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Mike Nixon preaching from: Psalms 100

"Serve the Lord with gladness" 11-21-21 PM




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11-28-21 Fred Potter S.O.S. 2:8 "The voice of the Lord" 10-29-95 PM
11-21-21 Mike Nixon Luke 24:36 "Jesus in the midst" 11-7-21 AM
11-14-21 Fred Potter Genesis 3:8-19 "Have you heard the voice" 10-29-95 AM
11-7-21 Mike Nixon 2 Cor. 11:1-4 "The most dangerous thing" 10-24-21 PM
10-31-21 Fred Potter Hebrews 11:7-10 "Faith" 10-1-95 AM
10-24-21 Fred Potter Psalms 105:1-4 "O give thanks unto the Lord" 9-24-95 AM
10-17-21 Zach LeFevre II Kings 22:1-20 "Why seek the Lord" 10-10-21 AM
10-10-21 Mike Nixon Psalms 46:1-10 "God is" 9-12-21 AM
9-26-21 Fred Potter Hebrews 11:2 "Now faith is" 9-24-95 PM
9-19-21 Rick Bolick 1 Chronicles 16:11 "Seek the Lord" 9-4-05 AM
9-12-21 Fred Potter Genesis 6:8 "Violence upon the earth" 9-10-95 AM
9-5-21 Mike Nixon Lamentations 4:5 "I wasn't brought up that way" 8-29-21 AM
8-29-21 Fred Potter Psalms 71:18-20 "When I am old and gray headed" 8-27-95 AM
8-22-21 AM Mike Nixon Matthew 4:16 "The light" 8-1-21 AM
8-15-21 Fred Potter 1 Cor. 6:11 "Ye are washed, sanctified & justified" 8-6-95 PM
8-8-21 Mike Nixon Isaiah 42:1-4 "He shall not" 7-18-21 AM
8-1-21 Fred Potter Hebrews 3:7 "His voice" 7-30-95 AM
7-25-21 Mike Nixon Gen. 6 & 2 Peter 2 "Noah's two messages" 6-27-21 PM
7-18-21 Fred Potter Romans 5:1-21 "Therefore and much more" 7-13-95 PM
7-11-21 Mike Nixon Romans 4:12 "The steps of faith" 6-20-21 PM
7-4-21 Fred Potter Psalms 103:1-14 "His benefits" 7-2-95 AM
6-27-21 Mike Nixon Matthew 24:36 "The wrath of God" 6-13 21 AM
6-20-21 Fred Potter Hebrews 4:11 "Rest" 6-22-95 PM
6-13-21 Mike Nixon Eph. 6:10 "Put on the whole armour of God" 6-6-21 AM
6-6-21 Fred Potter 2 Corinthians 4:8 "What are you seeing" 6-4-95 PM
5-30-21 Mike Nixon 1 Samuel 3:1 "No open vision" 4-25-21 AM
5-23-21 Fred Potter Acts 3:1 "Are you still at the gate" 6-11-95 AM
5-16-21 Mike Nixon Luke 23:32 "When he came to the place" 4-25-21 AM
5-9-21 Fred Potter Hebrews 11:33 "Who through faith" 5-4-95 PM
4-30-21 Mike Nixon James 5:15 "The prayer of faith" 4-22-21 PM
4-25-21 Fred Potter 1 Cor. 2:1-5 "Where does your faith stand" 4-30-95 PM
4-18-21 Mike Nixon Matthew 24:35 "We've been through a lot together" 4-8-21 PM
4-11-21 Fred Potter 1 Corinthians 15:12 "Why he arose" 4-16-95 AM
4-4-21 Mike Nixon Isaiah 66:1 "As soon as Zion travailed" 3-11-21 PM
3-28-21 Fred Potter John 19 "Getting Jesus ready for Easter" 4-13-95 PM
3-21-21 Mike Nixon Psalms 2:1 "Why do the heathen rage" 3-7-21 AM
3-14-21 Fred Potter John 19:30 "It is finished" 5-28-95 AM
3-7-21 Fred Potter Luke 4 "Full of the Spirit" 3-9-95 PM
2-28-21 Mike Nixon Proverbs 1:23 "Turn you at my reproof" 2-14-21 AM
2-21-21 Fred Potter Genesis 3:8 "Where art thou?" 2-25-95 AM
2-14-21 Mike Nixon Job 17:11 "The purposes of Job" 2-7-21 PM
2-14-21 Fred Potter Luke 5:20 "Brought for the wrong reason" 2-9-95 PM
2-7-21 Mike Nixon 1 Peter 4:5 " The grace of God" 1-31-21 AM
2-7-21 Fred Potter Mark 6:32 "The shepherd 2-5-95 PM
1-31-21 Mike Nixon 2 Peter 2:15 "Forsaken the right way" 1-24-21 AM
1-24-21 Fred Potter Exodus 33:12 "Moses found grace" 1-22-95 AM
1-17-21 Mike Nixon 2 Chron. 32 "Rest in the Lord" 1-3-21 AM
1-17-21 Fred Potter Psalms 78:38 "But he" 1-15-95 PM
1-10-21 Fred Potter Hebrews chapters 3 & 4 "Rest by faith" 1-8-95 PM
1-10-21 Mike Nixon Psalm 100:3 "His pasture" 12-31-20 PM
1-3-21 Fred Potter Ephesians 2:1 "But God" 1-1-95 PM
12-20-20 Mike Nixon Ephesians 2 "Merry Christmas" 12-20-20 AM
12-27-20 Fred Potter Jeremiah 6:16 "The old paths" 12-29-94 PM
12-20-20 Fred Potter Isaiah 9:2 "The light" 12-22-94 PM
12-13-20 Mike Nixon Psalms 40:1 "I waited patiently for the Lord"  12-6-20 AM
12-6-20 Fred Potter Isaiah 40:9 "Behold your God" 12-11-94
11-29-20 Fred Potter Genesis 1:12 "God saw that it was good" 12-4-94
11-22-20 Fred Potter Psalms 103 "His benefits" 11-27-94 PM





Missions Updates




October 2021

Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, Galatians 1:3

It is certainly our heart’s desire to see God’s grace and peace poured out on each of you. We are without a doubt in a season of time where we are in definite need for His grace and peace each day. We continue to see restrictions and limitations placed on us because of the pandemic. They now require everyone to have a green certificate in order to enter businesses, restaurants, and malls. There is also a 15-person limit in our meetings. We will adapt to each of these and ask that you pray for the villages where we go. Several meetings are on hold because of Covid in the villages. This is something we are dealing with constantly.

The Lord continues to bless us to which we are thankful. While we were back in the states, to get Kylie, we met a young lady from Bulgaria. She is from the town of Shumen and somehow made it to living in Murphy, North Carolina. It is really a small world. We were able to meet with her and her husband while enjoying a wonderful time of fellowship. They also discussed their burden for Bulgaria and their own desires for ministering in the Murphy area. We are thankful to God for allowing our paths to cross and are amazed at His providential hand. Through our meeting them we have seen God’s hand in a couple areas of our life. We were able to get a gospel tract dealing with the pandemic translated, and we hope to get it formatted for distribution soon. Also, this dear couple has committed to buying us a van for the work, and we should be getting it sometime in November. God is so good. It was such a blessing for us to hear her testimony of coming to the states and truly hearing the gospel for the first time. It still amazes me to hear the testimonies of those who might have had religion and a form of godliness but never knew the truth. Please pray that the Lord would guide us in reaching her family who still live in the Shumen area. It is on her heart for her family to hear the same pure saving gospel that was able to change her life. Pray that God would grant us this blessing to share the gospel with her family.

We really enjoyed our short trip to the states. It was great to be around family and to see the arrival of our 14th grandchild, Presleigh Jane. We also enjoyed spending time at our home church. We were grateful to be there and preach while our pastor dealt with Covid-19. I am thankful that he has recovered and is getting his strength back. We also spent time with my parents and are grateful to have been able to do so.

We, like all of you, are looking forward to the holidays and are soon approaching my wife’s favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving! We certainly have much to be thankful for as we gather this November. We also want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and thank you in advance for your prayers and Christmas gifts. As we end this year and look into the next, I am so grateful that each of you have been such a vital part of our lives and ministry.

In closing we do ask that you remember the people here during the harshness of winter. Many have faced hardship and sickness this year. We ask that you pray for the needs here as we approach the time of year for the yearly flour and oil distribution. We trust God to provide this once again and ask that you pray earnestly about this. God bless you all and a Happy New Year!

The Blalocks



Dear praying friends, November 2021

I am enclosing with my latest prayer letter as a special request. This is an urgent need in our work right now. We recently have had three unfortunate accidents involving vehicles of our national pastors and one of our missionaries. Our fellow missionary had his car stolen and totaled. They are waiting on the process of receiving insurance funds which could take a year or so. Also, the wife of a national pastor had a tire blowout and rolled their car several times. Thank God no one was seriously hurt. This week we had the third incident with a national pastor having a wreck and ending up off the road upside down. Thankfully, he also was unhurt.

With these accidents it has really put us in a bind concerning getting to the villages. We are in desperate need for three cars. We are prayerfully asking our supporters to give toward this important need. We would hope to be able to purchase three used cars as soon as possible. Over here we can get three good used cars for around $10,000. We will get them one at a time as the money comes in and just ask that you pray that God meets this need quickly.

God bless you and thank you for all you do,

Brother Keith Blalock




Dear Praying Friends and Family,                        July – August 2021

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord and awaiting His soon return.

Update From Ukraine: In the past we’ve trusted the Lord and committed the ministry into the hands of national preachers many times. There always is a bit of trepidation and concern when we do. The peace that the Lord has given us this time around is such a blessing. The ministry is thriving in spite of many problems and changes. They’ve been involved in evangelism not only locally but also making trips into new territory with the Gospel. Brother Alosha and several members of the church set aside a week for reaching out to new towns with literature and door to door visitation. Each day they visited a new town using the time for personal work and literature distribution. Brother Casey Kline graciously drove his van to transport the group each day. I received a report that this year’s Bible Club went well with around 12 of the older kids responding to the Gospel message that was thoroughly and personally explained. Amen!

Building Project Update: We’ve been very encouraged by a couple love offerings that got us closer to our goal needed to begin the building project. I asked my assistant to look into prices to see if our estimation was still accurate. It has been three years since we first started saving and we haven’t checked on prices since then. Inflation over the past three years and price hikes due to Covid have increased the starting price by 10k. Seeing that we are already in the fall season, it looks like we will have to wait until spring to break ground. There are still two things left to do that will help us prepare for ground breaking. First, we need to have the city change our current power lines to three-phase. We are going to need this for all the welding. Secondly, we can begin searching for a large cement mixer. Our town does not have a concrete company and ordering a truck from Odessa would be risky and expensive. In the past, we’ve mixed concrete by hand, but this project will require a little more than elbow grease.

Deputation/Furlough Update: I am writing this letter “on the road.” I’ve learned to trust my wife’s driving allowing me to catch up on all the administrative demands of the ministry. We are currently returning from over two months of meetings in the North West. During those two plus months we’ve added over 12,000 miles on our van. Our meetings were in North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. This part of our deputation/furlough has been exactly what we needed. We preached, prayed, fellowshipped, and passed out tracts along the way. I could spend several pages on anecdotes, but suffice it to say that we were encouraged by the state of the Bible believing churches in this region of the USA. The pastors of every church we visited were solid in the Lord and the Book! We are still working on scheduling meetings. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a specific date. My number is (513) 376-1011.

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!
That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue
Phil. 3:1




Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends,    Summer 2021

Who would have dreamed that this stuff would drag on this long? It causes one to think that the word “pestilence” used many times in the Bible is a precursor of things to come…. a “sign of the times”! I know Jesus used the term in Matthew 24 when speaking of the end times. God always used weather, pestilences, and war to get man’s attention in the Old Testament. One of the greatest verses used for revival is II Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Interestingly enough, pestilence is used in the preceding verse as a means of judgment. Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines a pestilence as a “contagious or infectious disease that is epidemic and mortal.”

I know this, the whole world is affected by it! I was planning to go to a Hispanic country in the Spring, but the pandemic spiked there worse than before. I was cautioned not to travel by my Hispanic contacts. Then, as many of you know, this country had an uprising among the people which further complicated the matter of traveling there.

I just finished a round of conferences in WV and we had great meetings. We were there with four National Preachers, for three conferences. There were tears, there was rejoicing, and there were challenges given, as these men updated and told about the works they have in their respective areas. I will probably have to travel to Georgia to help with some of the conferences in September. Unfortunately, we are short-staffed because of the trouble getting men in from some of these nations that are affected by the Covid pandemic.

I hope to travel to this country in October. We are checking and waiting on word as to when we will be able to travel. Pray for the brethren who are striving to preach the gospel in the “regions beyond”.

