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It is our privilege to welcome you to the Charity Baptist Mission web page. We hope this will be a testament of what the Lord is doing in America and throughout the world.

In 1973 the Lord laid upon my heart to start Charity Baptist Mission Inc., here in Bristol, Tennessee.  We started it because we were opening a children’s home in Mexico.  From there the Lord continued to bless and increased the areas to other countries by which we could share the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour.

It has been truly a blessing to see how the Lord has used missionaries to reach the lost and see them saved.

We believe in the Authorized King James 1611 version of the Word of God. It has stood the test of time and we believe this is the only true Bible.

To God be the Glory!




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Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,                                                                                                     July 20, 2020


Hello from Romania once again. Let me start by apologizing for the delay of this update. We are still having major problems with our software and ask for your sincere prayers.


After three months of enforced isolation, we are finally able to travel to most of our Turkish meetings. We have three church building projects currently. It keeps Jacob and I busy, not to mention the meetings and feeding centers and the daily care of our families. Speaking of which, we are so happy to announce the birth of our granddaughter, Miruna Murphy Reed. She was born on July seventh. She was early and only a little over four pounds but praise the Lord healthy. Jacob and Elmas are so proud of her. The devil is trying to hinder in all these projects and covet your prayers for strength and finances to finish.

Our meeting in Calarasi is going strong. People in the village wait to hear the church bell and know it’s time for church. One man named Yashar is now coming. It was in his house that we had our first church service in Calarasi. He had been stabbed seven times in a knife fight and was in danger of dying. The Lord mercifully helped him and for over five years we have prayed for him to come to church. Since we’ve started the morning prayer meetings again, he comes faithfully every morning with many others that have a newfound need after the pandemic. It has been some of the most powerful meetings I have ever been in since we’ve been on the mission field. Whoever has been praying, please continue!


Most of you will remember Amelia, Ricardo’s mother. She is coming to the meetings again and it has been a blessing to have her there. She has faced much persecution since Ricardo’s death with people blaming her and saying he died because she became a believer and was baptized. Amelia’s faith has grown stronger through this tragedy. Only God can do something so real like this for a person.


Since the first of the year, we’ve faced some of the hardest trials we’ve been through since coming to the mission field. After a battle with pneumonia, problems with bank accounts, and visas expiring during the lockdown, we were worried about our future in Romania. After much prayer, the Lord led us to a lawyer who helped us obtain our visas. The other problems have been resolved or in the process of being resolved. All we ask the Lord for was to let us stay and help these poor people. The Lord has proven Himself faithful through it all and we can’t thank Him and you all that carried us by prayers and faithful support.  May our God richly bless and keep you until we can be together again and fellowship.


Faithfully yours, from Romania, Nathan, Teresa and Nate Reed





Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,  July 20, 2020


Greetings from the Reed family in Romania.  


We pray this finds you well.  I am thankful the Lord blessed me to be able to visit the States and raise money for seven weeks around the New Year. It was a blessing to see family and loved ones once again. My wife and children were not able to be with me this time. I have been having problems with my children’s U.S. citizenships and need prayer. But I am encouraged by a verse in Deuteronomy 7:9 that says, “Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;”.


The Lord put it on my heart last year to build a church building big enough where we could meet weekly with around 75 believers. God has now given me the opportunity. My in-laws recently bought a small piece of land found just outside of Constanta where I live. This will be our big weekly meeting where my dad will bring people two hours away from the town he lives in and I will gather up believers from around the surrounding area. It has been a while since we have been able to do this. Many people have been saved from the large meetings in the past. Please pray for us, we are having problems with the building permits.


Shortly after I arrived in the States, my wife and I found out that we were expecting a baby girl. This has been a great answer to prayer. Great is His faithfulness, because on July 7th little 4 and half pound Miruna Murphy Reed came into our lives. She was born a month early, but by God’s grace she’s healthy and doing well.  No words can express the joy she has already given to us.


We currently have three ongoing church building projects at this time. Because we were locked down for over two and half months, it has set us back and some of the paperwork has expired on a couple of places. The officials want to issue fines if certain things are not done quickly. Please help us pray for these needs!


Thank You and May God Richly Bless You Is Our Prayer.


From Romania, Jacob Reed and Family






Dear Praying Friends and Family,    April – June 2020


I hope this prayer letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His salvation and service! Summer is finally here and the fruits and vegetables are beginning to come in. The black soil of the Black Sea region is truly amazing. It reminds me of the fruit tree of Psalm 1:3 that, “…bringeth forth his fruit in his season.” One of the keys to being fruitful in the ministry is to stay rooted and grounded where God put you!


The Quarantine: Due to a new spike in Covid-19 cases Ukraine has put the country back on lockdown until July 31st. We resumed holding services after seeing that there were no cases of the virus in our area, but with caution. We began with just Sunday morning services and then added the others slowly. We are currently back up to full speed with the Bible Institute and usual church services. However, we are still not sure how our summer plans are going to turn out. Please pray for wisdom about holding evangelistic services in nearby towns and our annual Children’s Bible Club.


Rue Crew Milestones and Future Challenges: My son, Christopher, became a teenager in April. Benjamin turned 19 in May. Samuel graduated High School and Miriam finished her degree. We are all ready for a break. In just a few weeks we will begin our 7th year since our last furlough. In the meantime, our eldest children are continuing their schooling so they can work online from home until we return to the US for furlough. The month of May also marked our 27th wedding anniversary. The Lord sure has been good to us.


I am asking the Lord to make His will plain to me about the timing of our return to the States for furlough. It is a huge undertaking with a family the size of ours. Miriam, Benjamin, and Samuel have some very serious decisions ahead about their future and God’s perfect will for their lives. So, in addition to getting reacquainted with our dear supporting churches we have to help our children learn what it means to be an American. Naomi and I don’t even know anymore ourselves. Please pray for our children for God to make His will clear to them. And please pray about all the logistics involved. Housing, vehicles, and airline tickets are our most pressing need. We have a furlough fund but it is far from being what it needs to be for us to return.


We are asking the Lord to allow us to finish up several projects before leaving. The most important is the transition of the church and all ministries to national leaders. Secondly, there are various projects in the literature department that need to be finished. We aim to provide, in the Russian language, all we can to root and ground Bible believing pastors and their congregations. This includes the finishing touches on the Bible Institute materials and a children’s Sunday School program. We also have all the materials in Russian for any church planter/evangelist to disciple new converts and organize a local church. There is still some work to do on the new Russian Hymnal before it is ready for printing. All that is left are translation issues. Of course, the Bible Institute graduation will be a highlight in the ministry for us all! We have also been looking forward to the summer months for village evangelism. Please pray for wisdom in the current climate that we will be able to do what we can to win the lost.


Building Project/Fund Raising: We are happy to report that we are now at 30% of our goal to begin the building project. We have prayerfully counted the cost (Lk. 14:28) and believe that doing the work ourselves will add up to a lot of savings. We have some first-class welders, plumbers, and brick masons. We were hoping to start by now to take advantage of my son’s young backs before we return to the US for furlough.


