy 2 "Being a good soldier" 5-29-94 AM
5-26-19 Mike Nixon Judges 2 "They knew not the Lord" 5-19-19 AM
5-19-19 Mike Nixon 1 Samuel 1 "Hannah prayed" 5-12-19 AM
5-12-19 Frank Cornelius Revelation 20 "The truth" 8-19-18 PM
5-5-19 Mike Nixon John 20 "Be not faithless" 4-21-19 PM
4-28-19 Fred Potter Romans 4 "Faith" 4-25-04 AM
4-21-19 Mike Nixon Romans 1 part 2 "The wrath of God" 4-7-19 AM
4-14-19 Mike Nixon Romans 1 "The wrath of God" 4-4-19 PM
4-7-19 Rick Bolick Matt. 4 "Why cast your care on Him" 3-28-04 PM
3-31-19 Mike Nixon Psalms 103 "Bless the Lord" 3-3-19 PM
3-24-19 Fred Potter John 4 "Salvation is of the Jews" 3-23-03 AM
3-17-19 Mike Nixon Daniel 5 "Dissolving doubts" 3-3-19 AM
3-10-19 Frank Cornelius Revelation 20 "What awaits you" 8-19-18 PM
3-3-19 Mike Nixon Genesis 7 "Where they were not" 2-14-19 AM
2-24-19 Mike Nixon Romans 9 "What if God" 2-27-19 PM
2-17-19 Ralph Cheatwood Colossians 1 "To the saints and brethren in Christ" 9-18-94 PM
2-10-19 Mike Nixon 1 Kings 19 "Running to God" 1-27-19 AM
2-3-19 Mike Nixon Genesis 1 "Bear His image" 1-3-19 PM
1-27-19 Mike Nixon Matt. 5 "Bearing the image of God" 1-3-19 AM
1-20-19 Ralph Cheatwood Isa. 46 "God will carry and deliver you" 9-11-194 PM
1-13-19 Fred Potter Matthew 2 "Wise men still seek him" 12-21-03 AM
1-6-19 Mike Nixon Matthew 2 "A mother not comforted" 12-16-18 AM


Mike Nixon

Isa. 61 "The spirit of the Lord is upon me" 12-2-18 AM

12-23-18 Fred Potter Lk. 2 "The greatest gift ever wrapped" 12-22-96 AM
12-16-18 part 2

Ralph Cheatwood

Psalms 103 "Bless the Lord" 9-10-94 PM

12-9-18 part 1

Ralph Cheatwood

Psalms 103 "Bless the Lord" 9-10-94 PM


Mike Nixon

Exodus 17 "Fight for the faith" 11-18-18 AM


Zach LeFevre

Psalms 123 "Have Mercy" 10-26-18 AM


Fred Potter

Psalms 105 "Give Thanks" 11-23-03 AM


Mike Nixon

Luke 15 "The weakness of God" 11-11-18 AM

11-4-18 part 2 Ralph Cheatwood Matt. 9 "What the Lord is looking for" 9-10-94

10-28-18 part 1

Ralph Cheatwood

Matt. 9 "What the Lord is looking for" 9-10-94 AM


Mike Nixon Titus 2 "Pursued by God" 10-7-18 PM


Mike Nixon

Revelation 3 "An open door" 10-7-18 AM


Mike Nixon

Romans 8 "He is for you" 9-2-18 PM


Fred Potter

Matt. 16 "How to get in the church" 8-22-02 PM


Ralph Cheatwood

pt. 2 - Isa. 9  "What Jesus is to us" 9-9-94 PM


Ralph Cheatwood

pt. 1 - Isa. 9  "What Jesus is to us" 9-9-94 PM


Mike Nixon

2 Sam 9 "Being in a low place" 8-30-18 PM


Mike Nixon

Jn. 1 "What manner of man is this" 8-26-18 AM


Frank Cornelius

John 11 "Jesus came to heal the sick" 8-19-18 AM


Ralph Cheatwood

1 John 2 "The will of God" 9-8-94 PM

8-12-18 part 2 and 8-5-18

Fred Potter

Ex. 31 "What are you shouting about" 7-1-93 PM


Mike Nixon

1 Corinthians 1:23 "But God" 7-22-18 AM


Mike Nixon

Daniel 1:17 "God gave them" 7-15-18 AM


Ralph Cheatwood

Matt. 3 "The anointing of God" 9-9-94 PM


Mike Nixon

Hebrews 2 "We se not yet" 6-24-18 PM


Fred Potter

Jer. 6 "Seek ye the old paths" 6-13-93 PM


Fred Potter

Jer. 6 "Seek ye the old paths" 6-13-93 PM


Ralph Cheatwood

Isaiah 12 "A vision of God" 9-4-94







Missions Updates




Dear Praying Friends and Family, April – May 2019

First Things First: We are thankful to report that a man by the name of Bogdan received Christ as His Savior! He was in the middle of a separation from his wife and moved back to his old home in Yakovlevka. He visited Sasha with a fishing pole in his hand, who replied to the invitation with, “It’s Sunday! Let’s go to church instead!” He came and got saved! It was a blessing to see him faithfully attend services and grow in the Lord. He was reconciled to his wife, which is good news, but they live in another town and cannot attend services anymore. We gave him literature and hope he will continue to grow in the Lord. I also wanted to report that Nina Sergeovna, of whom I wrote in our last letter, went home to be with her new-found Savior.

Bible Institute: Twenty-plus years ago I asked the Lord to allow me to train men for the ministry. It has been my privilege to have taken part in the training of dozens of men, several of which are in full-time ministry today. We are close to graduating our third batch of Bible Institute students from our fullest curriculum yet. They have been taught every verse of Genesis, Daniel, John, Acts, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians through Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Hebrews, James, and Revelation. I expounded the books paying attention to doctrine and practical application. In addition, when occasion required, we dealt with textual criticism and showed them what the Authorized King James Bible says and compared it with the Russian Synodal and a few other versions with corrupt readings. Other subjects that we taught were: Soul Winning and Visitation, Evangelistic Song Leading, The History of the New Testament Church, Old and New Testament Survey, Manuscript Evidence, Baptist Missions, Missions Methods, Theology I, Advanced Theology, Preparation and Delivery of Sermons 1 and 2, The Preacher and His Problems, The Local Church, and the Life of Christ.

The curriculum requires three years to complete but due to a few setbacks we will have to finish the last semester in the fall of this year when we will finish up four or more subjects. These have not been just a few condensed short courses. Each subject required an average of 36 class hours to teach. The preparation and translation of the material demanded more. I am thankful for the help of Casey Kline who taught some of the courses along with another brother who also helped lighten the load.

I wrote the lesson plans and syllabus’ myself for many of the classes and had them translated into Russian. My translator was kept busy full-time translating the textbooks by Dr. Ruckman for Church History 1 & 2, Advanced Theology, and Manuscript Evidence. We also translated “World’s Bible Handbook”, for O.T and N.T. Survey and “The Preacher and His Preaching” by Gibbs, for Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. Time and space will not allow me to list all the other handouts, charts, booklets, and materials that we have translated to equip these men for the ministry. Our prayer is to prepare them as best we can for them to not only start New Testament Baptist Churches from scratch by personal work and evangelism, but to also give them the materials needed to root and ground them in the truth, deal with problems common to the church life, and counsel the saints.

The students have worked hard and we are excited to see what the Lord will do with them in the future. I am asking the Lord to let me move the Bible Institute to Odessa where we are planning to start another church. It should be much easier now that the materials are written and translated into Russian.

Ministry Changes: There have been some recent changes that will affect our ministry in the future. Brother Sasha Taraniuk, of whom I have mentioned several times in past letters, was offered the pastorate in another church. He prayed about it and agreed to the arrangement. It is not yet set in stone but we will know for sure in a couple months. The reason this is going to have such an effect on our ministry is because I’ve worked with him for over fifteen years and we were planning to create a local church-planting mission board to reach the unreached regions for Jesus Christ. He was probably the only man qualified for such a work and without him I do not think that such a ministry will be possible for now. This new arrangement may move the date for us to begin the work in Odessa even sooner. Please pray for us during this time of change, which took us all by surprise. The workload that Sasha had carried is now placed on the shoulders of others, who already have a lot to carry. We are adjusting and praying about what the Lord would have us to do in the upcoming summer months.