Joyfully Yours,

Farren Caeble, 1 Samuel 12:24




“And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses' hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. And Joshua discomfited Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword.”  Exodus 17:11-13

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,                 August 2021

The above verses should be familiar to every child of God. It is the account of the first direct action the children of Israel saw after crossing the Red Sea. Their deliverance from the “Iron Furnace” of Egypt, and subsequent death of Pharaoh and utter defeat of his armies, was a feat God entrusted to no one but Himself; Moses being His mouthpiece. So, too, our deliverance was the sole work of a selfless Savior. As Charles Gabriel wrote, “He took my sins and my sorrows, He made them His very own; He bore the burden to Calv’ry, and suffered and died alone.” Little wonder he followed that with, “How marvelous! How wonderful!” He could have easily filled the refrain with as many worthy praises as he could imagine, and we’d Amen every one as recipients of that love. Do you still marvel at the love expended to ransom you from Hell? Do you still contemplate with wonder the great machinations enacted by almighty God to woo you to Himself, and win your soul forever in His safe keeping? Gracious me, if you don’t, sing his song again!

However, the verses I’m considering aren’t about our deliverance from Egypt, but from the Amalekites. The Lord dealt with the Egyptians Himself; He left the Amalekites to Moses. In other words, while our salvation is secure, our success is in jeopardy. Hold on a second, don’t get sideways. I’m not preaching Schofield’s notes; hear me out. In spite of certain unbelievers’ perpetual wish to return to Egypt, God made sure there was no Egypt to go back to. The Egypt they held in fond remembrance no longer existed; it had been decimated. There remained only one direction to go, forward, and at this juncture, the Amalekites stood between them and God’s promise. You know the story from here: When Moses held his hands up, the enemy fell back; when his hands dropped, they advanced. In the end, Aaron and Hur, seeing Moses couldn’t do it alone, came to his aid and stayed up his hands until the victory was won. There’s been a whole lot of good preaching (and some questionable) along those lines of helping one another and upholding one another, staying up the preacher’s hands, etc. There’s truth in it! We need one another. The very best among us are feeble, unable to contend long or at all against our enemy. We all need help and assistance.

Nevertheless, Moses himself wasn’t the answer to the Amalekites. Moses alone wasn’t sufficient to win the day. Moses, Aaron, and Hur combined couldn’t even startle the enemy, let alone scatter them. What then? What forced the Amalekites to give ground, turn, and flee? Let me draw your attention to what Moses had with him: “I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand.” That was the rod that stayed up Moses as he wandered a stranger among the Midianites. That rod became a serpent, signifying God’s power, and swallowed up all the imitators. That rod wrought wonders in Egypt, called forth plagues, and leveled judgment. Lifted up, that rod made an impossible way through the impassable sea. That same rod struck a rock and brought forth a river to slake thirsty rebels. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that rod is a type of Jesus. As long as He’s lifted up, the enemy must give way before Him. Have you any Amalekites hindering you on your journey, withstanding your advance, threatening your ruin and destruction? Lift up Jesus. Magnify the Lord. Does the Amalekite of unbelief stand between you and God’s promises? Remember, this same Jesus that saved you will assist you. His triumph over sin, death, hell, and the devil was so exact, so complete, so utterly magnificent – that to mention it, to glory in it, to make it your banner is enough to embolden the feeblest of saints, and unnerve the most obstinate enemy.

I hope that helps somebody. More often than not, I write those things to help me. I like to encourage myself in the Lord. I like to see others encouraged in the Lord. I know this is a prayer letter, and I’m supposed to tell what’s going on here, but sometimes I get happy thinking on heavenly things and get carried away. Someone said the other day, “You ought to write a book.” I said, “Did you read my last letter? It was a novella.”

In the general information category, I’d like to mention our move from the village of Dabravino to the city of Shumen. We had been living in the Welch household since our return a year ago. We found this apartment back in early spring, but it didn’t come available to move into until late June. It’s spacious enough, and we’re close to a big park where the kids can get out and play. Additionally, we’re closer to the meetings I attend.

I’ve been waiting until I heard something about our car so that I could update everyone on it. Here’s the update: Nothing is happening. We’re still waiting on the insurance company to pay out so we can use the money to buy another vehicle. Meanwhile, the insurance company says it’s waiting on the police to submit a final report. The police aren’t sure what the insurance company wants and are waiting for the insurance company to tell them. It’s a Bulgarian standoff, kind of like a Mexican standoff without the benefit of enchiladas. Now, seeing as this is a prayer letter, I have a prayer request: Please pray something gives and this is all resolved. And while you’re at it, pray that about the time this gets resolved, that the perfect seven-seater vehicle comes available at the perfect price.

The other thing I was waiting on before I wrote was our meeting in Dabravino. This last Sunday saw a good size crowd, undaunted by the present-day pestilence and its perpetrators and perpetuators, assemble together to sing, pray, worship, and listen to preaching. After a meal, we recommenced our meeting by the river’s side, where twelve souls professed publically their faith in Jesus and followed Him in baptism. Five of those who were baptized were from one family, from our meeting in Smyadovo. I had the privilege of driving the sister to the meeting, whose two daughters, two granddaughters, and son-in-law all owned Christ as Savior. When we met at her house the Monday prior to meeting, all of her daughters said, “Normally we take vacations to return home and see our friends and family. This time we took a vacation to testify in church and get baptized.” After Sunday meeting, on our return trip home, their mother said, “William, I’m drunk on happiness! I still can’t believe it. I woke up this morning and said, ‘I won’t be needing my cane to attend this meeting.’” She must have had the rod of God! Pray for these souls. Pray for this work. Pray for its workmen. Pray for fresh unction.

We love you all and miss you dearly. Hannah, Carrick, Christian, Dixie Joy and Derrick Wade all send their greetings.

Because of a living Savior,

The William LeFevre Family




Dear Friends in Christ, July 2021

I have given a lot of thought recently about John chapter three. We as Christians love this chapter and rightfully so. We as children learn John 3:16 by heart and it brings comfort to us all unto this day. As comforting as that is, two verses later should be just as troubling to us. The word condemned is stated in verse 18 twice. In both cases condemnation is reliant on one thing, belief in Christ. Belief in him; no condemnation, unbelief and you are condemned. According to the scriptures the entire unbelieving world is already condemned, because they have not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. It could be your neighbor, the young lady taking your order at the restaurant, the guy sitting behind you in biology class, your cousin, your father, your child, or spouse, every unbeliever is condemned already. I believe this should give us a greater sense of urgency within the church to reach the world with the gospel. Let us pray that God would burden our hearts.


Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and support. God has surely been good to us through the faithfulness of his children. The work here has been going very well and we are grateful to be getting back into village meeting several days a week. I have been going with two of our national pastors to villages and thankfully am able to go to eight or nine meetings each week. I am really blessed to once again worship with these dear people. I have particularly enjoyed worshiping with our oldest church member a dear lady that is one hundred years old. What a blessing to see her have church in her little one room place faithfully each week. We were also able to meet in the village of Dabravino to have a large meeting with several of our national pastors bringing in car and van loads of believers. We had at least one hundred people gathered for the first time since the pandemic. What joy was experienced by us all as we met together to sing hymns, pray and to hear the preaching of the word of God. Our greatest joy however was hearing testimony after testimony of God’s love and faithfulness in the lives of these dear people during the difficulties of this last year. God has truly been good.

Our family is doing well, and I am certainly thankful to be together with my wife after her time in the states with the passing of her mother. Kylie is currently still in the states with her oldest sister finishing her last Bible camp of the summer. We are thankful she can do this, and it has truly been a spiritual blessing for her. Please remember my mother’s family in prayer. My grandmother recently passed away, she was ninety-eight years old and died peacefully in her sleep. We thank God for the joy we have in knowing the destination of those who believe and trust in the Lord.

Please keep us in your prayers. I will be making a short trip to the states for around six weeks on August 25th. There are three reasons for this trip. The first being we need to get Kylie and bring her back to Bulgaria. We also have a granddaughter due around that time, and for me it is an opportunity to see my parents. We have seen in the past few years with the passing of Tracy’s parents how quickly things can change. It will be a short trip, but we pray God will bless it. Please pray specifically for Sunday September 5th. We will be having a missions Sunday at Mount Pleasant Baptist, and we desire God’s presence during the meeting.

Thank you again for your continued prayers and may God bless you all richly.

The Blalocks



Dear Praying Friends and Family, May – June 2021

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord and awaiting His soon return. The best way to begin this letter is to just say, “God is good!” Our spirits and souls are being refreshed by the Lord and His people on spite of wear and tear on our bodies from all the driving!

Update From Ukraine: My assistant, Alexei Kalinin, has been doing a good job filling in my absence. It is a blessing that we can have conversations about the work and discuss future plans and ministry issues. The Covid restrictions are loosening up and the Lord has put it in his heart to spend some time reaching the surrounding villages and towns with the Gospel. They are also getting ready for our yearly Children’s Bible Club. He also had to conduct his first funeral for a long-time member of our church, Sofia Pavlovna. She was a sweet and dear saint who suffered from, what looked like, Alzheimer’s disease. For over five years, our church, out of their own pockets, took care of her out of love for her and the Lord Jesus. Christian charity is so much more reliable than socialized medicine!

Building Project Update: The past two months have kept us busy in Ohio and Kentucky where we have been encouraged that the Lord is working in and through us for His glory both here and in Ukraine. We stood amazed during a church’s missions conference as they spontaneously took up an offering for our building project. We have been praying, working, and saving for this project for over three years now and we are almost ready to start. I hope we can break ground this year while the weather is warm. We now have 32K of the 40K needed to begin the main phase.

Deputation/Furlough Objectives: We are often asked the question, “When are you going to return to Ukraine?” I do not have a return date set yet, but what I do have is a list of objectives to accomplish. First, we plan to visit all of our supporting churches and update them on the work and our future plans. We have some supporters that we have not seen in over ten years, some fifteen, and we don’t know when we will get a chance to visit again after we return to the field. Second, we need to raise additional support. We lost support over the past eight years and need to replace it. We were informed by one of our best individual supporters that they are giving us notice to replace their support while we are stateside because they are now in retirement and can no longer help like they did in the past. These dear saints have supported our work for over twenty years and have saved me at least a half a year of deputation work. It is going to take quite a few new churches to replace their support. Lord willing we plan to do most of our deputation work in the Texas and NY areas since we only have three supporting churches in both those states combined. Lastly, we have several projects that need funding, the most important being: 1) return trip costs and; 2) a vehicle for use in Ukraine. We thank the Lord for the generosity of one dear church who took care of our return trip costs and also gave quite a bit towards the purchase of a vehicle when we get there.

Future Deputation/Furlough Travels: We are currently preparing for our trip to the North West states to report to our supporters there and also visit some new churches along the way. This trip will take us all the way through the first part of September. Please pray that the Lord would give us souls and use us to encourage the saints. Also, please pray for our safety and that we can find places to sleep between meetings. We also plan to travel from Seattle, WA to Pensacola, FL to take in at least one Blowout while we are in the USA. Please pray for that long trip as well. I really appreciate your prayers for us and all the help we have received along the way in the Lord’s work. We are still working on scheduling meetings. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a specific date. My number is 513-376-1011.

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!
That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue
Phil. 3:10



Dear Churches and Praying Friends,                     July 2021


"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches..." Rev. 22:16


Once more it is our privilege to bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our soon coming king. I recently finished reading the book of Revelation again. What a blessing it is to know that when it's all said and done, we win! Christ won the victory and invited us onto his team. He defeated the devil, and holds the keys of hell and of death. I'm on the winning side. One day we will join that great number of the redeemed, praising the king of glory in a land where there is no more pain. In heaven we will not only be united with our loved ones again, but we'll meet the redeemed from every kindred and tongue and people and nation. I trust there will be a great number there from Bulgaria and we will again be able to worship together.


The verse above tells us that Jesus wants these things to be testified in the churches. If Jesus likes to testify in church, so do I. It is an honour to be able to travel to so many of the churches that help us and testify to them both of what the Lord wrote to us in his book, and of what he is doing these days in Bulgaria. The Lord supplied us with a vehicle, and we have already travelled over five thousand miles. Not only do we get to minister to others, but we also are ministered unto - we hear some really good preaching.


Praise the Lord that things have opened up more in Bulgaria. The national pastors there are again able to travel to their village churches on a weekly basis.


Please keep our family in your prayers. This time spent in the states is especially important for the children. Our oldest son Isaac is making preparations to attend a Bible college in the fall, then stay here when we travel back to Bulgaria. We're very proud of him, as we are of his two older sisters who did the same thing.