Prayer Letters, Prayer, and Spiritual Battles: The power of prayer in the ministry and spiritual warfare cannot be overemphasized, thus the importance of our prayer letters. I’ve seen the prayers of God’s people move the hand of God to lift hindrances, bring conviction of sin and salvation, stop attacks from the “powers that be”, supply needs, bring healing, comfort, reconciliation, and many other things. For this reason, I try to include both the blessings and the heartbreaks; the victories and defeats. The problems are mentioned so you will pray, the blessings are included to encourage you to rejoice and praise God; knowing that your prayers are being answered.


When writing a prayer letter and rejoicing in what God has done there is always a hesitation in the back of my mind. I’ve noticed that, when I mention someone in our prayer letters as a source of encouragement to our supporters back home, they almost always come under attack. A couple of times I actually paused to highlight a brother or sister who were doing very well in the Lord for fear of impending backlash. You may say, “That isn’t right, Brother Rue, to think that way…. You should trust God, etc…” But, you haven’t been here and seen it on the scale that I have. Sadly, I know too well what the Apostle Paul said in Phil. 3:18 and 2 Tim. 4:10. Praise God that we also know very well what he meant in 3 Jn. 1:3, 1 Thess. 2:19, etc…


In our January prayer letter we rejoiced over a man, Maxim, who had then recently been released from prison. He started attending church, received Christ, then brought a friend to church named Zhenya who also received Christ. We mentioned him in our last prayer letter. They both attended church services before the quarantine and even came to church during broadcasts. It was a great blessing to watch them grow. Then, sadly, Maxim seriously injured his eye on a job and started taking pain medication. The quarantine hit, and he was without work and almost lost his eye. Injury, pain, fear, no job, quarantine, and little fellowship led him to start drinking again. I am told that he had a seizure, during which he almost bit off his tongue and hit his head in the fall. He went to the local hospital and they told him to go to the Odessa hospital but he didn’t go. The transportation wasn’t working because of the shut-down. That night he strangled on his own swollen tongue. His friend, Zhenya, is devastated and it so shook his faith that he went back to drinking too. I had the sad task of calling his mother in Zhitomir to tell her the news. Her wails and crying were so sad. I tried to comfort her with the Scriptures giving her assurance that she would see him again. She was saved and attends a Baptist church there in Zhitomir, but his death was unexpected. She had hoped that he was finally getting his life back together again after getting saved and going to church. Please pray for these families.


On the other hand, our church is thriving, witnessing, meeting together in spite of rumors and threats for disobeying the quarantine, and there is still a shout in the camp during worship services! We are very glad to see the continued growth of the new converts and their children!


I had the added blessing to take part in the ordination service in Limonski where Brother Maher has labored for years. He left the church in the hands of several men, and it took a number of years before one of them stepped up to the plate to take the pastorate. We laid hands on Slavic and Brother Kolya Veselkov who have faithfully served in planting a church in a small town about two hours away. I had the privilege of teaching these men in our combined Bible Institute 17 years ago. There was a lot of prayer, time and money invested in these men; and it is a blessing to see that it was not in vain (Gal. 4:11; Phil. 2:16; 1 Thess. 2:1).


Thank you for taking the time to read our latest prayer letter. We pray for you all, especially you pastors. We want to thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him, Christopher Rue Phil. 3:10



Dear Pastors, Churches, and Fellow Saints, March / April 2020


"...thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty." 1 Samuel 20:18


Greetings in the name that is above every name- the Lord Jesus Christ!


On April 4, 2020, my dear dad went gloriously Home to be with the Lord. In 1979 I got saved and immediately began to witness to my family. We were raised by loving parents. They always had time for us, even when we had no time for them. We attended church but had never received the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. After I got saved by the Savior from the penalty of my sins, which was going to hell, I was so happy and at peace with God. It was all that mattered and still is the only thing that really matters. I began telling everyone about my salvation experience how that I had been saved and born again. I didn't know much about it all, but, I knew that everything between me and God was well. I had been forgiven and possessed the peace of God.


After my salvation, I began attending church services at Temple Baptist Church in Detroit, MI. Following the Lord's command, I was baptized by immersion. Life was wonderfully new, and I was under the impression that everyone would want to also receive this gift called "eternal life through Jesus Christ" (Rom. 6:23). But with salvation also comes repentance: turning from your sins and turning to God.


One day I was in a store with my dad and I was handing out gospel tracts. My dad told me not to hand them out anymore when I was with him. He also told me that he didn't want me talking to him about God. But I was quite rich in faith, and believed there was nothing God couldn't do. Even if I couldn’t talk to my dad about his soul's need of salvation, God could. My dad could tell me not to talk to him about the Bible, but I knew that God could speak to him.


Every day I prayed for my dad and my whole family. I had heard that it is best to witness to someone two or three times and then to just be their friend. Jesus was the friend of publicans and sinners, so I knew I couldn't go wrong doing what Jesus did. Praise the Lord! After some years my oldest brother, Kevin, got saved. Then in 1994 my mother got saved and shortly after passed away with cancer. My dad was left all alone, and the Lord began speaking to his heart.


Some years later, during the end of our missionary furlough in America, my dad came and visited us in Tennessee before we returned to Bulgaria. That Sunday morning my dad and I got up early to go out for breakfast at the local diner. Afterwards I told my Dad that the children would be singing in church that morning and that they would love to have him be there. So my dad attended church with us that day, and we had a wonderful service. The preacher preached from the Word of God and the good Holy Spirit was dealing with my dad about his need of salvation. My dad got up during the invitation and went to the altar to pray. With simple child-like faith he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31). Praise to the Lamb of God!


I will greatly miss my dad and although his seat is empty here, his place in heaven is not empty. I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful mom and dad. I look forward to the day when I'll be reunited with them in Heaven.


All Because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and Family




Dear Friends in Christ, May/June 2020


In 1859 Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” This seems more appropriate these days than ever. Our country, even our world, is in turmoil such as I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Many souls are in darkness and despair.


In the midst of this gloom there is still a spring of hope, an eternal light for those who seek the truth. Jesus Christ is still working to gather in souls unto salvation. He is still comforting the hurt and the heartbroken. He is still spreading His wings to protect and provide for His children.


Romania declared a state of emergency that has kept everyone largely confined for more than two months now. Because we answer to the state regarding our Children’s Home, it has been even more strictly applied to us. Dara, Sandy and all the kids didn’t leave the confines of the Children Home property during all this time. I was only able to go out occasionally to stock up on essentials for the Home. As of June 1st, the restrictions are easing somewhat, but not entirely.


Thank the Lord, since we are all here together at the Home, we have been able to have our church services on Sundays and Wednesdays. We have had some really good services and have prayed much for you who maybe have not been able to meet regularly and for our national believers here who also have not been allowed.


We have kept in touch with our national pastors and many believers. Bread has been delivered daily to the poor families we normally help. Even though we have not been able to hold regular meetings among the nationals, some of the missionaries have held “virtual” meetings joined by believers who were able to gather their families around a telephone to worship. I know many of the believers have continued to meet in their homes to sing and pray, waiting for the time when we can all worship together again. Please pray for these folks.


As I said, in the middle of all this, the Lord has continued to bless. After the shock wore off of not going to school, not seeing their friends and not even going to the little village store down the road, the kids adjusted well. A few of the kids are older and only the Lord knows where they will be in the near future. We have spent a lot of time “reconnecting” in the family and in the church. We have had wonderful fellowship, prayer and worship that I believe they sorely needed at this time in their lives. In many ways, this quarantine has been a great blessing.