Rue Crew Review: That last two months have had quite a few family events. Christopher turned 12 in April, and Benjamin turned 18 in May. Naomi and I celebrated our 26th(!) wedding anniversary. There is a lot of business in Benjamin’s life as he graduates high school. We traveled to Kiev for a few days in April for him to take the ACT test. I left the country with him before his eighteenth birthday so that he could re-enter Ukraine with a tourist visa. We then submitted the necessary paperwork and waited for his letter of invitation from the Department of Religious Affairs. After we had that letter in hand he then left the country again to go to Moldova and applied for his religious visa. There was the standard drama at the border because they do not know what to do with children of missionaries. We thank the Lord that we were able to take care of the problem over the course of a few days and now Benjamin has his religious visa and is legal. Thank you for praying!
Our homeschool was wrapped up for the year and we are thankful to have a looser schedule just in time for harvesting our trees and canning food for the coming winter!

Prayer Letter Delays: We want to apologize for our last letter not going out on time. There was a miscommunication with our board and it did not go out as intended. I’ve also had several churches say that they have not received a letter from us in months! I average sending out bi-monthly letters, totaling six a year. Now that our Bible Institute is on break we are going to go over our mailing list with a fine tooth comb and see what’s going on. Thank you for your patience.

We want to thank you all for your friendship, prayers, support, and all that you do for the Lord that gives us the privilege and opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him! Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him, Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10



Dear Pastors, Churches, and Fellow Saints,      May/June 2019

" know in all your hearts and in all your souls, that not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spake concerning you..."   Joshua 23:14

We send you greetings from all the brethren that are among us in Bulgaria and Romania.  We returned to Bulgaria in late May to a joyous reunion with our friends and family here.

I can't begin to tell you about the wonderful year we spent in America.  We visited over 60 churches in 15 states, and traveled over 40,000 miles presenting our ministry.  Everyone was blessed to hear about what the Lord has been doing, and how people are still getting saved.  It was a great blessing to see so many friends and family that we haven't seen in many years.  We were also able to visit some churches that we hadn't been to in a very long time.  Everyone was so kind and generous to us.  We thank all of you for making it a prosperous furlough in so many ways.  

We also want to say that it was a blessing while stateside to have our twin boys, James and John, attend and graduate from Tri-Cities Christian School in Blountville, Tennessee.

On May 3rd, a dear preacher friend, Rev. Luther Carver, went home to be with the Lord.  He was a great preacher and faithfully supported the mission work in Bulgaria and Romania since it first started many years ago.  We were privileged to know him and he will be sorely missed.

The month of June marked the one year anniversary of Brother Ralph Cheatwood's passing.  It's hard to believe a year has already gone by.  Before his death he was very concerned that the work on the building in Avren be completed.  We rejoice and are encouraged to see the work coming together on the church building and the Bible/songbook printing facility through the efforts of the American missionaries and the national pastors.  Avren is about halfway done.  We thank the Lord for all that He has supplied through the generosity of individuals and churches who are concerned about seeing this project completed.

Last of all, I want to inform you that, unfortunately, I must have a total shoulder replacement surgery in the near future.  I had hoped to put it off, but the discomfort and pain I am experiencing have deemed it necessary that I have the surgery done sooner than later.  I sincerely would appreciate your prayers and any financial help concerning this matter.

All because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and Family



Dear Praying Friends and Family,                     February – March 2019

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His blessings, fellowship, and service.

Yakovlevka is the name of a town about a half an hour’s drive away where my deacon lives with several other members of our church. We’ve held evangelic meetings there in the past and even had the nucleus of a church started. However, the town’s mayor blocked us from renting any of the local facilities for holding services. On one occasion the mayor stirred up a riot against me while I was preaching at a funeral. Instead of holding services there, Sasha brings as many people as he can to church in his station wagon. 

Brother Sasha’s wife, Oksana, is a teacher in the local elementary school in Yakovlevka and takes a lot of liberty to tell her students about the Bible. She has been trained in our Sunday School with the curriculum I wrote several years ago and she practically knows the material by heart. With great joy she told us of a small revival that took place right in the public school classroom. She said that the kids had a lot of questions about the Bible which led to her explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ. She actually gave an invitation in the classroom where over ten of them received Christ. Try that in America, the land of the free…! Sasha and Oksana asked for prayer and help to get at least one of the rooms in an old house they inherited from his father ready. The men in our church helped them make the necessary repairs and now she has several children coming to the house for Bible studies!

Brother Sasha’s sister, Marina, asked if I would come and visit her ex-mother-in-law who is in bad health. Her son, sadly, is a drunk and will not take care of her. Pretty amazing to see God’s grace work in Marina’s heart to the point where she rearranged her home, life, finances, and schedule to care for her ex’s mother! She did so in order to witness to her before it was too late.

I spent four hours on a Saturday dealing with her about her soul. Her name is Nina Sergeiovna and she was a typical self-righteous sinner. She tried everything to impress me with how good she was, going down the list of how she prays the “Our Father” and other good deeds she’s done. I dealt with her using Acts 10 and the story of Cornelius. She was such a contradiction and yet so typical. My usual American approach to soul-winning only works about half of the time here. My favorite icebreaker question, “If you were to die today do you know for sure where you’d go?” is often met with. ”Wherever God decides. That’s His business!” Fatalism is alive and well here! My next attempt, “If you were to die and appear before God, and He were to ask you why He should let you into Heaven, what would you answer?” Same answer, “I’ll go where He decides.” I say, “The Bible says you will go to one of two places: heaven or hell. Do you want to go to hell?” They answer, “No!” I usually reply, “Well, then what would you say if your eternal soul was resting on your answer?” They will repeat again, “It’s up to God.” This is a typical conversation. I asked her, “Are you a sinner?” She gave the typical Ukrainian, ”WE (collective) are all sinners.” Later in the conversation after I explained the Gospel to her and told her what it meant to “call upon the name of the Lord,” I mentioned that she should confess that she was a sinner. She replied, “What sins?!” I said, “You just told me you were a sinner. You need to admit the fact that you are a sinner and that you’ve been neglecting what Jesus Christ did for your salvation all your life!” She replied, “I can’t think of any sins!” After four hours of that I left her lost and bed ridden, with a pile of drugs at her side. 

Marina asked the church to pray for her salvation because her health is failing and she can only get up to use a bucket in the corner of the room as her bathroom. She dealt with her all week and warned her over and over of hell. The next Saturday I went back again…..for another four hours! This time she was completely different. She opened up and out came all the bad stuff. She was actually the daughter of a prostitute who’d been moved around from city to city during the Soviet regime because they were trying to stop her from conducting business. She started to confess all sorts of things. She eventually called on the Lord Jesus Christ and asked Him to save her soul! The Holy Spirit’s presence was felt! I asked her why she did not admit that she was a sinner during my last visit. Her reply was very insightful to the inner condition of the unregenerate here. She was hoping that I could pray for her to be physically healed and thought that I wouldn’t pray for her healing if I did not deem her worthy! This is nothing more that the rotten fruit of priestcraft. The local Russian Orthodox priests have led people into all kinds of superstition. Praise the Lord she was saved! Please pray for her health and for the Lord to use us to make her comfortable and comfort her and edify her with what little time we all have left.

We have a very important request that needs prayer right now. My son Benjamin turns eighteen on May 7th. This means that he is going to have to leave the country and re-enter on his own religious visa. This requires an application for a letter of invitation from our church to the local religious affairs office. It takes a few weeks to receive this letter and they refuse to be pro-active by giving us a post-dated letter before his birthday. It forces us to break the law and pay a fine in addition to the risk to even more penalties - like Ben being forbidden re-entry. Another option is that he will have to leave Ukraine before his birthday and we have no way of knowing how long it will take to get the letter of invitation, which means an expensive open ended ticket and living expenses for an undetermined period of time. Going to the USA means expensive tickets but cheap living expenses because we can stay with family, or Europe which means a cheaper ticket but living expenses are high. We've talked to a couple border agents and they said just break the law and pay the fine. So, I am planning to take Ben out of the country after his eighteenth birthday with the letter in hand. My ministry and Bible Institute will have to be put on hold but we believe this will be the quickest and cheapest way. Please pray for us that Ben will get his own religious visa with no problems from the powers that be.

Our building project was been put on hold due to some needed changes to the architectural drawings. We discovered some mistakes and oversights in the plans and had to pay for a revision. There are some technical challenges ahead that deal with some potential complications from building so close to an already existing building. There are also some other decisions that need to be made because we are going to have to mix and pour our own foundation by hand. There are no cement trucks nearby, nor are there any businesses that mix large amounts of concrete at a one time. The task is beginning to look daunting! Please pray for strength and for God’s provision for this project. 