In Christ,

Zachary LeFevre  (629) 999-0843




Dear Pastors, Churches, and Friends, March - April 2021

As I am reflecting on the events of last year, in my mind I am still trying to deal with this mess that has been perpetrated by men and by Satan. Who knows how it all began! It may have taken us by surprise, but we do know that it did not take God by surprise. As the old cliché states, “Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God?” Of course, we know that the world has had to deal with national calamities before and suffer many times worse. I am glad that as the child of God, though there are times when we temporarily lose sight of God, He always knows where we are! “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

I normally do not mention our work here in the United States because we are always sharing reports of the travels to those countries where we go; but each Sunday we are preaching in services and providing supporting churches updates of the work. We also have several mission conferences each year. We were in Princeton, WV in March and preached and presented the work in a Hispanic country. I mentioned the continual need of bicycles for our men in one of my messages, and a young boy came up to me with his grandmother and told me that he had set aside money for his own bicycle. He said the Lord laid it on his heart to give that money to help the cause for bicycles over there. Before the week was over, he had doubled the money given back to him for his charitable giving of the need there! That is how it works! God could do the work Himself, but He chose man to have a part in His great work of preaching to every creature the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We were not able to travel to a certain Hispanic country this quarter because of the pandemic, but we were able to send through a contact enough funds to help the nationals until the government eases the travel restrictions. We will make a trip hopefully in May, and we have another trip lined up in June or July. Pray for the works and our men. This is just another reason why we work through nationals in their countries, because in this manner the work carries on. Amen!

Joyfully Yours, Farren Caeble, 1 Samuel 12:24




Dear Praying Friends and Family, March - April 2021

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord. We want to thank you for all your help in the work the Lord has called us to do in Ukraine. The long “To Do” list helping us transition is being checked off. In spite of Covid we are finally able to direct our time and energy to updating and encouraging our sending churches in the work in Ukraine.

The reports received from my associate in Ukraine, Brother Alexei, give me great peace of mind knowing that the Lord is with them and comforting them in the work going forward. Over the years I’ve seen and heard of quite a few works that have ceased to exist after the missionary left the field for an extended amount of time. That is always a great concern as the Apostle Paul expresses repeatedly in his epistles. Overall, the people and ministry are holding strong for the Lord. The quarantine requires them to limit services and use the internet to broadcast on occasion. Many of the elderly in the church are dealing with a lot of sickness, but our people are helping one another. They are also holding Bible classes in a nearby orphanage. I can’t express enough the relief, joy, and thanksgiving we feel for what the Lord is doing with our ministry.

Our meetings so far have been a huge encouragement to us in the work. After having been on the field this past term for nearly seven years, I again see what a necessity furlough is for missionaries. It has been great to see pastors and churches that we have not seen in years, like Tabernacle Baptist Church in Denver, NC. We haven’t seen them in 17 years, yet they have faithfully prayed for our work and supported us the whole time! Temple Baptist Church’s missions conference in Statesville, NC ministered to us in ways we never expected. They encouraged us in the work and gave us the opportunity to have fellowship with other veteran missionaries, which helped us tremendously. More and more, we are being refreshed by pastors and their congregations. I am speechless and amazed at how the Lord works with and through His people in the Gospel ministry. We were able to spend time with Pastor Joe Silvestri and saints there at Wooster Bible Church. We always come away from their church and home encouraged in our personal walk with Jesus Christ. It has been good to visit other churches in the Cincinnati area like Branch Hill Baptist Church, Mt. Hope Baptist Church, Anchor Baptist Church, Lebanon Baptist Temple, Bible Believers Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, and Miltonville Baptist Church who have all been a big blessing to us over the years.

I wanted to use this letter to write a paragraph or two about personal issues and things that the Lord has been teaching me about ministry and family. All pastors, evangelists, and missionaries know of the challenges of raising children in the ministry. Missionaries face an added challenge dealing with transitioning back to life in the USA at 18 to 20 years old. During my first ten years of missionary work several well-meaning elderly saints wanted to give me advice in this area. I was “all ears”, as they say, knowing that, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding (Job 12:12).” The tone of their counsel was, “Remember young man, God called you; not them,” referring to my children. I took this advice and applied it to our family trying to be realistic about expectations of my children in regards to missionary service. We also constantly reinforced the idea to our older children the need to prepare to leave home after finishing high-school if they do not have a definitive call to stay in the ministry.

The outcome, thus far, has not been that great; at least in our family. As occasion presented itself, I’ve had conversations with other veteran missionaries on this, and I’m alarmed to hear of so many good children of good missionaries dropping out of church altogether. “Houston, we have a problem.”

Red flags began to go up when I overheard, on several occasions, conversations between my children and inquiring adults about what we do. Their replies were, “My dad is a missionary”; not “We are missionaries.” That there be no misunderstandings, let it be said that our children do indeed serve along side us in the ministry. However, there seems to be the need for an ever so slight adjustment in their hearts. I feel that we have made a big error and we are trying to correct it now. It stands to reason that if God wanted my children to be Americans in the usual sense that He would have had them born to American families in America. God placed them in our family and we are missionaries serving in Ukraine. Just as there is a special call given to Americans to leave America and go to the foreign field, it is only reasonable to think that there should be the same for missionary children to leave the field where God put them and call them back to America.

After serving the Lord in Ukraine the first ten years I began to see that my lifespan was not as long as my vision. I have enough vision for several lifetimes. In other words, the work that needs to be done in Ukraine spans generations not a single lifetime. Second generation missionaries would be a great blessing to the Lord’s work. No wonder the Devil concentrates his attention on them to take them out. We missionaries often think that the Devil attacks our kids to stop us (which is true), however, the opposite may be closer to the real reason. Second generation missionaries would be able to do so much more for the Lord. My wife and I have counted the cost of serving Jesus Christ into our twilight years and we are all in! Whatever the cost! We are encouraging our children to serve alongside us in this work, unless the Lord calls them elsewhere. This minor adjustment has brought tremendous comfort and liberty to our hearts in the task of raising our children for God. My daughter has made up her mind about helping us in the ministry and working towards being self-supporting with a job that will allow her to work online. Our son, Benjamin, believes the Lord wants him to begin his life in the USA. We are helping him transition while we are here. He is praying about a lot of things, including going to Bible Institute. Our son, Samuel, is my right hand man in the ministry at the moment in the USA. I really need the help and I keep him busy. He is also praying about the future and is looking at returning to the field with us and helping in the work until God makes things clearer to him about His will for his life. As for our younger children (Christopher, Michael, and Joseph), we have enrolled them in online classes in Ukraine while we are on furlough to further their language studies. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done in all our lives as we serve Him.

I have begun scheduling meetings and look forward to seeing you all sometime soon. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a specific date. My number is (513) 376-1011. If not, you should be hearing from me in the near future!

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10



Dear Friends in Christ,                   May 2021

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope this finds all of you doing well, healthy and enjoying God’s many blessings. I do not know how things have been where you are, but here in Romania and Bulgaria, this past year has been a difficult time for us.

The virus infection rates are beginning to fall but most of our Home kids have been forced to do school on-line for about a year now. Just this week they are returning to in-person schooling. Please pray for our children. It seems to me that Romania’s on-line schooling did not work very well and the kid’s learning has suffered terribly.

For us, the biggest hardships have been the ban on gatherings and the restrictions on travel for Americans between Bulgaria and Romania. Until the virus hit last year, the missionaries in our group living in Bulgaria were meeting weekly for an English church service. I was driving down from Romania as often as I could to be there. For the better part of a year, the missionaries have not been able to openly meet and, even if they could, I would have had to quarantine 2 weeks had I crossed the border.

Because of the restrictions, most of our Turkish work has been meeting with the believers and their families in their homes. A few weeks ago, we felt led to gather the Turkish believers in this area at the Children’s Home for a meeting. We had been doing this weekly before the pandemic hit last year. Even though we were not supposed to be meeting in this way, Bro. Nathan Reed, his son Jacob, and I gathered around 50 believers and had a meal and then a three-hour service. The Turks were thrilled to get together and many testified how much strength there was in getting together again to worship. A couple of weeks later we did it again and plan to continue, Lord willing, every couple of weeks or so. Pray that we will not have trouble with the authorities.
Praise the Lord, we have been able to continue to have English church services here at the Children’s Home on Sundays and Wednesdays. Some of our teenagers have been inviting their friends to church and several have been coming regularly. I just preached recently about how it seems, with each passing generation, fewer and fewer people are choosing to follow and serve the Lord. It is encouraging seeing these kids showing a desire to share their faith and getting a burden for their lost friends.

With vacation coming soon, the older kids are hoping things open up enough that they can get summer jobs. I am already teaching the younger ones to use the lawnmower so they can take over yardwork.

We thank all of you for your continued prayers and support. May the Lord protect you and bless you and your families.

UPDATE: Before I had a chance to send this letter out, two of the girls in the Home got saved! Melek (14) and Blue (8) got saved at a very good Mother’s Day service on May 9th. They have both been coming to the altar and praying a lot over the last couple of months and we knew the Lord was dealing with them. During the song service, the Lord moved in and they hit the altar with tears flowing. Praise God, they said afterward, each in a different way, how the Lord touched them and they knew they were now saved. Can you imagine what a Mother’s Day blessing that was for Sandy and Dara! Thank you again, Lord, and Bless Your Holy Name!

In Christ,
Dave, Dara, Sandy and the kids




“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;” Romans 5:1-3

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,   April 2021

I bless the Lord for His amazing grace. One day by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ, the Justifier justified me. He didn’t merely acquit me, or solely forgive my debts, He justified me! He was made sin, my sin, so that by faith I might be made righteous – free from any and every offense worthy of the least punishment. In the great and eternal trial for my soul, the Judge of the universe declared me innocent of all charges, because Jesus Christ put Himself forth, owning my guilt, accepting my doom, suffering my fate. He purchased my peace with the blood of His cross. And if that weren’t enough, He, by His infinite mercy, granted me full and complete access to all the rights and privileges of the only begotten Son of the Father. By justifying me, He secured me a place forever with Him and peace forever in Him. That’s enough to make a Presbyterian shout, I guess. I don’t know any. For all I know, they might all be secret shouters.

Let me go on. In no mean addition to all that glory, Paul adds one more thing. Our God loves His justified own to such an immeasurable extent, He so contrived that their every trial and tribulation would turn to their blessing both here and hereafter. Our archenemies, the world, flesh, and devil, conspiring toward our destruction, by the intervening wisdom and will of God, instead contribute to our well-being. Through their added afflictions, we obtain multiplied love and the fullness and comfort of the Holy Ghost. Just think about that! Our Lord has made our sufferings more glorious than our successes. And in addition to glory here, Paul tells us, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” (That’s in the original Greek.) Whatever you’ve enjoyed here won’t hold a candle to what you’ll experience there. I think I hear a Presbyterian now. Shout on, brother, shout on!

Speaking of tribulation, we’ve had a little, though just a little. Those of you who still keep up with Facebook might have read that our car was stolen; those of you who don’t, it was. On the 15th of April at around one in the morning, an 18-year-old boy entered the yard. He forced open the back hatch of our Dacia Lodgy and crawled inside. Popping the top off the steering column, he hot-wired the car. He reversed rapidly, striking the left side of the gate, breaking a tail light. He must have knocked that side of the gate off its hinges and then got out and set it up again, or an accomplice set it upright. He then took the car for a joy ride. Alcohol and drugs seem to have been involved. About nine miles down the road, in the village of Barzitsa, he lost control, went off road, and struck a concrete viaduct, totaling the car. Though all the airbags deployed, he remained unscathed and walked back to his mother’s house in our village, where the police found him later that day.

I discovered the car was gone when I went to take Dixie Joy to kindergarten. I called Ahmed. Ahmed called the police. While waiting for the police, we both called on the Lord. The police showed up, took our statement, and in a little while informed us the car had been found. Ahmed and I drove to the scene of the crash. It was then I learned someone else had stolen everything they could make off with from inside the car. I told the investigating officer as much, but he had heard from an eyewitness that two people were seen rifling the car at around four that morning. Thankfully, the police had a pretty good idea who they were, as well. Sure enough, one visit to their place found them in possession of all our stolen things. The police seized everything, keeping it in their possession until today, some two weeks later.

The car was fully insured, thankfully. Now we’re learning patience as we deal with Bulgarian insurance. That’s another story in itself that I really don’t want to get into. Suffice it to say, it looks like it will be a while before final approval of our claim, and then a while longer before payment. The police haven’t even completed their investigation to turn the results over to the insurance company. In the meantime, we have Bro. Matt’s station wagon at our disposal until his return. And we’re practicing close communion cramming all four children in the backseat.

You know, in spite of all that, we’re the most blessed family in the country. The Sunday prior to the theft, while praying, the Lord’s words to Jeremiah came to my heart, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” I called, and a few days later, someone stole our car. It might sound strange, but the theft never troubled me. That morning it came to my mind, “Now the Lord will do something great and mighty.” If all He does is grant peace of mind, then that’s great and mighty enough for me, but He’ll do more still. I bless His wonderful name. No Presbyterian’s going to do my shouting for me.

