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Due to the fact that the communists came back into power in Bulgaria in December of 1994, the seven missionary families we had there were denied the necessary residence Visas they needed to continue residing in Bulgaria.  After much prayer about this, the missionaries believed the Lord would have them move the mission base from Bulgaria to Romania.  Romania borders  Bulgaria.
Our new location in Romania is about a two hour drive between the working cities.  This allowed the missionaries to start a new mission work in Romania, and continue working in Bulgaria by using tourist Visas.  God has blessed this move in a great way.  Not only have the missionaries returned to Bulgaria regularly to help encourage the churches and national pastors there, but the Lord has also opened many doors to preach the gospel to the Romanian and Turkish people. 

The Romanians are so open to the gospel that one of the Turkish pastors from Bulgaria moved to Romania to help in the Turkish work there.  The missionaries and new converts are now distributing thousands of Romanian and Turkish gospels, hymn books, and singing and testimony DVD's, CD's and some cassettes in Romania.  God is saving souls and birthing churches in Romania among both the Romanian and Turkish people.  As of 2009, we now have Two missionary families working in Romania (the others have moved to Bulgaria) as well as six national pastors.  To date, we have been blessed with 20 churches in Romania, and one children's home.