The other aspects of the ministry are going well. Our services are full; the saints are witnessing to the lost; the Bible Institute is going well; and the men in the church are making good progress on the new hymnal for use in churches here. After a few other minor repairs we are very thankful that our vehicle is working again. Gena, the mechanic whose brother is an SDA (Seventh Day Adventist), has been a big help and is opening up more. Please pray for his salvation.

We want to thank you all for your friendship, prayers, support, and all that you do for the Lord that gives us the privilege and opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him!  Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him, Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10 Email:


“For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” Psalm 100:5

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,   June 2019

It sure is good to know that “the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” Those three things: His unfailing goodness, His everlasting mercy, and His enduring truth are the bedrock of our Christian experience, the foundation upon which all are hopes are built. He is good, has always been good, and will always be good. Moreover, He is good to all. In trials and tribulations, He is good. In correction, He is good. On the day of judgment, He will be good. Because He is good and goodness personified, we can trust that He always has our best in mind. He is merciful, infinitely merciful. Mercy is for the guilty, and the guilty soul need never fear His mercies will fail or expire. Because He is merciful, we can draw nigh to Him, trusting that by His mercy alone we are accepted, comforted and helped. His truth endures. It has endured, preserved, inspired, perfect and powerful, from when He first spoke it, to when I heard it and believed. And we glory that the same truth that convicted, convinced, converted and comforted us will still avail for our children’s children and beyond. Because His truth is everlasting, we can be confident that what He has promised He will always perform.

Hannah and our little unborn baby are still faring well; the pregnancy is progressing normally, and everyone appears strong and healthy. Hannah is a little more fatigued with this baby than she was with the others, but she’s put this down to her advanced age. She’s 33. Still, after much prayer and consideration, given all we’ve been through to this point, I feel it’s in the best interest of mother and baby to return to America for the birth. Lord willing, we’ll return at the end of June, in just four short weeks. There, we’ll get Hannah settled and set up with regular doctor visits. I’d also like to get into as many meetings as I can while there. If you’re interested, and I pray you are, let me know any way you can. All our contact information is always at the bottom of every prayer letter.

We were overjoyed to welcome the Welches, my in-laws, back to the field after their recent furlough. Bro. Matt is beloved by all our believers. Wherever I went during his absence, people would greet me and then ask when Matt was returning. When meeting Turks or Bulgarians for the first time, I would introduce myself as Bro. William, a missionary from America. Noticing their pleasant indifference, I would follow it up with, “I’m Bro. Matt’s son-in-law,” whereupon their demeanor would change, and I was welcomed as a friend and plied with questions as to Bro. Matt and his family’s health and well-being. It’s good being Bro. Matt’s son-in-law, chiefly because I’m married to his prettiest daughter.

Meetings continue to go well. We have open houses in which to preach and open hearts willing to listen to preaching. We continue to have “fellowship” meetings every month, where we bring as many of our believers together as practical. We have two services, with a meal in between. Every service is directed by the leadership of the Spirit of God, yet, typically, we allow the first service for singing and preaching. The second service is open for testimonies. It’s refreshing to hear so many “salvation stories” but also to hear how the Lord is actively working in their day-to-day lives. Our next one will be in a few days. Word has gone out, and people are already excited, anticipating seeing fellow saints and worshipping the Savior together.

Bro. Demir’s health is stable. He’ll never recover complete strength in those areas of his body that were affected by stroke a few years back, but that doesn’t stop him. He battles a number of health issues daily that require constant regulation: his blood sugar and blood pressure. Many mornings his head is “swimming” while he tries to get regulated.

Still, he has it in his heart to preach, to do what he can to “feed the flock of God.” Keep him in your prayers. Also, his daughter-in-law, Gülcan (pronounced Gewl-john), is expecting. She is in her eighth month. During her last doctor’s visit they informed her the baby was breach, and scheduled her for a C-section. That’s their answer for everything, C-section or abortion. Please pray for her and the baby. It’ll be Demir and Asiye’s second grandchild, the first to actually live with them. They are both excited to finally be hands-on grandparents.

We trust the Lord that you all are blessed, well looked after, and leaning on the same everlasting arms that comfort and sustain us. We thank each and every one of you for all your help. We love you in the Lord Jesus, and trust Him to meet and utterly exceed the desire of your hearts. We are upheld by His power manifested through your prayers. Continue, please, to pray for Hannah and the baby. Pray for our upcoming trip. Pray for the work here and its workmen, that our God would bless. Love y’all and see you soon.

Because of a living Savior, The William LeFevre Family  


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,        May 2019

It’s with great joy and excitement for the future that I write this letter. We are currently in North Carolina after spending the first three months of the year in Bulgaria. It has truly been amazing to see what God is doing among the Turks in Bulgaria and Romania. The Lord is still doing great things and for this we are grateful. I’ve been working daily with a national pastor, Nasuf Kadirov, and I thank God for him and his heart for his people, and the desire he has to help me learn Turkish. It’s a true blessing to have him talk to me constantly, from one meeting to the next regardless of whether I understand or not. This is a much-needed blessing. Please keep Nasuf in your prayers.

We settled into Bulgarian living quite nicely and are very thankful. God has given us a nice place to live and we feel very fortunate. Our next step is obtaining visas for our continued residency in Bulgaria. This is a complicated process which led us back to the states to complete the necessary paperwork at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington D.C. We ask that you pray for God’s hand in each step of the process as we face each obstacle and expense.

While stateside, we have quite a lot going on. The Visa requirements will have us going to Raleigh, NC and to Washington, DC. Please pray for God’s protection as we travel. We will also be going around to churches as we look to raise our last seven - eight percent of support. It has been and will be a busy schedule with our family. Just this past week we saw Riley graduate high school, and for this we are so thankful and proud. Next month on June 22nd we will have the long-anticipated wedding of Zack and Haylie. We are so happy to be here for these events and ask that you pray for Riley and Zack and Haylie.

God is truly blessing our family, and we ask for your continued prayers as we prepare to return to Bulgaria. We are more certain than ever of God’s desire for our lives there, and have seen how God has blessed the churches. We have also seen new villages crying out for the believers to come. There is much to do, and we are excited about getting back.

Will you consider helping us with a couple needs? Please pray that we find reasonable airfare for our return and that God provides for this need. We are also continuing to work on the church and print shop in Avren. Please pray that God meets the needs there and what you may do to help with this vital part of the ministry.

In Closing, I would like to thank each of you for your prayers and continued support. Upon returning to the states in April we came home to the passing of my father-in-law, Ronnie Garrison. During this loss in our family we knew for sure that people were praying. Thank each one of you for your faithfulness and love. May God bless you!

For Him, Keith Blalock



Greetings from Ukraine in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ,               May 2019

Poland’s larger cities are now being overrun with a 10% Ukrainian workforce. Since 2015, Poland has gradually increased from 500,000 to now offering 2,000,000 work visas. They are gladly inviting Ukrainians to temporarily occupy their lower paying jobs and also to fill the many vacancies incurred by many Polish people labouring in Germany and other more affluent European Union countries. Many of these Ukrainians are part of a constantly rotating workforce with most of them working there for 3-6 months. Presently with Ukraine’s War situation and constant inflation, we see more and more families immigrating to make a more prosperous life and a more stable future for their children. *Many doors of opportunity for ministry have opened up. The Ukrainian Baptist Churches have sent out seven Missionaries who are labouring to plant new Ukrainian churches in many of these larger cities. From March 20-26th I was able to make a short trip to exhort a couple of Missionaries and encourage two Ukrainian Churches, as well as two Polish Churches.

International Commission’s (I.C.) training conference (March 27-30th) was held just north of Budapest, Hungary. Many preachers came from Eastern European countries seeking to develop their outreach techniques. The conference gave me an opportunity to exhort two Hungarian Churches on March 31st.

Nick & Love Veselkov are a Church planting family which we sent out of Lakeside Baptist Church to labour in the town of “October” which is about 1.5 hours north of Odessa. In April I went with Brother Nick to make Gospel SEED planting visits. The Lord opened doors and encouraged the small church there too.

May 1st, 2nd 4th & 5th were blessed visits with a small Bible Believing Church in the city of Zhytomyr and one in the nearby Jewish town of Berdichev. 40-year-old Alyona called upon the Lord as well as Valentina  who is 89 year old.