Saving the best for last, and providing another opportunity to praise the Lord (if you’ve missed the last several): when all was said and done, over eighty-four tons of flour was distributed this year. We began on March 5th and wrapped up on April 2nd. We distributed the flour in fifty villages, to as many people as we had the means to. Every family received one hundred pounds of flour and five liters of oil. Isn’t that good? Reminds me of the widow of Zarephath, who in the middle of a catastrophe worse than COVID, was fixing her last supper when right on time, here comes Elijah. Before sunset she had an unfailing barrel of meal and cruse of oil to see her through hard times. Better than that, she had a welcomed guest in God’s word residing in her home. Her little boy grew strong eating cakes cooked by mama, provided by God, while listening to preaching. Can you tell me anything better than that? We have a bunch of gypsies in the poorest country in the EU, living off manna from heaven, singing the songs of Zion, telling friends and neighbors that God’s done it again!

Pray for us. Hannah, Derrick, and Dixie Joy are returning to the states for a month to participate in Hannah’s twin sister’s wedding. Pray for their safe travel and soon return. Pray for us boys here. Pray for the work. Things are opening back up, and we’re excited to return to a regular schedule until the next pandemic.

We love you all, and miss you dearly.

Because of a living Savior,  The William LeFevre Family




Dear Churches and Praying Friends,                   April 2021

“And they told him all the words of Joseph, which he had said unto them: and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived:” (Genesis 45:27)

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation. I thank God for His continued care and support for us in this ministry. It's been over twenty-six years since we first came to the mission field. The Lord loves Bulgaria. He has proven this to us time and again. Every need has been supplied, and he has faithfully blessed the preaching of his word.

This month we finished the annual flour and oil distribution here. Because of all the restrictions about public meetings, it was difficult for the pastors to meet with all of their churches. We have tried to exercise wisdom and caution in all of our meetings. Most of the churches had not had regular services in many months. Nevertheless, in most of these villages the believers continued to meet together and worship in smaller groups in their homes. As we began distributing flour it soon became evident that the number of believers in the churches had not diminished in the least, but had actually increased! We actually distributed more flour this year than we did last year - over eighty tons, feeding fifteen hundred families. Fear of the pandemic gripped the world, the government forbade public gatherings, pastors were not able to do their work, but God gave the increase!

As we travelled from village to village with the truck carrying fifteen tons of flour, the believers came out of their homes, not rushing to the flour, but to see us. What a blessing it was to see all of these precious people again! They rejoiced greatly to see us, and like Jacob of old, rejoiced to see the wagons full of God's provisions. The leader of another local charity which had sent relief to the poor in Bulgaria recently told one of our pastors, "We've tried to help people, but we just can't do it like you all do. How do you manage to reach so many people?" Our pastor responded, "It's not us, it's our God that does it".

Our family has arrived in the states for a furlough this year. Isaac is turning eighteen, and is finishing high school. Please pray for him as he seeks the Lord's perfect will for his life. We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can, and visiting each supporting church. My phone number is (629) 999-0843.

Please pray for us, and pray for our churches in Bulgaria.

In Christ,  Zachary LeFevre





For the LORD will not forsake his people for his great name's sake:

because it hath pleased the LORD to make you his people. I Samuel 12:22

March 2021

In the day that we are living in, it is a joy to know that no matter what we endure or encounter we are promised that God will be with us. We are still dealing with restrictions due to Covid-19 here in Bulgaria, and I am sure where each of you are, you are still feeling the effects of the virus. Here we are almost a year later, and I am sure none of us expected to still be discussing this topic, but even though this is still hindering us; God is with us; we are still his people and he is still on the throne.

We as a family are doing well and are thankful for God’s hand and blessings on our life. We recently moved to a new house here in Shumen. We had been in a two-bedroom apartment. It was nice, but smaller than what we wanted. Our desire is to be able to have room for people to visit, which really was not possible in our previous place. Now we have room for visiting pastors and visiting grandchildren. Kylie is doing well with home school, and Tracy and I are both learning to speak a little more Bulgarian and Turkish each day.

The work here is opening a little more each month. I write this entering into March, and we are seeing more of the villages opening back up and for this we are grateful. We will begin in the first week of this month with our yearly flour and oil distribution. We received the oil last week and will be getting the first truckloads of flour this week. With the tough economic times, due to a lot of business closures due to Covid-19, this will be especially needed this year. We thank God for each individual and church who have given faithfully to this yearly blessing to the church. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

We are praying that as we head into Spring that things will open for us to have complete liberty with our travel from village to village. Now it may be that we must adapt to a new normal, and we will I am sure learn to live with that. I am thankful that God is in not any way hindered and that the gospel is still the power of God unto salvation. Our desire is also that travel opens back up for people to visit and see what God is doing here among these dear people. We encourage anyone who would like to visit to contact us. I promise you that if you have never been to a foreign field, doing so will change you in a way that you cannot even imagine.

Please continue to pray for us and our family. Our parents need your prayers as they are dealing with health issues. My father is recovering from the Corona Virus after a lengthy stay in the hospital and rehab, and Tracy’s mother is currently in the hospital battling liver disease. We thank God for his hand on their lives and appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

I was delayed in finishing this letter due to a couple circumstances. As I stated in the previous paragraph Tracy’s mother has been battling liver disease. On March 14th she went on to be with her Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers for her, and please continue to pray for the family during this time. Tracy and Kylie went back to the states to help be with her mother as they called hospice in to help with her. She arrived at three o’clock on the 14th and her mother passed away a couple of minutes before midnight. We are grateful that she was able to make it back to see her before she passed. Please pray for Tracy as she handles her mother’s affairs and will return here as soon as she can.

I am also including a few pictures of this year’s flour and oil distribution that took place during the delay of sending this letter.

A picture containing snow, outdoor, clothes

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Our oldest church member at 100 years’ old.


We thank God for meeting our needs and for the faithfulness of his people. We are so grateful that as we moved from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished house that God’s people gave and supplied for that need. I am also amazed how God spoke to hearts to do this essentially without my help. I have a good God!

May God bless each of you richly, and I pray that God grants you good health and grace each day.

God bless you all. The Blalocks





January – February 2021

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord. We want to thank you all for your prayers and support. It has been a blessing to see what the Lord has done over the last two months and we are excited to see what He is going to do with us during this furlough.

Good News From Far and Near Countries: Change, relocation, and reverse culture shock left our souls a bit thirsty. Proverbs 25:25 says, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” We had some great news from two far countries! I guess that equates to a big gulp! The first bit of news came from Peru where my brother has been for several years. Micah is my half-brother, but we hardly know each other because we did not grow up together. He has PTSD from his time serving as a sniper in the Army Rangers. He did three or four tours and his life fell to pieces. There is not enough space in this letter for all the details. Micah and I came in contact with each other five or six years ago through the internet. He battles alcoholism and didn’t really believe in God. Our exchanges were… “interesting.” In short, he was trying to “take it like a man” and “pay for his own sins.” I searched for a missionary nearby that could help him. Pastor Bevans Welder told me of a missionary in Peru named Joe Hembrough who himself is a veteran. He began talking with Micah and was able to put him in contact with a national pastor who gave him some work. Everyone prayed. Brother Hembrough and I spoke about how to help Micah, seeing he really needed help of every kind, but of first importance was salvation. Brother Joe told me his opinion… “He’s either going to self-destruct and die or find God.” I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear from Micah in late December. He called to tell me that alone, homeless, during a downpour, on his knees in the cold and mud he prayed and received Christ! He said that as he was agonizing with the Lord in prayer, that the Lord put a blanket of warmth around him. He said, “He hugged me and made me warm…literally!” Please pray for him. I am going to try to get down there to Peru if the Lord allows and help him get back to the USA where he can get into a church and get some help.

A year ago I mentioned one visitor who came to our services while we were broadcasting during the quarantine. Her name is Xenia, a close friend of Sister Sveta who trusted Christ about two years ago. Sveta has been praying and witnessing to Xenia ever since she got saved. She came to church just that one time and listened closely to the message during quarantine but didn’t receive Christ. Here we are a year later and the Lord has answered our prayers and Xenia came to church again. Brother Aleksei told me that she responded to the invitation to receive Christ a few Sundays ago!

We are also thankful to see fruit here in the USA. Pastor Greer of Branch Hill Baptist Church gave me the opportunity to preach while he was out of town. It was my privilege to see a young man respond to the invitation for salvation that morning. I fully realize that he came ready to be saved due to the prayers and personal work of Pastor Greer and his people. However, it really did my heart good to see someone “walk the aisles” and gives me hope that this is a foretaste of what is to come while here on furlough.

The Lord has added more reasons to rejoice seeing my younger sons getting a burden for their new friends here in the neighborhood where we live. Christopher asked me to teach him how to win people to Christ and has been listening very well and memorizing Scripture. All my younger sons have been praying every night for their friends to get saved. Please join them in prayer for Uriah, Noah, Malachi, and Jacob.

The Rest of the News: The majority of our time since landing has been spent just trying to acclimate to the USA again and stabilize. Housing, transportation, insurance, delays due to Covid, driver’s licenses, etc… have taken a lot of time. Getting my office and our home school up and running took more time than expected in this Covid atmosphere. Helping my teenagers transition to American life was not something I thought about when I surrendered to the call of being a missionary. It is as if all the things teenagers do during their high school years in America have landed on us all at one time! We are very thankful that Miriam has already found work. The Lord has brought her through some things and she has gotten to the place where she wants to serve the Lord in Ukraine. A year ago she told the Lord, “Anywhere BUT Ukraine.” She is teaching English to foreign students with an online company and wants to be self-supporting by the time we return to Ukraine. Benjamin and Samuel are still looking for work which is hard seeing they still don’t have their driver’s licenses. We couldn’t afford sending them both to driving school so I have been taking the time to teach them myself. They are very close to being ready to take the test and I’ll be close to needing medication of some kind!

Meetings: The Lord has given me plenty of opportunities to preach even though our ministry presentation is not yet ready. There are literally thousands of pictures to wade through and a lot of blessings to catalog and figure out what stays and what goes! Lord willing, it will be ready very soon. Please pray that the Lord will bless the presentation to be a blessing to the saints.

I have begun scheduling meetings and look forward to seeing you all sometime soon. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a specific date. My number is (513) 376-1011. If not, you should be hearing from me in the near future!

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10




January – February 2021


It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22,23


Dear Pastors, Churches and Saints,


We send greetings from all the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in Bulgaria and Romania. We also thank the Lord for your fellowship in the gospel and your faithful support of our Lord's work here.


In January I returned home to America. My brother Kevin had a cancerous tumor in his throat and he received proton therapy this past January and February. He is doing better now. He also wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers, and praise God for all He has done and His presence through it all. Kevin was in the hospital for 40 days, and no one was allowed to visit him due to the Covid-19 restrictions. But praise God, the Lord is not hindered by their rules and went right in with him and never left the whole time, then went home with him. We praise and thank God Kevin is doing better.






We are also thankful that on February 11th my daughter Sarah & son-in-law Tyler became the proud parents of Luke Taylor and Arabella Grace Lyon. They are beautiful and our prayer for them is that they would get saved at an early age, and that they would be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


In Bulgaria we started distributing flour and oil to the families in our churches. Every year the Lord has made it possible for us to give each family a 110lb bag of flour and over a gallon of cooking oil. It couldn’t have come at a better time this year, because of all the sickness and restrictions. I can’t stress how much some of these people need and appreciate these provisions. We tell them that it’s from the Lord and that God used His people in America to provide it to them. They praise God for the food and are thankful for you all.





There is also one other prayer request we have and that’s for Robbie Carr. He is from our church in Tennessee and was accidentally shot in the elbow and is mending slowly. God has really used him, and God’s hand is upon him. Please keep Robbie in your prayers.






All because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and family




Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters, February 2021


* February 13th-21st: The Ukrainian International Commission team of seven and myself travel to Vollinsky Region along Ukraine’s borders with Belarus and Poland. Pray the Lord will stir up and challenge his children in ~15 small Churches. Pray especially for Holy Ghost conviction as we explain the Gospel of Christ during in-home visits!

* Feb. 22nd- March 1st: I travel on to Chernovitsky Region to help four churches make house to house visits. They’ve been praying fervently since the summer, while being hindered by COVID outbreaks. Pray for God to work in lost hearts.