I know many of you continue to pray for us. We thank you and are trying to do the same for you. We give God all the glory for what He is doing.


In Christ, Dave, Dara, Sandy and the kids




Dear Churches, Pastors and Friends,                    Spring Newsletter 2020


The world as we know it is in lockdown, and we are reminded how delicate man’s life really is. One day we are living a normal life, and the next day the world is in total disarray! I was reading through 2 Kings this week about the rule of Josiah, the King of Judah. His seeking God and the scriptures contributed to one of the greatest revivals in Israel’s history. The very next king was taken out of commission by Nebuchadnezzar! We are only a generation away from total domination by the Anti-Christ. In the year 2020, we are standing on the precipice of world change and world domination by the man of sin, but I am glad that God is in control! For the church, troublesome times are treasured times. It is during the darkest times that the light shines the brightest! Jesus said, “ye are the light of the world.” Paul said to the church of Ephesus, “arise and shine.” Our desire is, or it should be, that we the church should reach the lost. Well, they are listening! Are we shining?


I was in Princeton, West Virginia for our first spring conference when the pandemic began. We decided it was best to send the nine National Pastors back to their respective countries. Some airports closed the very day they arrived! We also had a Colombian preacher in the WV conference that I had met on the Amazon River last year. He too, made it back safely. We also got word that he and our families in Colombia, as well our men on the Amazon, in Peru and Brazil, are all ok.


I have communicated with our Hispanic contacts and they too have been affected by all of this, but do not have as many cases as we do. Unfortunately, a Pastor (not one of ours) died from the virus. We were scheduled to fly there April 16, but had to postpone the trip due to the virus. We are planning to fly to this Hispanic country when things open back up.


Please pray for our men in all the countries that we work in. I know they do not have the resources that we have here in the United States, but God knows their needs and can protect them and supply their every need.


God Bless and keep looking up!

Forever Yours,


Dale Cable 1 Sam. 12:24



Dear Praying Friends and Family,   February – March 2020


I hope this prayer letter finds you all well in the Lord and rejoicing in His salvation and service!


The Quarantine: Almost everything is locked down here in Ukraine, and we are housebound with the rest of the planet. There are 73 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in our region. Church services of more than ten people have been banned. So, we began broadcasting our services over the internet to our church members who gather into small groups. They also take turns attending in person, including a first time visitor inquiring about the Bible and salvation. There is no substitute for Christians assembling themselves together (Heb. 10:25), but we have had a lot of first-time viewers from all over Ukraine tuning in to listen to the preaching. Many of our members who migrated to Germany, Poland, and the USA for work are also tuning in.


The Bible Institute continues to keep me very busy in spite of the quarantine. It was very humbling to witness one of the students ride his bike for 2 ½ hours to get to classes because public transportation has stopped. We still hope to finish sometime this May by God’s grace. I am putting the finishing touches on the last bit of material for our archive in Russian for the future, when we plan to train more men for ministry.


Salvation and Baptismal Service: We are very thankful to the Lord for giving us the blessing of seeing one man, Zhenya, saved in our services before the quarantine began. He came to our services for several weeks and just listened to the preaching. My brother-in-law, Pastor Samuel Witter, visited us and preached a great message that spoke to his heart. He responded to the invitation and trusted Christ as his Savior. He continued to come faithfully and his countenance visibly changed for the joy of the Lord. We were also very encouraged to witness four of our latest converts follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. It was a great blessing! Please pray that they all will continue to grow in the Lord.


Bittersweet February: The month of February was a good month and one of the worst...ever. It was just bittersweet. The month began with a big personal blow to my family. It is a private matter and I cannot go into details, but it was like an emotional gut punch. This was followed two days later by a blow from a brother that I should have seen coming, but was too optimistic (and maybe naïve) to believe. It continues to take a toll on some of our members, and we are still praying about how to deal with this convoluted mess. Your prayers are really needed. We also had a bit of a rollercoaster ride involving Sam and Miriam’s registrations. I left the country with them while Naomi stayed home with the rest of the kids and the above mentioned problems. Upon our arrival at the embassy we were informed that the whole process had changed. What we thought would be only a few days turned into a whole week and cost three times more than expected. Then my daughter contracted shingles and started having severe breathing problems due to an allergy reaction. It is amazing how humbling it is when you can’t find a drug store open at 11:00 p.m. and your daughter can’t breathe. I felt so helpless, but the Lord is my helper and got us through that one too. It was just one of those periods when the enemy turns up the heat.


On the other hand, it was a good month. Souls were saved, new converts were baptized, men and women are preparing for ministry, my daughter is fine now, we did get our registrations, and I celebrated 31 years since rededicating my life to Jesus Christ! The Lord has been good to this saved sinner!


Sweet and sour March: March began great, mostly because February left such a bad taste in our mouths! We had some visiting preachers that month and a Sweetheart’s banquet which was a nice diversion from the problems and routine. Then things turned a bit sour when the quarantine hit. Brother Matt Welch and his wife were visiting and barely made it out before the borders were closed. He never did get a chance to preach to our congregation. What we have experienced is that the Lord is always sweet even during the bitter, sour times. The Lord is the Creator of taste and flavor. Salty, bitter, sour, spicy, or savory…they are all good for you and help you grow. 2 Peter 3:18 says, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”


Building Project/Fund Raising: We are happy to report that we are now at 25% of the needed funds to begin the building project. Our church members are giving and praying! There is still no movement on the part of the electric company to hook up our three phase lines and meter. Please pray with us about this important step in this ministry that will help the church better reach this town and region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for taking the time to read our latest prayer letter. We pray for you all, especially you pastors, during these uncertain times. The Lord has gotten His people through worse, and He will get us through this too. We want to thank you for all that you do for the Lord, giving us the privilege to serve Him in Ukraine. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!


That Ukraine May Know Him,  Christopher Rue  Phil. 3:10




But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel,

Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. Isaiah 43:1

April 2020


There has probably never been in my life a more uncertain time than the days we are in now. Who would have imagined that we would face a global pandemic that would literally paralyze the world? Yet throughout all of this there is peace in knowing that my Redeemer knows me by name, and that He desires that I fear not.


Things have been interesting in our life on several fronts since my last prayer letter, and I’m excited to share each one with you!


The work had been going great up until the national Covid19 shutdown. The village meetings were going well, and well-attended, with God blessing each one. We especially enjoyed the Sunday Morning service in Targovishte. Their genuine love for the Lord and our family was such a blessing. There were several meetings where we all had tears of joy from worshiping our Lord together. These are the folks who hear my attempts to preach in Turkish, and hang on every word no matter how much I struggle. Yet, afterward they meet me with words of encouragement. It is safe to say they fully have my heart.


Thankfully, before they issued the nationwide stay at home order, we were able to do most of our annual flour and oil distribution. It was a real joy to be able to give out 79 metric tons of flour and 7,250 liters of oil to around 1,450 families this winter. Thank you again for everyone who gave and helped with this endeavor. It was needed this year more than ever due to the shutdown in Bulgaria.