*** May 12-19 The Ukrainian I.C. team and I will be making visits in the Ivano Frankivsk Oblast (state) in 10+ towns and villages. This part of Western Ukraine is both very Religious and also very “Ukrainian Speaking”. I thank the Lord that I can understand their conversational Ukrainian, but I usually have to answer in Russian. They all understand Russian, but prefer to speak only in Ukrainian. {They accept foreigners who have at least learned to speak Russian}

Lakeside hosted an Easter play presented by Missionary Mark Priem’s Church from Odessa. This was the first time Lakeside held a play for Easter and everyone said it went very well.

Please continue to PRAY for the 8,500 people who received the Evangelistic Calendars. Pray that the Lord would speak to their hearts through His Word, opening their blind eyes to see their need of the Saviour.

Our Family must leave Ukraine for 90 days, so we will be in the US. We must submit Elisabeth’s paperwork at the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. We will also visit the few Churches we didn’t update in 2015. If you would like us to come update your Church over the summer, then please call us at (513) 488-1288. Pray her paperwork questions will be resolved before we plan to return on August 20th.

To God be the Glory, Please Pray for David’s Salvation and Elisabeth’s Health!

Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher




Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends,                    February-March 2019

The year 2019 personally began with a blast for me. I made a trip to a Hispanic country and then another to the Amazon. On the trip to the Hispanic country, three men travelled with me and taught in our first institute of the year. They covered Bible Customs and Manners, the Three Epistles of John, and Great Truths of the Bible. Over 80 pastors, preachers, and their wives were in attendance. We learned, studied, rejoiced, and some even cried as we sat each day listening to the Word of God. Many of our people had traveled several hours in what we call a “cattle truck” in order to be there. My, My! What sacrifice the brethren in other countries must make in order to do the ministry that God has called them to. But it pales in comparison to the sacrifice our Savior made for us!

The latter part of January was spent on the Amazon River in the countries of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. This was my fourth trip there over the years. Through the labor of our men, Help Ministries now has around 15 works that cover about 70 miles of the Amazon River. There is so much that we experienced while there, neither time nor space would allow us to write about all of it. We traveled up the river further than we had ever traveled to a small river town called Caballococha, to visit the works that we have there. As we were leaving the next day, we passed out gospel tracts in the streets, just before boarding our boat. People were sitting and reading the material, and some were responding to it. One man came up to us and asked if we would come to his village to preach, and start a church! Another older man stood weeping as he was led to Christ, literally in the street, wiping his tears away! My, my, this experience reminded me so much of the phrase “so much to do, with so little time”!

I preached an ordination service for a Colombian preacher on our last night there. He had been the mayor of the largest Colombian city on the Amazon River. He had gotten saved 20 years prior and had surrendered to preach the gospel. We hope to place him in the second largest city, Puerto Nariño, where a church building is already in place. We would also like to raise the funds needed to build a house. This would guarantee him ownership of the church and give him the liberty to preach and start a church on that property. In Columbia, you cannot just go into a village, town, or community and start a church. You are required to obtain an open invitation of the chief of the village. Pray for these men who feel the call to reach their people.

Joyfully Yours, Farren Caeble 1 Sam. 12:24


Dear Friends in Christ,               April 2019

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord has been so good to us and blessed us so much lately that I don’t know where to begin to tell you and surely cannot even scratch the surface. But I have to tell you what I can…..”Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!” Psalms 107:21.

Sunday night we had a wedding in the Children’s Home church. I had the privilege of both giving away and marrying our daughter Sevgi. She married a fine young man, Clay Croll, whom we have known for years and spent a lot of time over the last few years here with us. Dara has known his parents, Jeremi and Angel Hayes, since she was a teenager playing piano for the Brookside Children’s Home choir. We thank the Lord He let us take Sevgi as a newborn baby and raise her up in our Home and in our church. Pray for Clay and Sevgi as they begin their new life together.

The wedding was on the last night of a 5-day campmeeting here at the Children’s Home. Our missionary families living in Bulgaria had come up to worship with us. In every service, there were also personnel from the nearby American military base. We started on Wednesday and our missionary men, Nathan Reed, Zachary LeFevre, Larry Leach, William LeFevre and Mitko Stefanov preached some of the best messages I ever heard. The Holy Spirit could be felt moving in every one of the services. Saturday morning we didn’t even have any preaching as many started testifying and crying. The altar filled. No one wanted Jesus to pass by without them having a chance to touch His garment. Praise the Lord, our 17 year-old son, Sully, who for more than a year had been wrestling with salvation, said he wanted to proclaim that the Lord saved him! Dara’s mom Sandy gave Sully a note from a dear saint that has been praying for Sully for many years. Sandy said “Miss Lavinia gave me this note three years ago to give you when you got saved. I’ve been bringing this with me to every church service for three years”. After the “Praise the Lords” and “Halleluiahs” died down, we spent another half an hour with one after another telling about how they got saved. Clay, then Sevgi’s fiancée, stood up toward the end of the service and said that a few weeks before, alone in the garden at the back of our property; he asked the Lord into his heart and was saved. Talk about a wonderful service!

We give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!  Over the five days of this meeting, there were many prayers answered. Many were encouraged and helped. Everyone left with a rekindled desire to draw closer to the Lord and a renewed assurance of God’s desire to hear and answer our prayers.

In June, it will be one year since the Lord took Brother Ralph home. We continue on with the work here the way he taught us. Before the end of last summer, we completed the church in Avren, Bulgaria, that he had started building.  We have been having Turkish meetings there and all of us missionaries who are able meet with our families for English church every Friday night. As I mentioned in earlier letters, by God’s grace, we will take care of what Bro. Ralph founded…preaching and starting churches, printing the Bible in Turkish that he translated, and feeding, clothing and helping those in need through the churches.

I feel compelled to mention a couple of needs that we have. Praise God, the Avren church is completed; but we still need to complete the Bible printing/binding shop and the storage area for coats donated for distribution. We lack the necessary funds for this work. Also, the Turkish pastor, Alish, who for years drove Brother Ralph to meetings and then cared for him through most of his final months, is in need of a vehicle. His current vehicle is beginning to have problems due to the countless miles going to village meetings. A nice, used vehicle that would get him to the villages for many years to come can be found for about $5,000. Please pray about these needs. We thank all of you for your prayers and continued support.

In Christ, The Turners




“I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos,for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,” Revelation 1:9-10


Our praying friends and family in the Lord,   April 2019


John the Revelator, the beloved disciple, he who pillowed his head over the heart of the Lord Jesus, when writing his introduction, could have listed any number of experiences to establish his credentials. Yet, above everything, he claims kinship: “who also am your brother.” It’s good to have a brother, a fellow member of the family, one in fellowship and relationship, seated at the same table, basking in the love of the same father. And yet, Brother John also claims companionship. He states that he is our “companion in tribulation.” If a brother in blessedness is good, how much more a friend, and fellow traveler through life’s tribulations? To have someone with you when you face uncertainty is worth more than gold. As a final credential, Brother John notes his citizenship in the “kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ.” Not only, he declares, are we members of the same family, but we’re also companions on the same journey, fraught with danger, headed homeward to the celestial city where we’ll reside forever.


I am thankful today for God’s children, for each and every brother and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God has a great big family that spans the world over. And wherever you meet a brother or sister, there’s a little slice of home; in the presence of family, you can’t feel like a stranger. I am twice-blessed to have fellow-helpers in time of heartache. The Lord ensures that His own are never alone, that when troubles come and storms arise, there are hands outstretched to lift you, arms open wide to embrace you, ears to hear your cries and complaints, eyes open in watchful waiting.