January 8th-19th: When I travelled to Eastern Ukraine, the Lord answered your prayers working on hearts along Ukraine’s front lines 5-25 miles from the war torn city of Donetsk. Due to quarantine our meetings in all eight towns were smaller groups from 15 to 40 people. The Lord challenged over 150 saints to fervently serve one another and the lost through personal testimonies as well as gospel tracts. It was also a great blessing to preach to and answer five men’s questions at the rehabilitation center. Most visits were not one on one, but instead varied in size from 3 to 15 people per group. Each opportunity differed from six young soccer players to 12 young children who come weekly for VBS followed by a bowl of soup. At the two adult feeding centers, 10 and 15 people listened attentively as I illustrated what the gospel can do for each of us. Even taught four small groups of English students taking the final 20 minutes to explain the gospel in both English and Russian using the EVANGECUBE to clearly demonstrate what “repenting and believing the gospel” of Christ means through the captivating pictures of the Cube. Testified at a birthday party where a half drunken coal miner came away with a new opinion about true Christianity. The Lord blessed as two souls received Christ and over 85 lost souls heard the gospel. The greatest news a soul can ever hear!!!

Regional Men’s Conference: After I spoke, many pastors took our testimonial gospel tracts and prayer brochures to get their members praying earnestly for lost loved ones, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
The Lord has opened up doors to preach and challenge local churches about each members’ part in fulfilling Christ’s great commission.
Odessa International Fellowship invited me to encourage their international students in English. Pray for their growth and establishment as a church and for their outreach to Hindi Indians and Muslims!

Lakeside Baptist Church is doing very well and boldly distributed all 8,000+ Evangelistic Calendars in 11 different villages by January 4th. Pray the lost will read the daily devotions and believe on Christ for salvation.
• Held a Christmas VBS on January 7th (the Orthodox Christmas) for over 50 lost children and many parents.
• Faithful Sister Riya passed into glory as her aged cancer-ridden body gave out after her family contracted COVID.
• Over 65,000 calendar tracts and 85,000 testimonial tracts went out in January. Back to the PRINTERS
• In Sherbanka where L.B. Church has passed out calendars for over 5 years. God burdened a local to go back to his hometown and plant a Church. Pray for Brother Victor, their Sunday School classes and services in Sherbanka!

Prayer Requests:
1) Feruza - from Uzbekistan is a Russian speaking Muslim in Cincinnati, Ohio. Oksana and I have been explaining the plan of Salvation to her. I was able to send her audio explanations over VIBER. We know she listened to them, because she came back with questions! PLEASE pray God will reveal Christ to her, so she will understand in whom she must believe!
2) Continue to pray for two unsaved visitors at Lakeside Baptist Church - Eugene and Dennis.
3) Pray for David’s Salvation and for direction for Elisabeth’s future.
4) Praying about our upcoming furlough starting in June of 2021.
5) Upcoming Invitations to speak are in Harkov Kiev, Sumskoy region, and Chernigovsky region.

*** In Ukraine: Praising the Lord for our whole family (in laws and all) got through COVID without going to the hospital!
*** In the US: My 86 year old mother (with COPD) along with my sister and brother also recovered quickly from the virus.

Gratefully yours for souls,

Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth & David Maher - Missionaries to Ukraine and the Russian speaking multitudes

*** Send ALL CORRESPONDENCE to: Berean Baptist Church, 24241 Stateline Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47021




Dear Churches and Praying Friends; January 2021

"O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart." (Psalms 36:10)

With joy in the Lord we greet this new year. Our hope is in Him and His word. The future is as bright as the promises of God. The King of Saints is just and true. He's still on the throne, so what could be wrong? Our prayer is that the Lord would continue to reveal his lovingkindness to his children this year.

Last year was difficult for many of us here. Although we are a small country, Bulgaria is reported to be tenth in the world with Covid deaths per million. In November the local hospitals were overrun. Looking back, we can see the Lord's mercy. Many of our people were sick, but most of them have recovered. I suffered from the virus symptoms for a week or so; Verity remained weak for over a month. Our local church and missionary friends proved their love for us during that time by ministering to our needs. Other believers here have testified about how much their church did for them. We know it was our father that put it in their hearts to show such lovingkindness. After our recovery we have been able to minister to others.

The restrictions here have prevented us from visiting the village churches. For the first time in twenty-five years we have only had one church service per week, and that was usually in our own house. The local pastors have been able to meet with the village churches, though. Everywhere here people are longing for the opportunity to meet together again. Christ loved the church. We love the church. Our people here love the church. The Lord indeed is in our midst, even when there's just two or three meeting together.

And in these difficult days we have seen some unbelievers who, finding themselves in need of the mercy of God, have reached out to us. The national pastors here have preached and testified on social media and received a great response.

Praise the Lord who doeth all things well!

In Christ, Zachary LeFevre





Dear Praying Friends and Family,                              November – December 2020

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord and overcoming the spirit of this world by the Spirit of God. We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued prayer and support in the work God has called us to do in Ukraine. Words cannot express how thankful and humbled we feel after receiving the cards, gifts, and extra love offerings for the holidays. We were able to help some Ukrainian brothers and sisters in need and my kids send their cheerful gratitude!

November: It was a busy month for us both personally and ministerially. It was mainly used preparing for our departure to the US. By God’s grace, we maintained our ministry and homeschool schedule while packing and setting things in order. There was a lot of time needed to arrange for housing and a vehicle in the US as well. We had to change strategies for our door- to-door, soul-winning campaign due the government extending the quarantine into 2021. Instead, we had a month of soul winning classes for those who had not yet been trained to lead someone to Christ, as well as for those who wanted a refresher course. The resulting testimonies of those who went everywhere witnessing were a blessing. The Lord gave me an opportunity to witness to the mother of one of our members for about three hours. We have been praying for her for several years. She did not receive Christ at that time, but it is obvious that she is very close. It was also an encouragement to see that those who were saved over the past several months have been growing and attending church regularly. Our last Sunday in Ukraine was a day filled with fellowship, tears, prayers, and farewells. We are comforted by the Lord that the work is being overseen by my assistant, Aleksei Kalinin. The church also recently voted on our next deacon, Brother Andrew Bondarchuk, after our last one left to pastor another church. These men, along with Aleksei’s brother, Victor, are doing a great job leading the work.

December: The month began with the long drive to Kiev to depart the airport there instead of Odessa. We were praying and hoping that their more relaxed passport agents would not give us a hard time over my son’s expired registration. Thank you for praying. All went well. It was one of the most boring flights we’ve ever had! No threats, detainment, or searches! Blessedly boring! There were a lot less people on the plane which meant better service, shorter lines, etc…


My driver’s license had been expired since January of 2020. We spent a lot of time trying to get it renewed from Ukraine with no success because of the Covid shutdown. I immediately went to the DMV upon arrival and waited for hours only to be told that the day before was the last day that I could have renewed. I had to start all over like a teenager. I breathed a sigh of relief after passing the test for my temps, then another after taking the driving test. I wasn’t confident that the driving skills I had acquired in Ukraine would help!
We are so thankful to finally get to see family again. We had a family get-together during the holidays where I was able to preach and witness to family members who have not yet believed on Christ for salvation.

Furlough and Future: There are several reasons why we decided to take a furlough at this time. First, we have been praying specifically about this and the Lord answered our prayers. Next, it has been over six years since our last furlough and several pastors have been asking me to come and meet their congregations again because of so many new members. Another reason was because it was the best time to take a furlough before entering into the next phase of our ministry. After years of preparation and prayer we will be finally working to establish a church in the city of Odessa where we have lived and witnessed for years. We have been patiently waiting on the Lord’s timing to make this move and we are excited to begin. Once we put our hand to the plow, so to speak, we will need to work without interruption for a good long time, or until the Lord comes! Last but not least, we have children who have grown up and need some help transitioning to American life.

Prayer Requests: The tasks at hand and ahead are too much for me to figure out alone. We need God! We need prayer! Please pray for:
• The Lord’s continued blessing and protection on the work in Ukraine.
• Our family to get settled (housing, vehicles, driver’s licenses, insurance, bank accounts, telephones, etc…)
• Our children’s continued education and employment.
• God’s blessings in preparing our ministry presentation.
• God’s direction in scheduling meetings with our supporting churches to give an update on our ministry.
• God’s leading in scheduling meetings with new churches to replace support that was lost over the last six years.
• God’s timing in returning to Ukraine.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and spending some time with the saints and especially the pastors. I plan to begin scheduling meetings soon. If you would like to contact me my US phone number is 513-376-1011.

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,  Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10



November - December 2020

Charge her that she should go in unto the king, to make supplication unto him, and to make request before him for her people. Esther 4:8

Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,

We are writing to you with thanks in our hearts and trusting in the promises of God who has faithfully met with us. Since March we have been limited in what we could do concerning church services because of the Covid sickness. We have been able to visit some of the brethren, who have been a real blessing. Especially because of God's promise of..."where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”. Matthew 18:20

In the book of Esther the name of God is not found. Yet in the same book is God's protection and providence well observed and documented. I'm sure it was difficult for Esther to go through these trials, but because of these dangers namely Haman's hatred for her people, she was charged by God's servant Mordecai to ..."go in unto the king"..."make supplication unto him and to make request before him for her people..." Esther 4:8

In the midst of these troubling times where God is not mentioned nor considered, may we be encouraged and strengthened by one another to go to the king (Jesus) Hebrews 4:17, to make supplication unto him 1 Timothy 2:1 and to make request before him for people. Philippians 4:6 As God turned the tables on Haman who wanted to persecute and destroy God's people, God will fight for us that we may have the victory in him. It is also encouraging to ponder the other words of Mordecai who said to Esther "who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” In other words, God had you in the place where you could go unto the King, and through the King, obtain deliverance for God's people. By the end of the story God's people were blessed with light, gladness, joy and honor. They celebrated it with a feast and a good day. Esther 8:16-17 May we be encouraged in these perilous days, 2nd Timothy 3:1 by embracing the promises of God and the knowledge that we are here, that we may be a light and a witness of his saving power.

I'm also thankful to write that Malco (the man whose house burned down) was able to move back into his house. He had been living with his family about an hour away, and he was very happy to get back to his own home. He wanted me to thank everyone that contributed to rebuilding his house, and wanted to praise God for all he had done and for the love God showed him through his people.

I would also ask everyone to please pray for my brother Kevin, he is very ill and would appreciate your prayers. Also, my daughter Sarah and my son-in-law Tyler Lyon are expecting twins in the beginning of March. I know they covet your prayers for their family. May God richly bless all of you. Thank you for your prayers and help.

All because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and family



December 2020 news letter.

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

As we reflect over the events of the past year, it made me think of the 44 years of preaching and our ministry. I have never seen a year like this past year. Covid took our economy down, shut our schools down and literally brought the evangelization of the churches almost to a stand-still. These events have caused all of us to reflect, to search our hearts, to pray and seek the Lord. Little did I know in January of last year that I would not be returning to this country for some time. Life is delicate and not to be taken for granted!

I was able to make a trip to a Hispanic speaking country in December as this year was drawing to a close. Upon our arrival we were harassed and had to answer many questions, then spent a long time waiting as they searched our suitcases. It reminded me of old times! We were also tested for Covid before we went through the immigration line. Man, were they persistent with that swab! I stood there with tears from the aggravation of the test as I was interviewed!

We had to spend all week quarantined in the house with the nationals who picked us up. However, it was a time for us to encourage one another, with time that we have never had in our trips in the past. In a normal week, we are always on the go, either in Bible Institutes or traveling and seeing the work. We were still able to accomplish our first objective for making this trip. Thank the Lord we have not lost any of our people to Covid there. We are planning another trip in February, as we try to catch up for lost time.

It is sad, but one of our key preachers in Panama died from Covid. I preached for him last year, and he took me out to eat after the Sunday service. Pray for his family. He was in his 60’s.

Thanks to all the churches for your faithfulness to the cause of evangelizing every creature before the Lord returns. We must not lose sight of reaching the lost at any cost!

Joyfully Yours, Farren Caeble




Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters,    November-December 2020


November 8-12th I made a survey trip to Eastern Ukraine along our Ukrainian front lines 20-25 miles from the war torn city of Donetsk. I was blessed to be able to preach in six different towns. Five of the meetings were in small Churches started since the war began in 2014. Some of these towns were originally occupied, but the Ukrainian Army freed them from Occupation. All six of these Churches were started by a young man named Igor who came to work with us back in 1998. My partner Paul Gray and I and ordained Igor, and then I married him and his wife Faith in 1999. When they were just getting started in ministry, we helped them start a Church in a town two hours north of Lakeside Baptist which is still serving the Lord today with their own local Pastor. In 2006 they moved back to Mirnograd in the Donetsk Region to start a Church in their home town and Praise the Lord now it has grown to 6 small Churches. They also bought a house in a village and converted it into a Rehabilitation Center for rehabilitating up to 10 Alcoholics and/or Drug Addicts. Presently they have five addicts with whom I spoke one evening while I was there.


January 8-18th: Lord Willing! I will be returning to make Evangelistic visits with Igor in those six towns and will be making house to house visits in two new towns with another local preacher, Brother Michael. Please pray the Holy Ghost will convict souls of their need for Christ. We really do covet your prayers for the Holy Spirit to convict the lost souls who will be hearing the Gospel.