We also had much going on with our family stateside: a new granddaughter Aubreigh Grace Blalock was born on January 14th. She is the daughter of our youngest son Riley, and is a beautiful little girl who is doing great. We thank God for her. Our children and family wanted Tracy to be able to see the baby and Riley, so they all pitched in for Tracy and Kylie to come and visit the baby. Tracy, Kylie and Maggie Lefevre, daughter of fellow missionary Zach Lefevre, left Bulgaria in February for six weeks. Maggie spent time with her grandmother, while Tracy and Kylie visited the baby and family. I remained in Bulgaria with a normal routine until they put the entire country on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. This confined me to my apartment without any meetings as they closed everything. With the uncertainty of what was going on and for how long it would go on, it was suggested that I should come back to be with Tracy and Kylie. After talking with my pastor, I returned to the states on March 22nd. I’m truly thankful to be with my family through these unusual times, but it’s our desire to return to Bulgaria as soon as possible. Also, Maggie misses and longs to be with her family. I heard that Bulgaria may open back up on May 13th. If so, we could return in late May or early June. We ask you to pray that God would work everything out to his glory. With all that’s been going on, it’s been interesting to say the least.


Thank you again for all your support and understanding. We realize these are trying times, and we thank you for your faithfulness. Our Redeemer will see us through it all!


For Him, Keith Blalock




Dear Friends,               April 18, 2020


We trust this finds you well during these trying days. Life is certainly different from what we are accustomed to. Thankfully God has not changed.


We wanted to inform you that brother Jim Costigan passed away on April 13, 2020. Jim had been hospitalized with serious illnesses many times in the past years. Even with losing his leg, being in constant pain, and serious issues with his kidneys, Jim always had the souls of all he met on his mind and heart. Whether in the hospital or on the streets of Boston, Jim would give out tracts to anyone who would take them. He would tell us stories of someone who would take a tract, then stop and read it, sometimes hearing back from them at a later date. That would excite him and encourage him so much.

To the left: Jim is on a gurney in January of 2020 and wrote the following text; “Although I am not enjoying a fractured hip God is using it to his glory. I am back and forth from one VA hospital to another for different reasons. This means lots of people are in need of the word of God. The Lord told Paul my grace is sufficient. Sometimes these verses are not easy to apply, but when you see the grace of God at work, praise the Lord”.


“It’s such a blessing because the ambulance driver brought me to my room and took a whole bunch of different Chick tracts to read. He really enjoyed Holy Joe as he was sitting in back with me reading it. I couldn't believe he took a whole stack different ones.”


Boston has lost a true friend. He made a difference in many lives. Today Jim is with the Saviour he loved, walking and surely worshipping HIM!


We want to thank you for your faithful support of Brother Jim. You had a part with many getting saved and lives being eternally changed. I don’t think we will know down here the impact that Brother Jim made on so many lives.


May God bless you and keep you safe in these difficult days.


In Christ, Michael Nixon, Director






January/February 2020

And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. (Exodus 33:14)


Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,

Greetings in the name that is above every name, the Lord Jesus Christ. Much has happened in the last two months. We have held many church services and I usually attend about ten services a week. We have seen the Lord deal with many people including some of the loved ones in my family. What a difference the Lord's presence makes in a church service or while doing personal work. We have learned you may have everything you need to run a ministry, but without Him, it doesn't work. (John 15:5) Moses knew this along with many other saints; myself included. I have prayed this prayer "If thy presence go not with me carry us not up hence." (Exodus 33:15) I am thankful He has always blessed us with His presence.

I am thankful for the many churches and saints that have prayed for us and supported the Lord's work here in Bulgaria and Romania. During the month of February, one of the believer's home where we hold services burned down. His name is Malcho and we will do all we can to help him rebuild. We have had many good services there and hope to have more in the future.

I do have a special prayer request for some of our loved ones that are trying to get help from the Lord. Their physical and spiritual need is great. It will only be the grace of God and His presence that will give them the victory over the wiles of the devil. Please keep these loved ones of mine in your prayers.

In closing, we would like to ask everyone to keep our home church and Mrs. Sharon Frederick in your prayers after the passing away of their pastor and her loving husband. Pastor David Frederick was a man like Moses. He had no desire to go anywhere God's presence and grace was not going to accompany him. (Exodus 33:15) He was a great and faithful man and God's presence was with him. He will be missed.

We are looking forward to the year 2020, because no matter what happens we can count on God's presence being with us. (Hebrews 13:5-6)

All Because of Calvary, Matthew Welch and Family




Dear Churches and Praying Friends,                March 2020


"...our brother, and minister of God, and our fellowlabourer in the gospel of Christ, to establish you, and to comfort you concerning your faith: That no man should be moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto." (1 Thessalonians 3:2,3)


Greetings in the name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God that he counted me worthy, putting me into the ministry. This year is our twenty-fifth year of service on the mission field, and looks to be the most challenging. Currently, our family is happy and healthy; the situation in Bulgaria is difficult, though. To slow the spread of the virus the government has restricted any public meetings - including church. Also, they have restricted travel in and out of the cities, which restricts our access to banks and grocery stores. We're not sure how long these rules will be in place, possibly three months.


Praise the Lord that we were able to finish our annual flour distribution before these restrictions were implemented! Nearly eighty tons of flour were delivered to our church families, along with seven thousand liters of cooking oil. The Lord takes care of his children.


There is plenty of work to do. I continue to proof-read the Turkish Old Testament, comparing it word for word with the King James Bible. I recently made a trip to Turkey where I left several new testaments. The people were thrilled to have them, as our new testaments are full paged, and large print.


Please pray for our churches during these difficult times. There is such fear among the people. The Lord is our refuge.


I also would ask for your prayers for our daughter, Maggie. She is in Tennessee right now visiting her grandmother. She is scheduled to return to Bulgaria on the 7th of April, but it looks like she will not be able to come due to current travel restrictions.


Thank you for your prayers.


In Christ, Zachary LeFevre



I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea: That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also. Romans 16:1-2


Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow Saints,                     November - December 2019


Greetings from all the Saints in Romania and Bulgaria.


Kadria is one of our national pastors’ wives. Hasan was her husband. A number of years ago, Hasan passed away. It was unexpected and a real loss to Kadria, her family and the work; but a real gain for heaven. I never asked Hasan to a meeting that he didn’t want to go to. He would drop whatever he was doing to attend a church service. I guess one day God came by and invited Hasan to His own service in heaven. Hasan dropped everything he was doing and has been there ever since. It’s easy to imagine how Kadria could miss Hasan so much. There is never a day that goes by that she does not mention him. After Hasan passed away, Kadria told us she wanted to keep visiting the churches each week with us. Usually Kadria goes to church five days a week. She helps by singing the hymns with us and always has a testimony from the heart that helps everyone. Among her many everyday tasks, she also takes care of her grandchildren. She makes fresh bread for them every day. She is like her husband was in this respect, that she is always ready to go to a church service. She is our Phebe. She is definitely a servant of the church and loves God’s business. She has comforted many of the people the same way God has comforted her. II Corinthians 1:4 It’s a privilege and a blessing to see God use her in His work. It’s amazing to see God make someone like Kadria, who has so little, yet is so rich, so happy. II Corinthians 6:10 Please pray for Kadria, her health, and her family.


I also want to take this time to inform everyone my shoulder is doing very well. I am very grateful for all the prayers and support. It has been encouraging to drive again and to do chores pain free.


