Humanitarian Aid To Romania

In addition to supplying aid to Bulgaria, we have started Humanitarian Aid to Romania as well.  This is in large part to our missionaries having to relocate to Romania after no longer being able to obtain a residence visa in Bulgaria.  They are still able to get the visitors visas which allows then to go down and check on the National Pastors and preach in the churches that have been established.

Due to this relocation we now send containers to Romania as well.  In November of 2000, our first container included: 14,408 pair of socks, 1,168 sweaters, 44 pillows, 5,173 blankets, 169 shirts, 45 pair of pants, 192 pair of shoes, and 320 pair of gloves.  This weight totaled 15,300 lbs.

In addition, we just recently sent our second container in November 2001.  This included the following: 98,357 pair of socks, 3,325 pair of shoes, 2,321 blankets and 1,355 articles of clothing.  Additional supplies were also included in this shipment. 

Altogether, Charity Baptist Mission, Inc. with help from surrounding churches, businesses and individuals have given 18 tons of Humanitarian Aid to help those in Romania.

If you would like to help fill the next container or know someone who owns or is affiliated with a shoe company, sock or blanket factory, and clothing store we would greatly appreciate your help.  All donations are tax exempt.

NOTE: Due to the customs regulations and restrictions, all material must be NEW.  Nothing old, worn or used.  These articles cannot be sent due to Romanian law.

You can contact us at:
 Charity Baptist Mission, Inc. P.O. Box 888 Bristol, Tennessee 37621
Tel. (423) 878-8131  e-mail:


Mugur Varzariu, is a Romanian documentary photographer who created a web page depicting the living conditions of the Roma in the village of Eforie

Please follow the links below to get more information.  "rain of tears"



Additional Information From The Mission Field

27 homes in which over 1,200 children are fed daily - 19 in Bulgaria and 8 in Romania.

The cost to operate each of these homes is $200 to $400 a month, depending upon the number of children.
In the near future, we hope to expand several of these homes to feed and shelter children who have no one
to care for them.

 We have recently purchased land in Romania, where we will build a home in which we will take in unwanted babies and raise them from birth.

 20,000 loaves of bread are given out each month in Romania to the poor at a cost of $3,000.

 80 tons of food are distributed twice each winter to over 3,000 needy families.

This costs approximately $20,000 each time.

What we can do for $1,000 a month in Bulgaria:
Support a national pastor and his family to care for the church in his house
and five other house churches in nearby villages $300

Feed 80 - 100 hungry children daily  $400
Feed and shelter up to 20 children    $300


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