October’s Armenia trip was cancelled due to border disputes which led to a war breaking out between Armenia and Azerbaijan at the end of September. The war ended with Armenia losing control of some of its territory and suffering some major losses. {Our Missionary friends Tom & Linda Shreeder were able to return back to Armenia already!}


My November trip to Chernovitsky Region was postponed by three Churches experiencing Coronavirus outbreaks. Thanking God for His great mercy as He leads us through our present physical battle with what appears to be COVID. David and Elisabeth both had a slight temperature for only one day and sniffles for two or three days. Oksana and I both lost our smell and coughed for 10 days- now we are coughing only a few times a day and our smell has returned. Our real concern has been for Oksana’s parents Valeriy and Ludmilla who already have high blood pressure, heart problems and Ludmilla has diabetes. Please pray that they will beat this virus without needing to go to the overcrowded hospitals.


Since we moved from Kiev to Odessa, we’ve been able to encourage and help Lakeside Baptist Church. BUT I’ve been praying for some new open doors to work with both the local and the Odessa regional Churches. Praise the Lord! I will be preaching in a Church on December 20th and was invited to speak briefly on Soul-winning and using Gospel tracts at a regional Men’s Conference, December 12th and also at a Couples Conference Dec. 19th.


Please Pray the Lord will stir these Couples and these Pastors to get their members praying earnestly for lost loved ones, friends, neighbors and coworkers which is the thrust of our Prayer brochure and to start using Gospel tracts.


Throughout both December and January. Lakeside Baptist Church will be almost daily, while traveling to 15+ villages as they distribute the 8,500 Evangelistic Calendars. Pray for the Lord’s boldness as they go to each house and that people would receive the Calendars and believe the Word of God quoted in the daily devotions that they might believe on Christ and be saved.


PRINTING MINISTRY of Tracts and Calendars keeps growing: 70,000 4”x 5” Calendar Tracts on card stock, 120,000 Testimonial Tracts, 14,000 “Humbug” Chick tracts and 30,000 of our Evangelistic Door Hanger/Distribution Bags. {Such a blessing to see more and more Burdened Ukrainians calling and writing to request tracts to Evangelize with.}


Prayer Requests:
1) Feruza -is a Russian speaking Muslim in Cincinnati, Ohio. Oksana and I have been explaining the plan of Salvation to her. Pray for her eyes to be opened to receive Christ!
2) Continue to pray for two unsaved visitors at Lakeside B. Ch.- Eugene (wife has prayed for him 10 years) & Dennis.
3) Pray for some of our aged saints at Lakeside Baptist Church who have contracted COVID that they will recover fully.
4) Pray for David’s Salvation and for direction for Elisabeth’s future.
5) Praying about our Upcoming Furlough starting in July of 2020.

Berean Baptist Church, 24241 Stateliness Road, Lawrenceburg, IN 47021
Gratefully yours for souls,
Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher
Your Missionaries to Ukraine and the Russian Speaking Multitudes



Dear Praying Friends and Family,   September – October 2020


Bible Institute Graduation: With great gratitude I am glad to announce that we have finally graduated the students who stuck it out till the very end of Bible Institute. We started with 17 and had only five finish all the courses. Many could not finish due to the economic instability of Ukraine. These graduates received over 1,200 hours of instruction and worked very hard to receive their certificates and degrees. It was a big load and a lot of hard work. Listening to these students give their testimonies of how the Lord had changed them as a result of constant exposure to the Bible, prayer, witnessing, and fellowship made it well worth the work. I am grateful for the help of my translator, Oleg Sizganov, Case Kline who helped with the load, and another brother who also taught a couple classes. We would not have been able to finish this in a 3 ½ year period without them.

Helping People: The Bible says that our Lord Jesus “went about doing good… (Acts 10:38).” I don’t have the apostolic signs (that would be nice!) to heal the sick and do miracles, but we have a God who can! We currently live and minister about 100 kilometers north of Odessa in the interior of Ukraine. We do not have the conveniences of the city here and the people are much poorer. Thus we are surrounded by poverty and hardship. We are thankful for the generous love offerings that you give that allow us the privilege of helping people. Most of the time I do not mention these things in our prayer letters for several reasons, one being that I never want them to think that we are making merchandise of them (2nd Peter 2:3). They too have access to the internet and can read missionary prayer letters. I know of Christians nationals who left missionary’s churches because they thought the missionary was being dishonest with their supporters. Despite all this I decided that it would be a blessing and an encouragement to you to see some of the faces of the people that you have helped recently so that you can pray for them.

First, please pray for Grandma Raiya. She received Christ in our church 25 years ago. She is a huge blessing to us and doesn’t flinch to witness to others. She is both sweet and bold. She was a sniper during WWII when she was just a teenager. She developed a blood clot in her leg which led to gangrene. The doctors will not amputate because they say her heart cannot take it. Her daughter has quit working and is caring for her fulltime. She has had gangrene since August and is fighting for her life. My wife is trying to help her get her heart stronger so they can amputate while trying to keep the gangrene from spreading. Please pray.

I’ve mentioned a sister in our church name Galya in past prayer letters. One of her daughters broke her arm three years ago. The doctors didn’t use pins to put it back together. Instead, they wrapped the bone with some type of thread that doesn’t dissolve. Galya brought her to Naomi when a large hole opened up and it began oozing. We told her to immediately go see a specialist and that we would pay whatever the cost. She will be in the hospital for over a month for operations and further care. The bone had grown around the thread and they are doing what they can so that she can have normal use of her arm as she grows. The doctors have had compassion on them and are writing off almost all of the hospital and doctor’s fees. We are covering the rest of the expenses.

My assistant’s son, Vanya, had some problems during childbirth. He is not developing properly and does not speak well. We have paid for many different medicines and clinics in the past with no success. Naomi found a doctor in the USA who will take Vanya as a patient via video consultations. We can get their blood work done here and translate it for him. His first consultation is scheduled for Thursday next week and we are praying that he is able to help.

We have also been helping a national evangelist over the past four or five years. He now has six children and lives in a one room house. His chimney collapsed and destroyed their roof and interior in their home, while his wife was pregnant. Their home was uninhabitable so he sent her away while he tried to clean up the mess. We sent them help with the doctor bills and with his house so she could return. He called and thanked me for the help. He said, “Brother, out of all the other churches in Ukraine you are our biggest supporter. You give more than all others. If it weren’t for you, we would be eating out of garbage cans.” Such a statement does wonders to warm the heart and I am thankful to God for being allowed to help like this.

Miscellaneous Ministry News: The Lord blessed us with one lady receiving Christ in our church and she has been attending ever since with her little boy. Please pray for her growth.

Thankfully we successfully applied for an extension to our residency permits. The quarantine caused big delays in our paperwork. We made it by two days, but were not able to apply for Samuel’s residency permit. We are not sure what will happen at the airport when we leave. I’m sure it will not be pleasant and will result with us paying some fines. Please pray that there are no other problems.

The Lord’s people have been very generous in sacrificially giving towards the building project. We are very glad to announce that we have 50% of the funds needed for our new church building. We pray that we will begin in spring when the ground thaws. Until then we will continue to pray, work, and save. We want to thank all of you who have prayed and given towards this project which will greatly help establish this church in the area and help her reach out even farther into the area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Furlough: Since January this year we have been in prayer about the Lord’s timing in returning to the USA for furlough. Our biggest prayers were about the strength of the ministry, plane tickets, housing, and a vehicle. We are still somewhat concerned about the ministry due to a few Billy goats who keep causing problems. Other than that all is good. The Lord amazed us with the generosity of one friend of mine who paid for all of our plane fare! Praise God! Housing is also taken care of where our family of eight can stay. All that is left is the vehicle. Please pray we find the right one. Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,  Christopher Rue  Phil. 3:10





November 2020

Hebrews 13:5 tells us that God will never leave us or forsake us. This is a biblical truth that most believers over their lifetime find to be true. Some days get dark and the road long and wearisome, but we find God faithful through it all. I think it is safe to say that most of us are feeling that the year 2020 has been one to test our faith and resolve. I can say without a doubt however that God has truly been with us this entire year, He is faithful.

Things here in Bulgaria have been interesting to say the least. Covid-19 has certainly influenced our lives and the ministry. In October we began to return to a lot of our villages and the meetings were spirit filled and the people so thankful for the church. However, the virus increased during this time and many lives were affected by it. Our family was directly affected as all three of us contracted the virus. This was a difficult time for us, as me and Kylie had mild cases and recovered quickly, but Tracy developed Bilateral Pneumonia and ended up in the Shumen Hospital for ten days. This was a trying time, but also a time for Tracy to be able to be a blessing. By divine appointment, Tracy was put into a room with a 74-year-old Turkish lady. Tracy enjoyed sharing tracts with her and was able to give her one of our hymn books and a Turkish Bible. It was a blessing to see the pictures of her reading the tracts and the hymns that our believers sing in our meetings. Please pray for Reni as she recovers and pray that God would touch her heart. At the writing of this letter Tracy has been home for three days and is in quarantine for two weeks. She still has a trace of Pneumonia and please pray for her as she continues to recuperate.

The work here has been greatly affected by the pandemic. We ask that you pray specifically for God’s guidance and for him to give us wisdom on how to proceed in the difficult days that we are experiencing. Our heart is to be in the village and going to meetings daily. We however want to be wise and thoughtful of the health of all involved. We have seen firsthand the seriousness of Covid-19 not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of national pastors and fellow missionaries. We are thankful that God has brought everyone through these times, but it is exceedingly difficult to have a loved one in the hospital and not able to see them. God gives grace and that is for sure during these times, God is good.

We have a couple things that we need you to pray about. First, we have our visa’s needing to be renewed in December. This virus has thrown us a curve as we are behind in the process and cannot do much more toward this until after Tracy’s quarantine is over on the 26th of November. Please pray that we can get everything done in a timely manner. Also, pray that if we are late in getting it done that they will show grace and not impose too strict a fine. God knows our situation and we trust him to help us. Secondly, pray for God’s help as we look to move from our apartment to a house here in Shumen. We will be moving into a larger place that will make it possible for us to have room for visitors and family to come over and visit. We also are beginning to prepare for Christmas and the holidays. Last year we gave out around 200 gift bags in the villages where we minister. We would like to do that again this year. At this time, we don’t know if we will be able to do so or if we will be restricted due to the virus. We also do not know how this will affect our yearly flour and oil distribution later this winter. Please pray about these things.

I will close by saying, God has been good and certainly faithful. Please keep us in your prayers and the people here as we pray for you there. With the uncertainty of the elections and the virus we have a lot to pray about, but we have a God who hears.

God bless you all. The Blalocks




And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14


Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,           July-August 2020


Grace unto you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 1:2) Now is definitely a time when this world needs a clear witness. May God give us boldness to be witnesses of what God has done for us and to us: to preach the gospel and to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God; and that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been very different for many months now because of all the restrictions from this sickness. We have not been able to meet with the churches, but God has still met with all of us. These measures have put a real longing and appreciation for the freedom to come together. Hopefully this will pass soon.


We were able to put a roof on the home one of our believers, that burned down in February. Brother Malcho was so thankful. Many of the missionaries and national pastors came together to help, which was a real blessing to be together and to see God work.


We covet your prayers for the work here. We were surprised by this sickness and the measures that have been taken to slow it down. Thankfully we have not contracted the virus. Many of our dear friends have it, and our hearts and prayers are for the ones that have been affected by it. May God bring them through this and restore their strength.


Even though there are many restrictions we are thankful God is bringing us through this time. We believe that God has brought us here for "such a time as this" to be a witness for Him.


All because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and family




October 2020

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Colossians 3:15-16

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,

Colossians chapter three is one of those passages where, if you’re not careful, you’ll extract the “dos and don’ts” and miss the “who and why.” How anyone can overlook the resurrected and reigning Christ and His redemptive work is a mystery, but there are those who manage. In chapter three we’re commanded, as resurrected beings, to look and to long for heavenly things. Only those souls who’ve passed from death unto life, by virtue of the second birth, are free to rise unfettered, victorious over the world and its pull. The resurrection not only frees us from things, but frees us to things as well. Being freed from the service of external and internal sin, we’re at liberty to love and serve one another. Looking to and loving the living Christ benefits the whole world, beginning at home.

Tucked right in the middle of this passage are the means for mastering our mess (if you like alliteration): the peace of God and the word of Christ. They are contingent upon one another: Peace can’t rule where the word doesn’t dwell, and the word only dwells in those who dwell in it. To put it another way, get your head in the heavens and make the word your foundation, and you’ll find out that come what may, it’ll be alright. You can face a frowning world with the smile of God’s favor. One more thing on a tangential note - if 2020 hasn’t yet incentivized you to get a hold of Heaven and find some comfort, just wait ‘til 2021.