The work here continues to prosper with God touching people's hearts every day through the preaching of the Gospel and singing of spiritual songs. Psalm 40:3 Therefore we shall continue in God’s way holding back nothing profitable but preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ.


All Because of Calvary,  Matthew Welch and Family





Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends, Oct - Dec 2019 Newsletter


In the last newsletter I told of our travels to the Amazon, so I wanted to follow up with some good news about the ex-mayor which we are helping. He is carrying on that new work and doing well. We are hoping to bring him to the United States in February for our conferences. He now has a church building and a small house in the second largest city in Colombia on the Amazon River. Thanks to many of you who made it possible through the offerings you gave to build him a house!



In June we took a trip to Panama with a youth group and had a great time. There were many conversions during our church services and also while going house to house during visitation. The “swinging bridge” project that we went to in 2018 is doing well and upon our return we had another service. Last year 15 people attended the first service. After a year of church services, there are now approximately 50 people attending. Several made professions of faith; and after the service we presented Bibles to some of the local church members, and gave Thompson Chain Bibles to three of our national preachers. Another older preacher came up to me (one not supported by Help Ministries, but instrumental in these works being started) and he asked me, “How much would one of these Bibles cost?” I had an extra Bible with me that I was using to preach out of, and gave it to him. Oh, the things that we take for granted!



Our trip to another Hispanic country in September went well. There were no problems going through customs, but we were denied a religious visa. Even though the government regime had taken action against the church during this time our group was able to attended several house church services. We are still seeing a great move of God on the island and now have over 450 organized churches in this country!


Many thanks for your faithfulness in prayer and in giving this year, as we minister for the cause of Christ in these Hispanic countries.


Forever Yours,  Farren Caeble  1 Sam. 12:24




Dear Friends in Christ,       January 2020

I pray that you have had a good year in the Lord and, as the Romanians say, that the next year will be at least as good as the last.

This is Johnny. He grew up homeless with his mother and little sister. Almost 3 years ago now, when his grandmother died while his mother was away in Germany looking for work, he and his sister, Blue, became a part of our family. He was 7 years old and had never been to kindergarten or school. He told us stories of how he and Blue and his mother would go around with an old shopping cart to gather plastic bottles and pieces of metal to sell so they could buy some food. At night, Blue, who was still a baby, would sleep in the shopping cart in the park or wherever else they could find a little shelter. I was able to get Johnny enrolled in school. He is now in second grade and has been at the top of his class since day one. Most kids who have grown up on the street, by the age of 7 or 8 years old, have already had to turn to stealing to get by. Many have already done drugs, even if it is inhaling a narcotic, toxic stove pipe paint. For so many, this cruel, uncaring world has already crushed their innocent spirit. Somehow, the Lord protected Johnny. He is the kindest, sweetest and most tenderhearted child you will ever meet. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He is almost the same age as our biological son, Creed. They are inseparable. Earlier this past year, in one of our church services at the Children’s Home, Johnny asked God to save him and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. This past summer, I had the privilege to baptize Johnny, Creed and two other of our kids, Sully and Kelebek, who were all saved around the same time.

If you were to ask what kind of year we had in 2019, I would have to say, like most years, we had our ups and downs. But to see God save the children He has given us to raise makes everything worthwhile. I say we had a wonderful year, Praise His Holy Name!

Our thanks to all of you who have been faithful in your support of our ministry and our family. I hope that seeing the fruit of your prayers and financial sacrifices is a blessing to you.

In Christ,

Dave, Dara, Sandy and the kids




Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior,                         December of 2019


2019 has truly been a blessed year with the Lord opening doors and saving souls. We are looking forward to another New Year of God working in Ukraine and Altai, Russia!


We thank the Lord for opening unplanned doors as the I.C. International team labored in five villages and three northern cities: Chernigov, Sumy and Shostka. Some souls were receptive, but many were too busy with their “winter preparations” or too stuck on their Atheistic Agenda. This DIDN’T stop HIS Plan as He opened doors to make visits in class in many of the Schools in Chernigov.


Chernovetsky Region: In-home visits by the I.C. Ukrainian team of six men were blessed as God opened doors to witness to over 500 souls in 15 different villages. 11 souls were saved as the Holy Spirit worked mainly planting the seed of the Gospel and also convicting hearts. The population of most villages across Ukraine is slowly shrinking as the youth depart to the big cities or even other countries looking for work. This makes it hard to keep the local schools and day care centers open, but this also poses a big problem for village churches too.


*Zhitomir Oblast: 20 Churches are stirred up for I.C. to visit the lost in April.


Praise the Lord! Several of the souls from the meetings held by Couriers for Christ continue coming to the new local Bible Studies and a few got saved.


Please continue praying for Missionary Derek Thomas and his Assistant Tico as the Lord plants “Living Hope” Baptist Church in southwest Kiev. Services held SUNDAYs at 10 AM (3:00 AM EST). When I’m in town, I try to help them Evangelize.




In Dec. & Jan. Lakeside Baptist Church is diligent at distributing the 8,500 new Evangelistic Calendars in the same 15 villages as they have for the past five years. (Trying to break the “Cultic” stereotype, which Orthodoxy brands on all nonorthodox Believers.) Pray for the Lord’s boldness as they go to each house and that people would receive the Calendar as “from the Lord” and believe the Word of God quoted in the daily devotions that they might believe on Christ and be saved.


PRINTING: Thank the Lord! 40,000 4”x5” calendar tract cards in Russian and Ukrainian. 20,000 each of two new Testimonial Tracts (in Russian-soon to be in Ukrainian too).


80,000 of our former Testimonial Tracts (in both Russian & Ukrainian). {Most have already been sent out to Christians who want to Evangelize their town or city.}



Prayer is Needed for my 85-year-old mother, Jane. After eight weeks of radiation and Chemo treatments, she is continuing natural remedies to knock out her Bronchial Cancer.


To God be the Glory, Please Pray for David’s Salvation and Elisabeth’s Health!


Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher


P.S. Thank you to all who send us cards of both encouragement and Congratulation.




Dear Praying Friends and Family,    October – November 2019

I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord Jesus and rejoicing in His service! Writing a prayer letter is a great way to take a break from routine and reflect on what the Lord has done over the past few weeks. It also warms my soul to remember our family and friends back home. Thank you for all you do for the Lord allowing us the privilege to serve in the mission field of Ukraine. We pray for you all collectively and individually as the Lord puts you on our hearts and minds. We pray the Lord keep you all strong in His word and grace while the fiery darts fly (Eph. 6:16).

Thanksgiving/Harvest: Our annual Harvest service was a blessing this year. We all came to church dressed in our Ukrainian “Vyshyvanka”. It gave us the opportunity to thank the Lord for His goodness by inviting one of our local missionaries to preach and update us on his work in a town about three hours away, called “October.” We prepared an offering ahead of time to provide him enough firewood to heat his home for the winter. We also had a Thanksgiving get-together with other missionaries in Ukraine. It is always a highlight of the year to sing hymns, enjoy fellowship, and pray together in ENGLISH(!) with others who miss their families, friends, and churches back in the States.