As many of you already know, the end of March found us in need of help, spiritually and physically. My wife, feeling uneasy in body and mind, visited her doctor. We learned, to our surprise, that she was expecting. However, there was a problem apparent in the ultrasound. The doctor said the problem could be taken care of with a small procedure, which she readily performed, except it couldn’t, and wasn’t. Having failed, the doctor suggested an abortion was the best alternative. An abortion, she assured, would prevent any and all complications with the developing fetus as well as Hannah’s health. We absolutely refused and were met with cold indifference. Leaving the doctor’s, we resolved that Hannah should immediately return to America and give this little miracle every fighting chance to survive. We committed everything into the hands of our good God and made the arrangements. That was Tuesday afternoon; by Thursday morning, she was on a plane bound for America. Friday morning, she walked into the ER in Bristol, Tennessee. After a battery of tests, the ER doctors reached the same conclusion: There was an obstruction to fetal development in the womb that could be easily extracted, except it couldn’t, and wasn’t. Having failed, they assured us that even though there was an obstruction, they would monitor every step of fetal development to ensure survival. Hannah would not be allowed to travel. Further, they recommended her to a well-known specialist in the field. They sent all the information ahead, and the doctor readily agreed to see Hannah. That was Friday; the appointment with the specialist would be on Tuesday. When this problem first arose, I posted about it on Facebook, requesting prayer. That post went the world over and was seen by thousands. People were praying everywhere. Our little group of missionaries were praying. Our nationals and churches here were praying. It came into my heart that Friday, after learning what the ER doctors had said, that if the Holy Ghost could enter the womb of Elizabeth and fill John the Baptist, yet unborn, with the Spirit, that it wouldn’t be any trouble at all for Him to see to the problems facing our little baby. Tuesday morning rolled around. Hannah visited the specialist. The specialist viewed all the material available. She looked at the pictures taken in Bulgaria. She looked at the pictures sent from the ER. She decided she could do the procedure the others had failed at. She sent Hannah for an ultrasound. They studied the ultrasound, and studied, and studied, and couldn’t find the problem. It wasn’t there. It was gone. “You have a perfectly healthy baby, developing right on schedule,” she told Hannah. “There is no problem.” Bless the Lord! He alone “doeth great wonders.” “For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:” 1 Samuel 1:27


I had intended to write this letter as a special “thank you” to all who helped towards our vehicle. I am extremely grateful for it, but more so, for you all. Y’all helped meet a need, for my family and the ministry. It was a great need, beyond our personal means. I thank God for everything that was given and for everyone who gave. The Lord bless each and every one of you. But then this “trial” arose, which eclipsed all other concerns, a trial that money couldn’t solve, and again, you all helped. You prayed. You took what you knew to God above, and He intervened on our behalf. Thank you for giving toward the purchase of a vehicle. But thank you so much the more for praying for us in our time of need. The Lord God has been close these last few days, weeks, months even. More than ever before, I see His handiwork, His soon answering of prayers. Someone said, “Wow, as lucky as you are, you ought to buy a lottery ticket.” But it’s not luck. I won the lottery thirty-one years ago, the day I trusted Jesus Christ to save me from sin, death, and hell. And He’s an ever present help in and out of trouble. He’s been looking for a means, a way in, that He might illustrate His love, power, mercy, and faithfulness. And every now and again, I have sense enough to throw open the door and cry, “Come in and be all You want to be, and do all You want to do!”


Continue to pray for us. Hannah and Dixie Joy return the twenty-fifth of April. (Did I forget to mention Dixie Joy accompanied her Momma? She did. Did I forget to mention my in-laws, the Welches, how much of a blessing they are, and a help, every single one of them? They are. Did I forget to mention that just yesterday I received a text that said our plane tickets were paid off? They have been. Can I forget to mention that the Lord is behind every single one of these things, using people to say, “I love you”? I can’t.) Pray for Hannah, for the trip, for the upcoming months. Pray for “Our Little Miracle,” that everything would continue to go well. Pray for us boys, that we get everything in order before Momma shows back up. Pray for the work and its workmen. The Lord blesses and blesses, in spite of us. God bless each and every one of you, exceeding abundantly above all you may ask or think, out of His abundant riches in glory. We love y’all.


Because of a living Savior, The William LeFevre Family





To: Rev. Mike Nixon and Brookside Baptist Church  


From: Brother Mitko in Bulgaria                       March 17, 2019


Greetings in the name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Once again I am bound to give glory and honor to the God that saved me to the uttermost from my sins. I thank God for you all and what He is doing over here and over there.


Last week we gave out flour and oil to my meetings. Everyone is so thankful to God and to you for providing for their needs. A lot of these people feed sometimes 10 mouths and a lot of time even more than that. For many of them that is all they eat when they are destitute of money. I remember one time I gave one of the ladies, which comes to Church, flour and oil and there were about 20 people that counted on that, for that day. Everyone was thankful to God and to you all for providing. I also sent some pictures of the of the flour and oil distribution.


About a month ago one sister, from one of my meetings, got a call from her daughter in Germany. The girl was raised very poor and one day she got saved. She remembered the village where she came from and in February she sent her mother some money and told her to go ahead and buy some flour for the people in that village. Her mother loaded a van full of flour and headed to the village. She gave a lot of people a 50 kg. bag of flour each. Now the Bulgarians want us to go and preach to them. And that is because someone cared for the poor.


A few weeks ago one young man in Suvorovo died. A day later his uncle called me and asked me that we do a Christian funeral for the young man. Since the man died in Germany we had to wait for the body to be transported from Germany. When they brought the body I went to the church in Suvorovo where the body was brought. All kinds of people came as well as the believers from the church. We started singing about 5 p.m. We sang for about three hours and prayed. Then we stopped. After 10 minutes most of the people kept insisting saying: “Sing more”. We sang again, prayed and I preached. Then the power went off. Most of the people kept insisting “keep singing”. So, we sang and prayed until three o clock in morning, while seeing just from the light of a few phones. For about eight hours we had a good meeting even though it was a funeral. You could tell how the Lord comforted these people.


I want to thank you for the offering you gave me two months ago. This winter I told the Lord that I needed some funds to fix the room where I work on the Bulgarian translation. I could not do the work on the Bible without getting the room ready. So, I thank the Lord that He put it on you to help with the need, and that you all provided.


The churches over here love you all and are praying for you all.  May the Lord bless you all.


Brother Mitko.




Dear Churches and Praying Friends,                        March 2019


"Distributing to the necessity of saints..." (Romans 12:13)


We trust this letter finds each of you resting in the hope given to us God's holy word. In the dark days that we live His word is still true, and keeps our souls anchored. Christ still loves the church, and cares for his own.


Over here we see the Lord blessing the work. Last week we finished the flour and oil distribution for 2019. Each year, as most of you know, we distribute over one hundred pounds of flour and over a gallon of oil to each church family. Bulgaria is still one of the poorest countries in Europe. Many of the elderly subsist on less than one hundred dollars a month. Most of the Millet Turks in our churches are only employed seasonally; winter is a difficult time for them. Recently I went to a meeting where the family had just finished their Sunday dinner: bread and boiled garlic. They are now truly thankful for the flour and oil, which will provide them with fresh bread every day until the spring/summer work begins again. Other church members have testified that their winter stores were depleted, when, the next day the flour truck came to the village. He who feeds the little birds, cares for his children.


This year we were able to feed right at sixteen hundred families. That requires a total of eighty tons of flour, and eight thousand liters of oil to go with it. The Lord again has shown his faithfulness in providing the need. I truly believe that He enjoys feeding these hungry people. Of course, we realize that these blessings come from people like you who cheerfully give to the necessities of your poorer brethren in Bulgaria. Heaven will see a grand reunion of saints. There they will be able to fully thank you for your generosity. Until then, I send you their expressions of gratitude.


Praise be to God who sees and meets every need. There are other projects in the mission work right now concerning Bible and hymnbook printing, church buildings, and the continual feeding of poor children in the churches. Please join us in prayer to the Father who giveth to all men liberally that he would remember these other needs.


In Christ,  Zachary LeFevre




Dear Praying Friends and Family,          December 2018 – January 2019


I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His fellowship and service. We would like to first thank you all for your continued prayer and support for us and this work, with a special word of appreciation to all of you who sent extra gifts for the kids and the Christmas cards. Our kids were really spoiled by the special gifts from several of our supporters and their grandparents! The biggest highlight of the season was seeing our daughter, Miriam, who was able to visit us for two weeks.


The church kept busy during the holiday season with various ministries and special services. Our people continually witness and pray for the salvation of their loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors. Our “preacher boys” preached during our watch night service. Our youth group visited the orphanage giving special gifts and spending time talking to the children there about the Lord. We had lessons for new converts wanting to follow the Lord in baptism and we baptized two young ladies in January: Nastia, my assistant’s “firstfruits” (see Rom. 16:5) unto the Lord, and Diana, of whom I mentioned in our last letter. They both gave a good testimony of their salvation before taking the plunge! Brother Oleg, of whom I mentioned in our previous letter, is faithfully coming to services but is still not ready for baptism. We decided to vet our candidates after ministering here over the years. There are A LOT (!) of weird ideas about water baptism here and it is necessary for conscience’s sake. The full-time Bible Institute takes the lion’s share of our time and energy and we look forward to graduating our next batch this spring. The guys in the Institute, along with Casey Kline, are working on a long needed hymnal to be used in our churches with all the good ol’ hymns we love to sing. A national pastor, Dema Pischanetski, attended a Blowout several years back and was inspired by the song service to translate some of the hymns that are not available in Russian. I was elated when he finished “Arise My Soul” by Charles Wesley and our church has fallen in love with it! We look forward to some future youth meetings and a Sweetheart banquet in the future to encourage our married couples. We are looking forward to continuing our church building project when the weather warms up.