What an introduction to a prayer letter! Hello from Bulgaria. It’s been quite a while since I’ve sent out an update, though we try and post regularly on our Facebook page “The LeFevres in Bulgaria.” We’ve been back just shy of two months, returning on the sixteenth of August. Our return trip, though uneventful, was nevertheless surreal. Having traveled extensively prior to the global pandemic, we were taken aback by the “new normal”: a sea of highly regulated masked faces, herded onto half-filled planes, providing minimal service. The flights passed quickly, and we were in Bulgaria in record time. Upon arrival, seeing as how America is listed as a hotbed for COVID activity, we were given the option of quarantining or testing. We opted to take the test. Thank the Lord all of us tested negative for the virus, though some of us tested positive for meanness.

Bulgaria, like most everywhere else, has mandatory mask laws, social distancing requirements, and crowd limitations. And like most everywhere else, the general population doesn’t seem to bother: Masks are worn as chin straps; distance is ignored as someone might cut in line, and very few places have ever been filled to capacity. And yet, what is the one type of gathering that draws the most scrutiny? Evangelical meetings. Bulgaria has had almost ninety straight days of mass protests against government corruption. Yet who makes the news for perpetuating the spread of corona? A church in Plovdiv. As such, the meetings have been kept very low key. The national pastors continue to minister circumspectly, endeavoring to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” The weekly American meeting has resumed, as well.

In spite of COVID, or perhaps because of it, people seem hungrier for heavenly things. Those souls that brave meeting, leave with full and grateful hearts, appreciating more what they missed. Pastor Alish testified about a particular village church he’d almost given up on a year ago. He said that when they saw him, they asked if he was coming for church. He said, “If you all want church, I’ll come back next week.” They responded, “What’s wrong with right now?” In no time, a small crowd gathered, and they had a real meeting. In the village here, Hannah and her mother went to sing for a widow woman and her daughter. The man of the house lived and died an atheist, but his loved ones are seeking for something more. Brother Mitko said that everywhere the virus has taken its toll, not on people’s health so much, but on their finances and livelihood, and has them looking for something not subject to change. Praise the Lord we have the answer in our unchanging God and His eternal word

All the family fares well, and everyone sends you their greetings. All of our existing visas are secure, so no worries there. We’re working on getting Derrick his visa. Remember us in your prayers. Remember the ministry.

Love y’all

Because of a living Savior, The William LeFevre Family




Dear Pastors, Friends, and Churches, June - August, 2020

Who would have dreamed that the COVID-19 virus would have lasted this long? We have had several of our national pastors and fellow laborers to contract the virus. It is with sadness that I inform you that one of our pastors in Panama died from complications caused by the virus. I preached for him last year in his church and he took me out to eat afterward. Pray for his family and also for the church family. Even on the Amazon, a pastor and his family fell ill to the virus. In Bolivia, a pastors’ associate and his wife got sick due to COVID-19!

We know all this was prophesied in the Bible. In Matthew 24:7, Jesus said in the last days, “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places”. The 1828 dictionary describes “pestilences” as follows: any contagious or infectious disease that is epidemic and mortal. That is a thorough description of COVID-19!


Due to current travel restrictions I have included several older Hispanic church meeting pictures we’ve attended while on the field. The airports were supposed to open up in the beginning of August, but that did not happen. However, we were able to get some support to them in the spring to help out until we can travel again. We will make a couple of quick trips to get their support to them as soon as the airports reopen.
In August we returned from our annual conferences in West Virginia. Obviously, we were not able to bring in men from international countries to these meetings. Brother Ron Cole, Brother Humberto Gomez and myself preached and showed videos to cover the conferences. We also closed out our conference in Hickory, NC. We had great services in all these meetings. However, several churches had to cancel their services, but the videos were made available online. What a weird year that we all have experienced! I am glad the Lord knows all about this and it did not take Him by surprise. He knows where we are!

Joyfully Yours, Farren Caeble 1 Sam. 12:24




Dear Praying Friends and Family,          July - August 2020

I hope this prayer letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His blessings.

The Quarantine: The Ukrainian government has once again put the country on lockdown, this time till October 31st. As I sit to write this letter, our family and about half of our church is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms: loss of taste and smell, fever, chills, aches, fatigue, coughing, and difficulty breathing. But that is just what has happened in the last week. We have had sickness in our home for the last two months and it has been a bit daunting. First, my two boys, Ben and Sam, contracted streptococcus at a youth outing which turned into scarlet fever. After that ran its course, mumps hit our family. My wife has been trying to nurse us all back to health and then she finally succumbed to the virus. She is now showing signs of pneumonia and asked me to ask you all to pray for her. This is a little strange for us, because the Lord has been so good giving us good health for years. We hardly ever get sick.



Graduation Service: After battling sickness for over six weeks we thought we were in the clear and decided to finally hold a special service for the graduates in our church. My son Samuel, was one of them. He has worked very hard. There were a few unsaved family members in attendance who listened closely to the preaching of the word of God. It was a big step for them to come to church. Please pray for their salvation.
Bible Institute: The Bible Institute is now finished and preparing for a graduation service, which will have to wait a while. I planned to invite a special speaker for the milestone event in our ministry, but the shutdown has changed all of that. Now that it is behind us, we are concentrating on strengthening the church and preparing to transition to national leadership.
Church Building: We are very grateful to report that we now have over 40% of the funds needed to begin the new church building. Thank you for praying and to those who have given to this need.

Prayer Requests:

• Our family’s health.
• The salvation of souls and especially of our neighbors.
• Our various literature projects.
• God’s direction for furlough.

Thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10




Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ,                                                              July 2020

From February 29- March 8th in the Chernovitsky Region: The International Commission Romanian team of eight Romanians and myself made in-home visits in Romanian speaking villages located along the Ukrainian/Romanian border.  
I had the opportunity to present the gospel to over 100 Russian speaking lost souls in small group settings during the week.  Praise the Lord, I saw two receive Christ during the visits!  We finished up the week with a Sunday afternoon evangelization.  Over 130 lost people came out to hear the Gospel and a 20-year-old lady came forward and prayed.  It was a great week and you could see the Holy Ghost convicting souls in answer to your prayers.  When I preached and challenged the church in the Sunday AM service, God stirred them, and every member took a packet of tracts and a special praying brochure to begin praying earnestly for their lost loved ones, friends, neighbors and coworkers.  As soon as our Evangelization ended, the region was put under quarantine, due to the first case of COVID-19.  A month later, the Pastor I worked with came down with COVID-19 and fought it through with two weeks of high temperatures.  In March: Just before the National quarantine, the Lord opened up a great opportunity to testify at the European conference of Russian speaking churches of Europe which was held near Hannover, Germany.  It is amazing how many new Russian speaking churches are being planted all over Europe as Ukrainians and other Russian speakers travel to almost every country in Europe to seek higher paying jobs or to immigrate altogether.  Since the quarantine:  Sadly to say the COVID-19 quarantine closed everything here and cancelled three Evangelism seminars and all of our I.C. Crusades for Ukraine and even Belarus.  In April, we moved from Kiev to Odessa, Ukraine to work more closely with Lakeside Baptist Church again.


Ordination Service on June 28: Brother Slavick Yatskiv was Ordained as the full-time Pastor of Lakeside Baptist Church.


Missionary Chris Rue helped us in the Ordinations since he, Paul Gray and myself had all trained these two brothers in our Joint Bible Institute back in 2002-2004.


We also Ordained Brother Nick Veselkov as Pastor of the Church which he planted in the town of “October”. Lakeside Baptist sent him out as a Missionary/Church planter in 2004. (Attempting to remove all former Soviet names, the Government recently renamed his town from “October” to the town of “Peter’s faith”.)


As I was praying about what the Lord would have us do next during this trying COVID-19 time:

1) Pastor Andrew (just outside of Kiev) invited me to teach his church about Soul-winning and using Gospel tracts.

2) A fellow Evangelist from Chernovitsky region invited me for an Evangelistic Project to be held in November.

3) A Pastor from Southern Moldova called to encourage me about some new fruit that finally came to fruition from an I.C. Crusade we held back in 2018. A husband (who was then backslidden and now finally got right with the Lord) and his wife (who this year finally came to faith in Christ) are both getting baptized in the end of August.

4) October 1-13th ARMENIA bound - That is Lord willing and the virus doesn’t close the door. The International Commission is planning a crusade of house to house visits in Yerevan, Armenia. Please pray the Lord will prepare hearts for this trip and use us, not only to witness to the lost, but to disciple and challenge the Christians too!!!

5) Feruza - a U.S. Muslim (from a -Stan Country) who Oksana befriended back in Cincinnati, Ohio is in great need of prayer. She seems to be finally ready to receive bible verses - Pray the Lord will work in her heart.

6) Please pray for two unsaved visitors at Lakeside B.C.- Eugene (whose wife has prayed for him for over 10 years) and Dennis.


Thank you all so much for your faithfulness in both Praying and Supporting us in this very, very unusual time.


Gratefully yours for souls, Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher.


Your Missionaries to Ukraine and the Russian speaking Multitudes.




“…and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? “(Esther 4:14)

After the wicked Haman conspired to destroy God’s people Mordecai made this proclamation to Queen Esther knowing that her life would be at risk to deliver God’s people. We certainly are living in a time for our Country that is perilous and more worrisome than we have ever known. Yet for the Christian our hearts desire should be to be a light in the darkest of times, we have hope, we have a future no matter what comes our way here. God has been so good to us and we have so much to look forward to, for this I praise his name!

Since my last letter, we were able to spend some time in the states due to Covid-19. We really enjoyed the time with family and with our church. Usually when we are in the states, we are terribly busy on the road but due to the restrictions we spent more time with our children and grandchildren. We thank God for this blessing of extra time with family that was unexpected. We were able to return to Bulgaria on June 9th and we thank God for safe travels and only a few delays on the way.

We returned to Bulgaria with the country still holding to a lot of restrictions. These have hindered us from keeping our normal schedule in the villages. We are thankful to know that while we are not able to go as normal that the faithful are still gathering until we are able to go as usual. We also have been able to have our English church service each week at the home of fellow missionaries. We have seen God move greatly in these services including the salvation of one of our fellow missionaries’ youngest son. We also are grateful for each opportunity he gives us to reach one person at a time as we have handed out many tracts on our evening walks here in Shumen. We also ask you to pray as we cultivate relationships that God has allowed us to begin with individuals here and that we would lead them to a relationship with our Savior. Each month we wait to see if the restrictions will be lifted. I pray that as you read this letter that these will have been lifted.

We did have an opportunity to help Brother Matt Welch with a building project. One of our faithful believers this past winter was burned out of his home. Brother Malcho who is in his 80’s greatly desires to get back in his home. Brother Welch made it possible to put a new roof on his house and only needed a little help. We are thankful to be able to help this dear brother and thankful for Brother Welch’s expertise in building projects. It was fun to help.

Our family is doing well, and we are so grateful to be back where God has called us. We have just a few things we ask you to pray about. We ask that you pray about Kylie’s Visa situation. Due to travel restrictions for Americans into Romania we are not able to go to the Bulgarian Consulate in Bucharest to continue with her Visa. Please pray about this need. We also ask that you pray about the restrictions to be lifted on the meetings here and that we will be able to reach our churches as we normally would. We also ask that you remember our youngest son Riley as he will be getting married in September, please pray that God would really bless Riley and Christin.

In closing, I want to say thank you all for your faithfulness. I know that these are difficult and trying times for churches and I thank God for every church and person who have been faithful to give to missions.

May God bless you all.  The Blalocks, -


Dear Brethren,   August 2020

Though we are living in uncertain, precarious days we are held fast by the hands of Almighty God and His omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, and faithfulness have not, and will not be, diminished. Though what we see and hear around us all day everyday are held in suspect, the truth of God changes not. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is still our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. And there is still only one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ His Son. Bless His Name!

God is still saving lost souls! Our son-in-law, Chris Jackson, trusted Christ as his personal Savior two weeks ago and we continue to rejoice. He’s a good young man, an honest, hard worker... but until recently he didn’t know he had such a deep need for Christ. He asked a lot of questions and listened intently to the preaching, pondering his need for weeks. That Sunday, he couldn’t hold back any longer and found himself drawn to the altar. When he video called us, his face shone brightly with a joy we know only comes from Christ. We shouted and cried for joy ourselves. Our son, who was lost, is now found in Christ!

Pastor Ismail and his wife Naziye are faring well, given the circumstances of the day. They had problems with the city septic backing up on their property, but we asked for help from American churches and the need was quickly met. They can once again use their washing machine, wash dishes in the outside sink, use the outhouse... all things we take for granted. Her health is never the best, so please continue to pray for her. She is concerned her yearly bronchitis and breathing issues will put her at risk, either for contracting the virus, or for everyone thinking she has it when she doesn’t. Their younger son in Belgium is battling cancer and this weighs heavily on her heart. Please pray for him as well.