Soul Winning and Fruit: Over the past few months it has done my heart good to hear many testimonies from our members who are bearing fruit as active soul winners. One of our young ladies, who recently graduated high school, has entered the work force and is witnessing as she goes. She rejoiced to tell how she led two people to Christ at work. We’ve had several others tell of neighbors and relatives who have received the Lord Jesus over the past few weeks. We are also seeing fruit in our ministry here that can only be observed by watching God build the believers up by His word over many years. It takes several generations to get to the level of many churches in America. It has become evident to us that training leadership for the pastorate is going to be possible by second generation Christians, those who grew up in Christian homes. The exceptions are few. Our members are truly bearing their crosses for Jesus’ sake by making decisions that are very unusual for this culture and it costs them something to be in God’s will. May the Lord give us more like these!

Building Project/Fund Raising: It is encouraging to see the Lord’s blessings on our building project.
Already a couple churches and individuals have contributed giving us about 12% of what we need to begin. We believe it would be prudent to first raise enough to do everything needed to finish the outside before breaking ground. This would include: the foundation, purchase and set the containers, roof, insulation, windows, doors, and finishing the outside walls.

We have been proceeding over the past year or so with baby steps, doing all the less expensive projects that have to be done in preparation for the real building project itself. So far we have:
• Fence. We put up a fence and gates around the parameter of our property. Local law dictates that a security fence must be around the property before building can begin.
• Gas lines. We also had to reroute gas lines to the fence line…at our own expense. The gas lines here are above ground on poles that are about ten to twelve feet in the air. These pipes were running right down the middle of our property. The gas company said we had to do all the work ourselves including pay for the materials and then when all was ready they came and did the hook up.
• Septic Tanks. We also managed to put in new septic tanks in an area that would be easily accessible for maintenance.
• Kitchen/shower. We converted our outside building containing a small summer kitchen and a utility shed into a larger kitchen with room for cabinets, stove, and fridge. We will need access to a kitchen for the building project to feed the workers. We also installed a summer shower.
There is one more baby step we need to take and that is to get a three phase electric line run to the church for the welding work. The electric company said that it will cost $2,000, but they do not have anyone employed at the moment to do it. Our present meeting hall is 15x28 feet and we are maxed out with a pulpit, piano, baptistery and 60-70 people. We look forward to have room to grow…and breathe!

Youth Meetings: Our church hosted a one day youth meeting with the Limonski church which was run by our students in the Bible Institute. It was a good time, with good fellowship, and good preaching about our great Savior.

Answers to Prayer: On the week before Thanksgiving we breathed a big sigh of relief as we finished the final step in our registration process and we are good for another year! We thank the Lord for the opportunity and for your prayers for us to get this done without too much time wasted. Now we need to exit the country with my son Sam to get him a visa in the coming weeks and would appreciate your prayers for him to not run into any problems.
The Lord answered your prayers for Galya and Sveta who recently received Christ. Sveta is really getting “plugged in” as they say. The Lord Jesus is very real to her and it is obvious that He is answering her prayers. They were able to finally find a house before the cold weather hit and could afford it with the love offering that was provided by the Ukrainian immigrants in the US. I was happy to see that their new home is not far from the church. The children are able to come to church clean and with clean clothes due to having running hot water inside their house. The Lord is good!
We are thankful to finally have my car fixed but only after another engine overhaul. It turns out that the engine block was cracked all along. After four major expensive engine overhauls it is now fixed and running well. Thank you for praying and please continue to pray for the salvation of man who was able to finally figure out the problem and fix it for us.

As the holiday season approaches we miss you all more than ever. Thank you for your friendship, prayers, support, and all that you do for the Lord that gives us the privilege and opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him! Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,

Christopher Rue  Phil. 3:10




September / October 2019

... Behold, thou hast been careful for us with all this care;… 2 Kings 4:13


Dear Pastors, Churches and Fellow saints,

We send greetings and a testimony of thanks for all the care God and His people have had for me.

Approximately three years ago I started experiencing some real problems with my right shoulder. From day to day it grew worse to the point where I couldn't use my right arm. After a year of injections to relieve the shoulder pain, I was told that the only remedy for my disintegrating shoulder would be the replacement of my shoulder with an implant. This seemed good to me; however, impossible. But as usual, I was wrong. At the same time I was limiting the ways to get help, God was opening doors for me. On September 4th I was operated on in Florida and they replaced my old broken shoulder with a new metal shoulder. I am thankful and happy to say that I have fully recovered, returned to Bulgaria, and am joyfully using my new shoulder now without problems or pain.




This operation has brought back some memories of when I got saved. The Bible says "A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh". Ezekiel 36:26 Through all this the Lord and His people have had great care for me. I would personally like to thank all my family, friends, and churches for your prayers and financial support. I also send a special thanks to Dr. Brothers, Andrew’s Institute, and my son in law and daughter Jesse and Rebecca Adcock.

Thank you once again for all this "care".



All because of Calvary,

Matthew Welch and Family




“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:” Ephesians 1:3


November 2019

I generally begin a letter by describing all our blessings, and as usual we have many to mention. But most of all I want to give blessings to my Lord and God. I praise Him for His holiness and righteousness. I praise Him for His faithfulness and truth. I could spend an entire prayer letter telling how good my God is and not cover a fraction of what He has done and who He is. I can however tell of His goodness toward me, and for that I am thankful!

It has been a couple of busy months since we returned to Bulgaria in mid-September and began going back to the village meetings, witnessing Gods hand in the lives of the people here. We also had the privilege of seeing the last baptism of the summer. It was a blessing to see the joy on each face as they took this important step in their life. It’s been wonderful to see God’s presence in every meeting as we go from village to village each week.

My family has settled in quite nicely to the everyday routine of Bulgarian living, and they are so thankful for your daily prayers. We are thankful for each blessing that God has provided since our return and believe these to be a direct result of your fervent prayers on our behalf. God has been so good even with the small things. One such thing is God granting a desire of Kylie’s heart. For quite some time Kylie has wanted a puppy. After arriving in Bulgaria we were told that a dog wasn’t something we could have in our apartment. This of course disappointed Kylie, but she didn’t lose faith. When we had to renew our rental contract due to the Visa process, I asked our landlord if it were possible for us to have a small dog. He was very happy to allow us to have one. So soon after our return we added a new member to the household, a little Yorkie named Sage. I’m so thankful that Kylie believes God loves her best.


We have also seen God moving in our monthly meetings in Dabravino. We have this meeting to gather in believers from the surrounding villages into one large meeting place. It’s a time of fellowship and encouragement for all. We start with a time of worship for a of couple hours, then break for a meal and fellowship, followed by another hour or so of worship. It is really a time of refreshing for all. While it is a great to know that God is blessing in these meetings, it’s also good to know that opportunities still abound for the spreading of the gospel in new meetings. Earlier in the year I was with our national pastor Nasuf as he began a meeting in the village of Antonovo. It’s great to see that the meeting is still carrying on each week. Because of this meeting we recently visited the village of Kamburovo and had an evangelistic meeting in a home there. Just a few people from the family were present, and they are asking us to return. We’re excited about what God will do in that village. Since that meeting began we have learned of two other nearby locations where they have asked us to come and hold a service. Thank the Lord for these opportunities.


In our spare time we are staying busy binding Bibles, and are thankful to be able to help in this important ministry. It’s such a joy to know that someone who never had a Bible before can now have one in their language. As Americans we can easily get a Bible, but for others it’s not that simple. It’s real a privilege to be able to bind these and then give them away.