The past two months have kept us very busy in the ministry and our personal lives. Raising seven children on the mission field certainly has its blessings and challenges. With the new-year came the need to renew the passports of my three youngest children Christopher, Michael, and Joseph. It required of us a trip to Kiev in winter. I was a bit trepidatious about the trip first because of the weather conditions and secondly, we just got our car back from the shop and it was still unproven. True to form it broke down again on the highway at least twenty miles from the nearest town. The temperatures were freezing and a snow embankment hindered me from getting off the highway causing a very potentially dangerous situation. Semi-trucks were passing at high speeds just a few feet away helping us fulfill the “fervent” part of James 5:16. The battery kept the emergency lights on but night was coming soon and there was no way were could get out and walk. Naomi used her phone to get people praying and we thankfully found a tow truck and taxi to get us home many hours later.


Speaking of our vehicle situation… Back in November we were elated to receive a generous love offering from Treasure Valley Baptist Church towards the purchase of a newer vehicle, which was contingent on selling our present vehicle. By the time we received the funds the engine broke down again and it took six weeks to fix. We were so thankful that it was working in time to pick Miriam up from the airport. I decided to put it up for sale after the business of the holiday season was over. As described above, the engine totally gave up and it needed a total engine overhaul. The mechanics who fixed it the first few times did not change out the gaskets but used the old along with a large amount of sealant which ended up clogging up the oil pump. The engine burned up so bad that one of the pistons melted! So, we were stuck again with no vehicle and not enough funds to buy one and the one we had was in no shape to be sold! After talking with a local repairman who has done odd jobs around our house I found that he is and engineer and can overhaul engines! He is not saved and we are slowly working on him. He is former navy master diver and he is beginning to open up about his present condition. He is a little put off by religious folks since his brother is an SDA. It took him a month to put it back together and we are very thankful to again have transportation. Please pray that we can sell this vehicle for a decent price and buy a new, more reliable one for our family and ministry.


We want to thank you all for your friendship, prayers, support, and all that you do for the Lord that gives us the privilege and opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him! Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!


That Ukraine May Know Him, Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10 -




Greetings from Ukraine in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, February - 2019


We Hope and Pray the Lord is working in you to accomplish His Good Pleasure in 2019. (Phil. 2:12, 13)


Belarus visits with Bro. Chuck Milton were Blessed. We both saw four souls receive Christ. Sunday I stirred up the Minsk Church so that this December they’ll also be participating. I got to preach to 50 lost students at the Seminary’s English Club. For two days I worked in a village three hours S.E. of Minsk. One visit was particularly memorable: As I began to speak, the elderly lady said, "I’ve seen you before.” I responded, “This is my first trip to Belarus in my life." She said, “I saw you three days ago. I could have drawn your picture. I didn’t see the other two fellows who are with you" (trainees), but she said, "I definitely saw you." I asked, “What did God tell you I was coming to visit you for?” She answered, “To explain things to me and put me on the right path.” I responded, “Then you need to listen well, and turn to God, believing the Gospel today.” After explaining the Gospel, she got on her knees and called upon the Lord in repentance and faith. This was my first instance of a clear confirmation that God prepared someone to hear me present the Gospel to them for their Salvation. It also confirmed that the Lord surely wanted me in Belarus that week. *This Church of over 190 souls started in 1931, after one family received a Gospel of John from a traveling Christian. It is the only growing village in the whole region and 95% of the village is Christian. Then we had two more days with Bible students. Dennis and Alex gave them needed practical time: starting a conversation, then turning it to Christ and presenting the Gospel. Part of each visit was given to one student to involve him in the process.

Chernovetsky Region (13 towns) & Northern Moldova (two towns): The International Commission National Team of nine men including myself explained the Gospel to over 620 lost souls. They actually shuffled me around to five villages where I witnessed to 92 souls {and got to teach on Relationships in a local trade school.}. I was in villages where the seed of the Gospel needed to be sown in hearts. Although I only saw five receive Christ, 20+ others said they understood and knew it’s time for them to make that decision. Please continue to pray for these that said, I’m not quite ready yet”. **Some are already attending small group Bible studies. JUST last week, blind Nina, 75 years old, called for Ivan my trainee, then called on the Lord for salvation. One brother didn’t see any get saved during 50 visits, but on Sunday two of them repented at Church. Many others though were AMAZED to see how the Lord did Exceeding Abundantly above. Some saw 15-20 souls saved in the towns where the Churches had already sown the seed, watered it and continued laboring through intercession as preparation for our visits. One village which was only full of people called “The Old Faith”, NOW has 15 true Believers who got saved during last year’s and this year’s Crusades. They asked for prayer as they prepare to build a “House of Prayer” in their town.

Pray for upcoming visits: (March) in the town of “Unmovable” and (April/May) in Zhytomyr & Khmelnytsky. March 20th - 26th trip to Poland to help a couple Ukrainian Missionaries & the 27th - 30th I.C. Conference in Budapest. The Lisikh family, our sent Missionaries, came back from Altai, Russia for a three month furlough to encourage their supporting Churches. Seeing slides and hearing testimonies was great: (bellow is their Prayer Letter.)
Lakeside’s Christmas Play worked out perfectly with 122 gifts on hand and 121 children attended.

Distributing the 8,500 Evangelistic Calendars was encouraging as people received them with a smile and thanks. *Pray they’ll read them daily, so God can plant His seed in their hearts through messages about Christ.


To God be the Glory, Please Pray for David’s Salvation & Elisabeth’s Health! Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher

 - *Please use our email Address:

Richard Maher and Paul Gray established the Ukrainian Church which sent out these Missionaries.


Eugene & Julie Lisikh Family - in Altai, Russia, Ministering to Mongolians and Russians in Oost Kahn, Yabogan, White Annoy and Vladimirovka-Altai (towns in Siberia just above Mongolia in Russia)


Greetings! Prayer Letter for January - 2019


Glory to the Lord for His wonderful works to the children of men, for His mercy, grace, love and all the abundant blessings which He has given us through Jesus Christ! We testify to you, Brothers and Sisters, that the Lord abundantly blessed our trip to Ukraine and visits to our supporting churches. We began our trip with a heart melting experience as the Ukrainian border guards took us off the train and we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. We then began to see His miracles in many ways like when He parted the Red Sea. We thank the Lord for you, and for your sincere and generous hospitality, help and intercessory prayer. It is so nice to know that “you have our back”.

We are glad that through this trip God worked it out for us to be able to start homeschooling our children. We have received abundant blessings from the Lord through this.

Truthfully, we have great joy and peace in your love. It was very nice to visit you in your church services (in Ukraine) praising the Lord together and to see your faithfulness. May our God supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

We thank the Lord for Pastor Richard Maher and his wife Sister Oksana who bought the tickets for Brother Sergei Beck and his family to be able to come and take our place here in Oost-Khan while we had our three month furlough in Ukraine. We thank the Lord for Brother Sergei and his family, and for their sincere dedication to the Lord. When I returned, I saw that God used the Beck family here in Altai for His glory.

I would like to mention many of you, because each of you in a special way were a blessing to us from the Lord.
On December 19th, we returned safe and sound to Altai considering all of the danger that such a trip of four days on a train entails. Thank you for your prayers,

Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters. Here in Altai it is -30 to -40 degrees Celsius (-22 to -40 Fahrenheit), but everything works for good -- all the germs are being killed. Our local Brothers and Sisters were very happy at our return, as were we. Honestly, we were a little tired from our trip. Currently Sister Julie is busy homeschooling our children and making up for missed lessons. We’re a little bit under the weather as we reacclimatize to Altai.  We are also getting back on track into the routine of our church services here in Oost-Khan, White Annoy and every other week in Vladimirovka.

Today Brother Salavat and I drove to some other villages to visit people. It was a joy to share the Gospel and visit our Brother and his family. We also brought Christian calendars back with us from Ukraine, and we are distributing them here in Altai. Please pray that the Lord would continue to burden and bless Brother Salavat and his desire to visit his former acquaintances. If the Lord allows us to on Christmas, which is officially celebrated here on January 7th, we will distribute Christmas newspapers.

At the moment, the young lady from our church named Elvira is living with us. Glory to the Lord, He is working in her heart, and it is evident how her relationship with God has become so much better.  We had a good church service in White Annoy, however, right now Brother Sergei Ivanovich is in a sad spiritual state. Please pray for him.