Back in January we made plans to go to America in September for our oldest son’s wedding. As has happened to many, our plans were changed. Jonathan will still be getting married, but we will only be able to attend via video chat, and we’re thankful that is an option! We requested our airfare ticket refund a couple months ago, but the major operators are simply not giving them at this time. Our chosen airline has over two billion dollars’ worth of refunds held in limbo... with our three tickets being a part of that. So, we wait, hoping we don’t take a loss.

We apologize for the lateness of correspondence. Everything has been so up in the air and unsettled. The ministry here continues, though we work in different ways than before. We appreciate all the faithful prayers and support on our behalf. In the future we hope to move from a paper prayer letter to an emailed one, as this seems more certain in this day than postal systems. To be added to our e-mailing list, please write us at

Because He First Loved Me, Brother Larry Leach, Jr.



“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


Dear Pastor, Church family and Friends,                                  August 2020

Greetings to you all in Jesus Precious name. So much has changed since we last wrote to you before COVID-19. The whole world came to a stop, and was shut down, and is still shut down in many countries. Can you imagine 1.3 billion people all shut in their homes in India? With so many people, how can social distancing be maintained? BUT in all this Jesus never changed, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever”. Hebrews 13:8 He knows exactly why, what and when to the questions we have.

God proves Himself to us again and again showing that He is in control. I say this because all the children in the Centers are doing well, none of them have contacted the virus. God is so good, and kind and caring to all these poor and needy children. It was in the month of March when the senior class children were having their final examinations that the schools closed indefinitely. The kids who were to appear for the board exam were given online classes. This posed some challenges, because the kids did not have phones or IPads to attend the online classes. One child who is in the 9th grade is so poor his parents were and unable to provide even a phone for him. So, we arranged to get him a small tablet (7”x 5”). He was so happy. Now he could attend his classes online. The Kids who had their 12th& 10th board examination did very well and all passed in first division.

In spite of the difficulties and challenges the kids faced due to COVID-19, they still did very well. We talk to many of them over the phone or Skype on a daily basis. We usually connect our conversation to the word of God and teach them the related scripture verses. There are so many stories about these children, both good and sad, which we could share with you if time and space were available. We know you pray for them and continuously support them with your finances. On behalf of all the children we thank you and appreciate each one of you including the kids from the VBS. In everything we give God the Glory for it is He who is in control of this North India Ministry.

May God abundantly bless each one of you.



Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,                                                                                                     July 20, 2020


Hello from Romania once again. Let me start by apologizing for the delay of this update. We are still having major problems with our software and ask for your sincere prayers.


After three months of enforced isolation, we are finally able to travel to most of our Turkish meetings. We have three church building projects currently. It keeps Jacob and I busy, not to mention the meetings and feeding centers and the daily care of our families. Speaking of which, we are so happy to announce the birth of our granddaughter, Miruna Murphy Reed. She was born on July seventh. She was early and only a little over four pounds but praise the Lord healthy. Jacob and Elmas are so proud of her. The devil is trying to hinder in all these projects and covet your prayers for strength and finances to finish.

Our meeting in Calarasi is going strong. People in the village wait to hear the church bell and know it’s time for church. One man named Yashar is now coming. It was in his house that we had our first church service in Calarasi. He had been stabbed seven times in a knife fight and was in danger of dying. The Lord mercifully helped him and for over five years we have prayed for him to come to church. Since we’ve started the morning prayer meetings again, he comes faithfully every morning with many others that have a newfound need after the pandemic. It has been some of the most powerful meetings I have ever been in since we’ve been on the mission field. Whoever has been praying, please continue!


Most of you will remember Amelia, Ricardo’s mother. She is coming to the meetings again and it has been a blessing to have her there. She has faced much persecution since Ricardo’s death with people blaming her and saying he died because she became a believer and was baptized. Amelia’s faith has grown stronger through this tragedy. Only God can do something so real like this for a person.


Since the first of the year, we’ve faced some of the hardest trials we’ve been through since coming to the mission field. After a battle with pneumonia, problems with bank accounts, and visas expiring during the lockdown, we were worried about our future in Romania. After much prayer, the Lord led us to a lawyer who helped us obtain our visas. The other problems have been resolved or in the process of being resolved. All we ask the Lord for was to let us stay and help these poor people. The Lord has proven Himself faithful through it all and we can’t thank Him and you all that carried us by prayers and faithful support.  May our God richly bless and keep you until we can be together again and fellowship.


Faithfully yours, from Romania, Nathan, Teresa and Nate Reed





Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,  July 20, 2020


Greetings from the Reed family in Romania.  


We pray this finds you well.  I am thankful the Lord blessed me to be able to visit the States and raise money for seven weeks around the New Year. It was a blessing to see family and loved ones once again. My wife and children were not able to be with me this time. I have been having problems with my children’s U.S. citizenships and need prayer. But I am encouraged by a verse in Deuteronomy 7:9 that says, “Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;”.


The Lord put it on my heart last year to build a church building big enough where we could meet weekly with around 75 believers. God has now given me the opportunity. My in-laws recently bought a small piece of land found just outside of Constanta where I live. This will be our big weekly meeting where my dad will bring people two hours away from the town he lives in and I will gather up believers from around the surrounding area. It has been a while since we have been able to do this. Many people have been saved from the large meetings in the past. Please pray for us, we are having problems with the building permits.


Shortly after I arrived in the States, my wife and I found out that we were expecting a baby girl. This has been a great answer to prayer. Great is His faithfulness, because on July 7th little 4 and half pound Miruna Murphy Reed came into our lives. She was born a month early, but by God’s grace she’s healthy and doing well.  No words can express the joy she has already given to us.


We currently have three ongoing church building projects at this time. Because we were locked down for over two and half months, it has set us back and some of the paperwork has expired on a couple of places. The officials want to issue fines if certain things are not done quickly. Please help us pray for these needs!


Thank You and May God Richly Bless You Is Our Prayer.


From Romania, Jacob Reed and Family





Dear Praying Friends and Family,   April – June 2020


I hope this prayer letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His salvation and service! Summer is finally here and the fruits and vegetables are beginning to come in. The black soil of the Black Sea region is truly amazing. It reminds me of the fruit tree of Psalm 1:3 that, “…bringeth forth his fruit in his season.” One of the keys to being fruitful in the ministry is to stay rooted and grounded where God put you!


The Quarantine: Due to a new spike in Covid-19 cases Ukraine has put the country back on lockdown until July 31st. We resumed holding services after seeing that there were no cases of the virus in our area, but with caution. We began with just Sunday morning services and then added the others slowly. We are currently back up to full speed with the Bible Institute and usual church services. However, we are still not sure how our summer plans are going to turn out. Please pray for wisdom about holding evangelistic services in nearby towns and our annual Children’s Bible Club.


Rue Crew Milestones and Future Challenges: My son, Christopher, became a teenager in April. Benjamin turned 19 in May. Samuel graduated High School and Miriam finished her degree. We are all ready for a break. In just a few weeks we will begin our 7th year since our last furlough. In the meantime, our eldest children are continuing their schooling so they can work online from home until we return to the US for furlough. The month of May also marked our 27th wedding anniversary. The Lord sure has been good to us.


I am asking the Lord to make His will plain to me about the timing of our return to the States for furlough. It is a huge undertaking with a family the size of ours. Miriam, Benjamin, and Samuel have some very serious decisions ahead about their future and God’s perfect will for their lives. So, in addition to getting reacquainted with our dear supporting churches we have to help our children learn what it means to be an American. Naomi and I don’t even know anymore ourselves. Please pray for our children for God to make His will clear to them. And please pray about all the logistics involved. Housing, vehicles, and airline tickets are our most pressing need. We have a furlough fund but it is far from being what it needs to be for us to return.


We are asking the Lord to allow us to finish up several projects before leaving. The most important is the transition of the church and all ministries to national leaders. Secondly, there are various projects in the literature department that need to be finished. We aim to provide, in the Russian language, all we can to root and ground Bible believing pastors and their congregations. This includes the finishing touches on the Bible Institute materials and a children’s Sunday School program. We also have all the materials in Russian for any church planter/evangelist to disciple new converts and organize a local church. There is still some work to do on the new Russian Hymnal before it is ready for printing. All that is left are translation issues. Of course, the Bible Institute graduation will be a highlight in the ministry for us all! We have also been looking forward to the summer months for village evangelism. Please pray for wisdom in the current climate that we will be able to do what we can to win the lost.


Building Project/Fund Raising: We are happy to report that we are now at 30% of our goal to begin the building project. We have prayerfully counted the cost (Lk. 14:28) and believe that doing the work ourselves will add up to a lot of savings. We have some first-class welders, plumbers, and brick masons. We were hoping to start by now to take advantage of my son’s young backs before we return to the US for furlough.


Prayer Letters, Prayer, and Spiritual Battles: The power of prayer in the ministry and spiritual warfare cannot be overemphasized, thus the importance of our prayer letters. I’ve seen the prayers of God’s people move the hand of God to lift hindrances, bring conviction of sin and salvation, stop attacks from the “powers that be”, supply needs, bring healing, comfort, reconciliation, and many other things. For this reason, I try to include both the blessings and the heartbreaks; the victories and defeats. The problems are mentioned so you will pray, the blessings are included to encourage you to rejoice and praise God; knowing that your prayers are being answered.


When writing a prayer letter and rejoicing in what God has done there is always a hesitation in the back of my mind. I’ve noticed that, when I mention someone in our prayer letters as a source of encouragement to our supporters back home, they almost always come under attack. A couple of times I actually paused to highlight a brother or sister who were doing very well in the Lord for fear of impending backlash. You may say, “That isn’t right, Brother Rue, to think that way…. You should trust God, etc…” But, you haven’t been here and seen it on the scale that I have. Sadly, I know too well what the Apostle Paul said in Phil. 3:18 and 2 Tim. 4:10. Praise God that we also know very well what he meant in 3 Jn. 1:3, 1 Thess. 2:19, etc…


In our January prayer letter we rejoiced over a man, Maxim, who had then recently been released from prison. He started attending church, received Christ, then brought a friend to church named Zhenya who also received Christ. We mentioned him in our last prayer letter. They both attended church services before the quarantine and even came to church during broadcasts. It was a great blessing to watch them grow. Then, sadly, Maxim seriously injured his eye on a job and started taking pain medication. The quarantine hit, and he was without work and almost lost his eye. Injury, pain, fear, no job, quarantine, and little fellowship led him to start drinking again. I am told that he had a seizure, during which he almost bit off his tongue and hit his head in the fall. He went to the local hospital and they told him to go to the Odessa hospital but he didn’t go. The transportation wasn’t working because of the shut-down. That night he strangled on his own swollen tongue. His friend, Zhenya, is devastated and it so shook his faith that he went back to drinking too. I had the sad task of calling his mother in Zhitomir to tell her the news. Her wails and crying were so sad. I tried to comfort her with the Scriptures giving her assurance that she would see him again. She was saved and attends a Baptist church there in Zhitomir, but his death was unexpected. She had hoped that he was finally getting his life back together again after getting saved and going to church. Please pray for these families.


On the other hand, our church is thriving, witnessing, meeting together in spite of rumors and threats for disobeying the quarantine, and there is still a shout in the camp during worship services! We are very glad to see the continued growth of the new converts and their children!


I had the added blessing to take part in the ordination service in Limonski where Brother Maher has labored for years. He left the church in the hands of several men, and it took a number of years before one of them stepped up to the plate to take the pastorate. We laid hands on Slavic and Brother Kolya Veselkov who have faithfully served in planting a church in a small town about two hours away. I had the privilege of teaching these men in our combined Bible Institute 17 years ago. There was a lot of prayer, time and money invested in these men; and it is a blessing to see that it was not in vain (Gal. 4:11; Phil. 2:16; 1 Thess. 2:1).


Thank you for taking the time to read our latest prayer letter. We pray for you all, especially you pastors. We want to thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!


That Ukraine May Know Him,


Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10




Dear Pastors, Churches, and Fellow Saints, March / April 2020


"...thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty." 1 Samuel 20:18


Greetings in the name that is above every name- the Lord Jesus Christ!


On April 4, 2020, my dear dad went gloriously Home to be with the Lord. In 1979 I got saved and immediately began to witness to my family. We were raised by loving parents. They always had time for us, even when we had no time for them. We attended church but had never received the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. After I got saved by the Savior from the penalty of my sins, which was going to hell, I was so happy and at peace with God. It was all that mattered and still is the only thing that really matters. I began telling everyone about my salvation experience how that I had been saved and born again. I didn't know much about it all, but, I knew that everything between me and God was well. I had been forgiven and possessed the peace of God.