There are several upcoming needs for the ministry that we desire you to pray about. Winter is upon us, and that is a very busy time for the missionaries while helping those in need in Bulgaria. Once again we will be providing flour and oil for around 2,000 of our church families. This is a big undertaking. Last year there were over 70 tons of flour distributed to those in need. Also, fellow missionary Larry Leach heads up the Coats for Kids drive. Last year they were able to provide over 1,200 coats for needy children in the region. These ministries are a tremendous blessing to the poor. It is also a great encouragement to the church. We look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do this upcoming year concerning both. Please be praying about and contributing to these vital ministries.

We also ask that you pray about the finalizing of our Visas. Lord willing we have just a little longer, and look forward to putting that behind us. Also, please pray for the ongoing task of learning the language. Tracy and Kylie began Bulgarian lessons this month and are progressing a little each week. Another big blessing is that they can have their lessons in the same building we live in. I’m also progressing a little farther with Turkish each week. It’s an ongoing process, but I’m thankful for each step, and I’m encouraged by being able to preach at the village meeting in Targovishte. Right now, I must spend several hours translating what God puts on my heart into Turkish and then reciting it as I preach. I want to get to the point where I don’t have to recite it. For now I’m grateful to be able to preach to them any way I can. God has been too good to me for me not to find a way to share His grace.

Gratefully, we have had very few setbacks so far and for that we are grateful. We did have an issue with our car and had to replace a fuel injector which set us back over $500. Thankfully, fellow missionary Zach Lefevre has allowed us to borrow one of his vehicles while ours is in the shop for a few weeks.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas here and pray that God blesses you during this time of year. Please continue to pray for the Turks that we minister to here and in Romania. God bless you all, and may we all be found faithful until His return.

The Blalocks, Keith, Tracy and Kylie.




“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Gal. 6:2


Dear Pastors, Churches, Family and friends,          October 2019


Greetings from Romania. We’re starting to prepare for the long winter we are expected to have by gathering and putting up wood for the churches and poor homes. It is a delightful time of communion as everyone is canning and putting up store for the lean times that will come. We have worked exceptionally hard around the church in Calarasi, by putting down foundations for the future site of a church building. We mix everything by hand, so it is always hard work. The authorized paperwork from the municipal is difficult to acquire and expensive. We hope to save a little more money through the winter and build in the spring.

We tell you with great joy that we have been able to finally put up our church bell. If you remember some time ago, we told you of the local Muslim mosque built on the outside of our Turkish Village. With it they give the prayer call every day and one day we were meeting outside for our morning prayer meeting when we heard the Muslim priest giving the call to prayer. My mind went back to Fred Potter’s testimony of how he fell under conviction as they rang the church bell in his community. The Lord laid it on our hearts to put a bell up at our little church in Calarasi. We couldn’t find a good bell over here so by prayer and Pastor Bill McGuire and the church, they helped us find one and ship it over here. We were able to build a bell stand with a fountain underneath. I felt the Lord would have me put under the bell and above the fountain the verse, Revelations 22:17, “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.” We will put the verse in Turkish, Romanian, and English. Please pray the same convicting power will fall on these people as they now have a chance to hear the call to come and take of the water of life freely. Please read our son’s prayer letter to learn more about the works in the ministry.


We are seeking your continual prayers for Amelia and her son Ricardo. He is the little boy who has Aplastic anemia. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant soon. Amelia became a believer some four years now and was gloriously baptized two years ago. Some of her relatives are a match, but she was baptized as a baby into the Orthodox church and they told her she had to convert back to the orthodox church or they wouldn’t allow their children to donate. We have been praying and the Lord has worked it out for one of her brothers-in-law to donate. However, we were told yesterday by the doctors that there was no hope for him even with the transplant. Please pray for this situation and family.


From Calarasi and Constanta, Romania, Nathan, Teresa, Jacob, Elmas, Rebecca, and Uriah Reed (E-mail




“And there they preached the gospel.” Acts 14:7

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Hoping this letter finds you in the nurturing grace of our Heavenly Father.

As summer has ended and fall quickly passes, I would like to thank you all for your support and prayers. The Lord is continuing to bless in the Turkish meetings, especially in the town of Medgidia, which I mentioned in my last letter. It is beginning to flourish with more children and adults coming. A woman who had heard about our meetings is wanting to come as well but also wants a meeting in her house. There are many poor children in that area and it is a great opportunity for the Lord to work. As it says in the book of Luke 10:2, "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”

We ask you to continue to pray for Brother Kadir as he has many health problems, but continually goes for the Lord. He has been entrusted with four meetings and two of them are along the Romanian-Bulgarian border. Around 30 to 40 children meet every week to sing hymns and listen to the gospel preached and eat a hot meal. The Lord is truly moving in these small villages, but because the Muslim influence is so strong it can become dangerous. It would be more difficult to do these meetings without him. He and his wife were raised in these villages and he also has a very strong testimony. Again, please pray for his health.

The Lord has opened a door for me to preach every week in the English meeting at the Children’s Home. Please be in prayer for me that God would anoint me as needed.

As Christmas gets closer so does the weight of having to prepare around 400 Christmas packets for the poor children here in Romania. Most of them come from Muslim backgrounds, so this will probably be the only thing they will get for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helps us through the mail by sending hats, socks, gloves and “Coats for Kids”. Also, to those of you who give money to purchase the candy, fruit and toys.

From Constanta, Romania

Jacob and Elmas Reed  (E-mail:




Bulgarian Flour and Oil Distribution


"Distributing to the necessity of saints..." (Romans 12:13)



Dear Fellow Labourers,  October 2019


In 1991 Rev. Fred Potter called Brother Ralph Cheatwood to go up from Turkey into Russia to see what opportunities were available to spread the Gospel. Brother Cheatwood said he would have to pass through Bulgaria first. Rev. Potter thought it was a good idea to follow the steps of Missionary James Stewart, who had held large revivals in that country and throughout Eastern Europe prior to World War II. While in Bulgaria, Brother Cheatwood was asked to tell a group of Turks about the Gospel. Brother Cheatwood, who had previously been in Turkey for over 16 years as a missionary, could preach fluently in Turkish and was well received by the group of Millet Turks.

Since that time thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian Turkish Muslims have become believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, with some having been called to preach and pastor churches. Over 103 churches have been birthed, feeding centers established, a children’s home built in Romania and the Coats for Kid’s ministry started in Bulgaria. Brother Cheatwood also finished translating the King James Bible into Turkish before going home to be with the Lord.

As the number of churches grew, so did the need to feed our believers. Jobs are scarce for these Turks, and they are in desperate need of food during the cold Bulgarian winter months.

We ask that you take part in feeding these poor church families for the upcoming winter. It costs about $35 to provide each family with a 110 lbs. of flour and a gallon of oil. This will help see them through the harsh Bulgarian winter. To feed 2,000 families it will cost between $70,000 - $80,000 U.S. dollars, depending on the European exchange rate.


Also, Brother Mitko, a Bulgarian national, is working on a King James Bible translation in the Bulgarian language. He preaches and pastors in many of the village churches, and has faithfully labored with us since 1991. Mitko is a great help to this work, but is currently without a car. It will take at least $10,000 to get him a decent vehicle which will endure the rough village roads.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support.