We hope to visit Yabogan. Please pray for Sister Galena from Yabogan. She recently had an asthma attack that brought her to the brink of death. Please also pray for the salvation of our old acquaintances who are still living in Yabogan.

Please pray that the Lord would use us here in Altai as much as He wants, how He wants, and where He wants. And that we would totally rely only on Him, His amazing grace, His Presence, His guidance, so that we would decrease, and He would increase. Please continue to pray the Lord would raise up local workers from here in Altai.


We also now understand that we need to be prepared for persecution, if the Lord allows, but for now all is peaceful.
May the Lord bless you! May Grace be with you! The Lisikh Family




Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                        February 2019


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. First and foremost, I want to thank the Lord for being so good to us and taking such good care of us. He is merciful, kind, faithful and many, many other things. He is worthy of all our praise and thanks.


The Lord just brought us through a trial that could have shattered all we have built here in the Children’s Home. Our Children’s Home building is wood-framed with lots of interior wood as well. The laws here changed recently and we had to do major fire-proofing or risk not being able to use this building. This would have meant having to move out of the only place our children have known as home and the church where they have always worshipped and many were saved. Without the Home, the children could have been taken by authorities and scattered among other placement centers, tearing apart their family and their world. It would have been awful! The work required involved weeks and weeks of our labor as well as having several specialists come in to do their part, not to mention a great expense which was unexpected. Praise God we had many of the saints praying, some donating money to cover the expense. The kids helped tremendously and even the Chaplain at the nearby American military base sent teams on several occasions to help with the incredible amount of work involved. To add insult to injury, the inspectors called one morning and said they would be here in an hour – weeks earlier than we expected. We didn’t quite have the house “back together” after all the work….there were smoke alarms not remounted, fire extinguishers not back in their places and so forth.


The whole time, we could only think, “This is God’s work. These are His children. He called us to do this. Surely He won’t let us lose it all.” I have to admit there were times when my faith was shaken. But Praise God, Jesus Christ is the Rock on which we have anchored our hearts and our Home and He would not be moved. When the inspector came, he was very nice (very unusual) and did not appear to be ‘trying’ to find something wrong (almost unheard of). He only cited us for a couple of minor infractions which it seems they must do to justify their visit. In the end, I can only believe that God worked everything out, even down to softening the heart of the inspector. I know He heard and answered all of the prayers that were sent up on our behalf. Our prayers do matter and we thank all of you who prayed.


We are about halfway through the winter now. Thank the Lord it has been quite a mild winter thus far. Many people in the villages we minister to though struggle without adequate heat and clothing. We were blessed to be able to provide hundreds of winter coats and socks to children in our part of Romania. Brother Larry Leach and his wife Carrie, through their ministry “Coats for Kids”, gave us hundreds of like-new coats to distribute to some of the most destitute families in villages where we have churches. Our kids and I gave out over 40 in a terribly needy community about 45 minutes outside of Constanta. Brother Nathan Reed, his wife Teresa and their son Jacob gave out hundreds more in a number of villages where they hold weekly church meetings.


God has been so good to us. We continue to have great church meetings in our little church here at the Children’s Home. Today we had five Army and five Air Force personnel from the American base in church with us. We thank our Heavenly Father that He has let us have a part in His work and is always watching over and taking care of us.


In a recent service, one of the other missionaries said that God doesn’t call us to do something for Him, but He calls us to follow Him and see what He does. That is so true. We give Him all the glory!


In Christ, The Turners





O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalms                                              January 2019


Without one doubt I can surely say that my LORD is good and surely worthy of all my trust.  I am currently writing this letter from my apartment in Shumen, Bulgaria and that is truly because of the goodness and faithfulness of my God.  We arrived in Bulgaria on the 16th of January a little over two years after beginning deputation.  We are so grateful to be here and look forward to seeing what God will do in the years to come.  The family is adjusting to the differences of living in a third-world country.  Thankfully we are not complete strangers to what it’s like in this part of the world.  There are many things that come unexpectedly, but that is not unusual, for example waking up this morning to no water in the apartment, a nice welcome back to Eastern Europe!  Yet we are thankful for a warm place to call home, and are blessed to have such a place as we do.  God is so good.


There are so many “Thank-you’s” to be said for all that has been done to get us to this point.  We appreciate each one who has given faithfully to help us get here and for those who give faithfully to keep us here.  We are certainly in this together and could not be here without you.  Most of all we desire your continued prayers while moving forward with everything that needs to be done.  With that in mind we ask that you pray about a few things.  We have just purchased a vehicle over here and ask that you pray that it will prove trust-worthy and reliable.  We would like to thank Corriher Heights Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church for giving and making it possible for us to meet this need in our life.  God bless you for generosity.  We also ask that you pray about our Bible-printing ministry.  I’ve brought over a new way to bind our Bibles together.  Please pray that it will prove to be a sturdy, reliable and more efficient method, so that we can distribute them faster than we’ve been able to.


We’ve certainly had a good start to the year and look forward to all that God is going to do.  We were in our first Turkish meeting on Sunday and it was so good to hear the singing and testifying about the goodness and blessings of God even in their poverty.  We also will be attending a special meal today given by the believers in the village of Zlatni Niva in honor of our return to Bulgaria.  What a special blessing for us.  We feel humbled by their love for us and their willingness to do this.  What a special day!  Our life will get busier in the coming weeks as we get adjusted to living here and the needs and demands of the work.  We will soon be distributing flour and oil for all the churches.  God has been faithful in providing for this.  I look forward to seeing the joy each believer has in receiving this blessing from the LORD.


Please pray that all will go smoothly while obtaining our Bulgarian residence visas.  We also ask that you also pray concerning our return to the States in April.  We will complete the visa process stateside and attend Riley’s graduation at the end of May, then attend Zack and Haylie’s wedding.  We look forward to this day and also to adding this loving and fine Christian young lady to the Blalock clan.  We will return to Bulgaria in July and begin our five-year stay.  We cannot express enough gratitude for each of you, and we are so excited to be partnered with you for the years to come.  Let’s all pray that God’s will be done in every area of our lives and in the work he wants to do among the Turks of Bulgaria and Romania. 


By His grace, The Blalocks




 “God be merciful unto us and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah. That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.”  Psalm. 67:1-2


January 1, 2019 - Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Happy New Year from Romania! We trust you have made peace with God for the past year and are thankful for another chance to start a fresh. God is so good, Amen!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the Children’s home this year. As you know we have some American military stationed about 30 minutes away. Many have come and do every Sunday for our English church service. Dave and Dara were able to invite some to come for Thanksgiving meal. Well to their surprise, over 40 came. I was so blessed to watch these brave men and women eat a home cooked meal, but the biggest blessing was to see the children’s home kids serve and talk and laugh with them. Some I know are already on the battle field and we can only pray that they were touched somehow by something we gave or did.


We were blessed to give out over 400 Christmas packets this year. We had an overabundance of candy, toys, socks, and hats. Just to see the smiles on the little children’s faces as they received the only thing most will get the whole year. But this year was extra special because, “Coats for Kids” gave us over 450 coats of all sizes to give out. What a wonderful blessing it is, and the smiles really beamed this year as we gave a packet, coat and Turkish Bible. Because the Turkish people are generally small, we were able to supply our teams of pastors and workers with coats as well. We want to give a special thanks to Larry and Carry Leach for their ministry and all of you who gave special gifts at Christmas. What a comforting thought, to realize, they will be warm and dry as they carry the Gospel to their fellow countrymen.


The meetings are going strong. We are continually blessed, as Jacob tells us of the two new meetings that are going solid and we have just learned the Lord is opening two new meetings this month. It is difficult to keep three cars going all the time, with the price of gas at $5.20 a gallon, but by your prayers and help we will be able to go to 11 meetings a week. We have one prayer house in Calarasi and one in Constanta where we have prayer meetings every morning. We have no doubt from where our strength and health arise. Without prayer we have neither! It encourages me to hear Jacob tell of how the national pastors are growing in the Lord and in fellowship with one another and the churches. We have four national pastors, Jacob, and myself. These pastors live very humble lives and constantly depend on God to heal their bodies and spirits to be able to continue faithful every day. They truly know the meaning of Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.” They know the importance of the local church and spiritual healing. Most would already be dead if they had not believed and called on Jesus. May our faithful God bless us and cause his face to shine on us through another year, to watch over and feed His sheep. May God richly bless you, the faithful, is my prayer!


From Constanta and Calarasi, Romania  -  Nathan, Teresa, Nate, Jacob, Elmas, Rebecca, and Uriah







January 1, 2019 - Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We hope this letter finds you well in the new year! In this past year we’ve had much in which to be thankful. We were able to give out over 400 hundred Christmas packets and around 450 coats graciously given by Larry and Carrie Leach for the poor children of Romania.

This past year the Lord has opened a new Turkish meeting in the town of Mangalia close to the Bulgarian border. In this meeting there are two sisters ages 35 and 37 who both have cerebral palsy. Both have trouble walking but have been spiritually strengthened by the Turkish hymns and testimonies given by the believers.

We also have a meeting in a town called Medgidia where around 10 to 15 children gather every Saturday morning for a hot meal and a prayer meeting. The man of the house has recently become a believer and can neither read nor write. This past week he testified that he is having his 13-year-old daughter teach him to read because he wants to read the Bible. He has become such a blessing! His name is Cerkez.

In my last letter I mentioned one of our national pastors named Bayhan. He has type one diabetes and was struggling with his medical insurance. It is a blessing to say that he is doing much better and has the right medication he was needing. Recently he got word that his birth mother was sick. She gave him up and had nothing to do with him all his life. It wasn’t until he went to a meeting in one of our villages that he saw her. All his life he had no reason to talk to her, but now he is a believer and talked to her. When he heard she was sick, he went to her village and brought her to his home. She was able to be a part of his weekly meeting he has in his house. The Lord touched her, and she now wants a meeting in her home and village. She lives in an all Muslim village. We had a meeting in this village for years but were forced to leave and now the Lord has opened it back up. Please help us pray for these men and new meetings!

It has been such a blessing to serve with these men and to watch them grow in the Lord. I am reminded of Paul’s words in the book of Ephesians 2:19-22 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.”

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. God bless!


“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified, even as it is with you.” 2 Thessalonians 3:1

From Constanta, Romania Jacob, Elmas, Rebecca and Uriah Reed






September/October 2018                                     Finally my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. Philippians 3:1


Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints.


We send greetings from the churches of the many states we have been traveling in.  In September and October we had the privilege to present our mission work and update many churches in Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Florida and Georgia.  It was a lot of traveling, but we had a wonderful time.  It brought us much joy telling everyone what the Lord has been doing in Bulgaria and Romania as well as seeing what the Lord has been doing in the churches we visited.


It was easy to rejoice in the Lord when we got together with God's people for church services.  Joy can be contagious when you spend time with someone that is rejoicing in the Lord.  We were thoroughly encouraged by the joy of the Lord found in so many of the churches we visited.  In Nehemiah the Bible says "the joy of the Lord is your strength".  May we all be full of God's joy, because everything is different in a good way when we have the joy of the Lord.  The Lord is the author of our happiness, for it is written "happy is the people whose God is the Lord". Psalms 144:15


In October my son James was operated on for the third time due to a knee injury.  The surgeon was very pleased with how it went.  It will take about a year for him to totally recover, but James has a good attitude about it, and is thankful as well as we, are for all Dr. Gibson and the Lord has done for him.  I'll also covet your prayers, because it looks like I will need my shoulder replaced in the near future.


We have begun taking up offerings for the 2018 flower and oil distribution in Bulgaria this winter.  We will give each family 110 lbs. of flour and a gallon of oil.  This provision helps them make it through the long winters.  We have seen many rejoice in the Lord from this, and testify that "God can furnish a table in the wilderness".


Please, also keep my father Martin Welch in your prayers.  We celebrated his 86th birthday in October.


All because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch & Family




- Flour and Oil news letter clarification -


We apologize for the misunderstanding regarding our most recent newsletter pertaining to the flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria.  The letter states, “The 2018 flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria was completed successfully”.  It should have said, “2017".


Unfortunately many who support the Bulgarian feeding thought that we had already reached our goal for the year.  So far we have received 30% of the $75,000 that it takes to feed 2,200 church families in Bulgaria.  For many years the Lord has blessed these poor saints with these provisions through your charity.


We ask that you along with many others will continue to support this endeavor in 2018, and look forward to this need being met through your prayerful and financial support.  Thank you for your generosity, understanding and support for this work.


Rev. Mike Nixon

Director of Charity Baptist Mission









Flour and Oil distribution in Bulgaria


Dear Friends,


Last winters flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria was completed successfully. We thank the Lord for your generosity in assisting over 2,200 church families. Each family received 110 lbs. of flour and 5 liters of cooking oil. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who prayed and contributed to this ministry. The church families were very thankful for God supplying their needs.




Winter came late this year and many testified that the flour and oil reached them just at the right time. In one village there was a widow woman whose house had burned down a few years ago. Now she lives in a little room by herself. She had come to the end of her supplies for the winter and was out of food. She was going to start asking the neighbors for food when the truck entered her village and we began unloading the flour and oil. Praise the Lord, he does all things well. There are many others who have similar stories of God's provision concerning the flour and oil. Many poor and hungry children were able to enjoy freshly baked bread, through your faith and charity.


We would like to do the same for the upcoming winter. This will cost between 70 and 80 thousand dollars depending on the exchange rate. For $35 dollars we can purchase enough flour and oil to take care of a family during the cold winter months.


Again, thank you for participating in this ministry. "For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister." (Heb. 6:10)


In Christ, Rev. Mike Nixon Director




Important update from South India.


Dear Friends,                                                 August 17, 2018


We write to you with an urgent need for prayer. As some of you may already know, Charity Baptist Mission has a Children’s Home in South India. It is now monsoon season in where the home in is located, and this region of India is completely flooded. There is no electricity; schools are closed, airports are closed, stores are closed and some hospitals are closed. The dams were overflowing and the gates had to be opened to relieve some of the pressure; but it’s still raining, which is causing more flooding. On Wednesday August 15th around midnight Eastern Standard Time, the Children’s home was flooded with waist-deep water. The children and staff were able to get to a higher floor salvaging some items, clothing and school supplies for the children.


As of this writing on Friday August 17th at 8:00 P. M. EST, the Children’s Home is still flooded with water. It is very slowly beginning to recede. Right now the greatest need is to get food and clean water into the home. Thankfully, some friends in neighboring communities (located on higher ground) were later able to get in through the back of the home in order to get much needed essentials for the children and staff.


The home was opened in 1975 and has never experienced anything like this. This is the worst flooding South India has experienced since 1924.


Please pray for their safety. We know there will be a lot of repairs to be done after the water recedes. The home’s financial support has been really low lately, and there are no funds available to do this much-needed work. Please pray about this.


Sincerely, Mike Nixon, Director




Update From Bulgaria and Romania


Dear Friends in Christ,                             June 2018


As you have probably heard, Brother Ralph Cheatwood went home to be with the Lord recently after serving as a missionary for the last 42 years. Many of you have faithfully supported him and his ministry over the years. There were both lean years living in Turkey, learning the language and culture of the people God called him to serve, and also the wonderful years of harvesting in Bulgaria and Romania when the Lord brought an awakening after the fall of communism. The Lord used your prayers and financial support, through Brother Ralph, to establish a strong church community in these countries where before there were only scattered remnants from earlier generations.


In Brother Ralph’s years of service, he translated the KJV Bible into the modern Turkish language, he preached to tens of thousands of Turks, started over 100 churches - the vast majority of which are still led by national pastors who were raised up under Brother Ralph’s teaching. He also established a children’s home in Romania where children are being raised to God’s glory and he fed and clothed countless of the poor and needy as he strived to show God’s love to the people he cared so much for.


This is the legacy Brother Ralph is leaving behind. This is the work that he loved and asked those of us who labored alongside him to continue. His wife, Sandy, who has an invaluable role in the children’s home in Romania, will remain with us and continue to serve.


As this ministry has grown over the years, each of the missionaries working under Brother Cheatwood has tried to carry his share of the financial burden, because it far exceeded what Brother Ralph could do alone. Brother Cheatwood used very little of his financial support for himself, rather choosing to put that money into the work...printing Bibles and hymnbooks, building churches, making sure the national pastors have gas money to get to their meetings, helping widowed grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren and much more. Brother Ralph’s passing means those of us who remain will now shoulder the financial burdens that he, and many of you with him, have been carrying.


We who will continue to serve in the field that Brother Cheatwood plowed and reaped for over 40 years will carry on the same way Brother Ralph would were he still with us...preaching the Gospel, establishing churches and caring for the flock that God has given us. We ask that you will prayerfully consider continuing your financial support so that we are able to do this and, by God’s grace see many more souls added to the Kingdom of Heaven.


In Christ, Dave and Dara Turner


"If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be..." John 12:26




From Bulgaria