To God be the Glory!
In Christ, Rev. Mike Nixon
Director of Charity Baptist Mission




“Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” Jeremiah 6:16


Our praying friends and family in the Lord,   September 2019 Prayer Letter


I’ve been hesitant to write this letter, not because I have news to break; rather, just the opposite: I haven’t much news at all. While stateside, I was waiting for something or other to report to y’all. I thought to myself, surely no one cares to hear of doctor visits or our children’s education. Nevertheless, a number of people have asked for those exact, seemingly mundane, details. Forgive my lack of faith in the depth of your personal interest and investment in us; I’m truly sorry. I pledge to do better.


Hannah is now in her third trimester. Baby boy is due to arrive on November 24th. We are currently residing in Bristol, TN, in a house our home church has graciously provided for the occasion. A couple of weeks ago, Hannah went for her blood-sugar screening. Afterwards, the doctor, not being pleased with the numbers, ordered the more in-depth blood-glucose tolerance test. Again, Hannah’s numbers were high. The doctor informed us that Hannah has gestational diabetes and is now considered a “high risk.” The fetal development will be monitored much more closely from here on out, and by a specialist, in addition to an increase in regular appointments. I sometimes doubt whether I made the right decision in returning to America for this birth, but things like this help settle it. Nevertheless, our confidence isn’t in doctors of any nationality or education, but rather in the Great Physician. He’s already been in the womb with “little boy,” and we’re sure He’ll see him safely delivered.


As many of you know, Hannah’s daddy, Missionary Matthew Welch, returned in early September on a short medical furlough. He was in dire need of a shoulder replacement. He had been living with a completely deteriorated shoulder for nigh on two years and was in agony from the pain. Due to a lack of insurance, however, he had put off having surgery, knowing the extremely high costs of American health care. Finally, when he could no longer endure the pain, he resolved to pay whatever the cost to obtain relief. As an answer to prayer, the Lord provided a doctor at one of the best orthopedic facilities anywhere, who would waive as many fees as he could to get Brother Matt the help he needed. A comprehensive cost of thirty thousand dollars was settled upon, and a date was set. Trusting God to meet the need, Brother Matt arrived on the first of September; had his surgery on the fourth; and in no time at all, saw the Lord, through the people of God, meet the need. What a blessing! Our God is able and willing to do exceeding abundantly above all we can think or ask of Him.


The work overseas never stops. Last Saturday, there was a big meeting in Dabravino, and we were told a number of souls followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. That counts as “good news from a far country.” Praise the Lord people are still being saved. While on the subject of the work, I have two burdens I’d ask you to pray for. Please remember Brother Mitko Stefanov, our Bulgarian national pastor. He’s in need of a car. He’s been in the work since he was 17. He’s translated the King James Bible into Bulgarian. He pastors faithfully some six or seven churches. He’s been experiencing a number of health issues the last few years and needs your prayers for strength. A new five-passenger Logan sedan costs less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), but ten thousand would retrofit it with a propane system that would essentially double his gas mileage. With gas being close to six dollars a gallon, that system sure helps. Secondly, please remember this winter’s flour and oil distribution. It costs about thirty-five dollars ($35) to provide each family a hundred and ten pounds of flour and a gallon of oil. As much as comes in will be given out, and as many as can be helped will be helped. Last year, over sixteen hundred families were fed.


I opened this prayer letter with a familiar verse from the book of Jeremiah. It has been on my heart for a while now. The Lord said, “ask for the old paths”; that’s my new prayer request: I want to walk in the “old paths.” I used to hear a lot more preaching on that subject than I have of late, but most of the “old paths” preached about only went as for back as the sixties or seventies. Occasionally, you’d hear a preacher go as far back as Moody or Spurgeon. Some Baptists with a capital B would make a point to go back to John with a capital J. But the paths commanded to walk in by the Lord were already called old in Jeremiah’s day. It seems to me, if the Ancient of Days calls something old, it must go as far back as Him. In fact, the old paths originate with and lead to Him. And any path that leads to an activity apart from Him isn’t that old and isn’t His. Enoch walked in the old paths, as did Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, to name a few. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah discovered the old paths in Babylon. They wound through a fiery furnace and a den of lions but led on to the Son of God. The old paths can still be picked out in our day too. Just look for the garden gate. It has Genesis written at the top. If you enter by faith and continue in prayer, it will always end in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Please remember us in your prayers. Keep Hannah and “little boy” especially on your mind.


Because of a living Savior, The William LeFevre Family




Dear Brethren,                     September 2019

The month of August was a blur, but full of blessings upon blessings. We were able to go to America as a family and get Esther Mae set up to live there. Carrie got that hug from her Mom that she had been craving for months. We took a quick road trip and saw Hannah in Tennessee, along with many friends. Then Joshua flew up from Florida and spent a few days with us. We also got to see Jonathan and meet his fiancée, Jana. We got to as many supporting churches as we could in that short time and were refreshed by the fellowship. It was a quick trip, but we are so thankful for everything God did for us, and through us, while we were there. We bless His Name.

We landed in Sofia, Bulgaria on August 28th. Oddly, we were awake and full of energy the next day. That however, was just fool’s gold, and jetlag hit hard. We also contracted a virus. Needless to say, we were pretty much useless for about ten days. But after rest and recuperation we jumped back into the ministry schedule, and are very happy to be home.

Fall is here - winter quickly approaching. Now that we have Esther Mae settled, my focus has switched to preparing for winter. Working in the Coat Closet, winterizing our house, and buying firewood. To get a good start on the winter firewood, I’m needing $700, which would buy wood for Pastor Ismail, the church in Novi Pazar and my house (this is the early bird price - it goes up the colder it gets). Please pray with us about all these winter preparations.

The churches continue to do well and send their greetings. Though it still seems as if we are in a time of transition after the passing of Brother Ralph, the ministry continues. We ask that you remember to pray for us. Pray for the missionaries, national pastors, and churches. Pray for our children. And pray for souls. Thank you all for your faithfulness.

Because He First Loved Me,  Brother Larry Leach, Jr.




To: Rev. Mike Nixon and Brookside Baptist Church


From: Brother Mitko in Bulgaria March 17, 2019


Greetings in the name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Once again I am bound to give glory and honor to the God that saved me to the uttermost from my sins. I thank God for you all and what He is doing over here and over there.


Last week we gave out flour and oil to my meetings. Everyone is so thankful to God and to you for providing for their needs. A lot of these people feed sometimes 10 mouths and a lot of time even more than that. For many of them that is all they eat when they are destitute of money. I remember one time I gave one of the ladies, which comes to Church, flour and oil and there were about 20 people that counted on that, for that day. Everyone was thankful to God and to you all for providing. I also sent some pictures of the of the flour and oil distribution.


About a month ago one sister, from one of my meetings, got a call from her daughter in Germany. The girl was raised very poor and one day she got saved. She remembered the village where she came from and in February she sent her mother some money and told her to go ahead and buy some flour for the people in that village. Her mother loaded a van full of flour and headed to the village. She gave a lot of people a 50 kg. bag of flour each. Now the Bulgarians want us to go and preach to them. And that is because someone cared for the poor.


A few weeks ago one young man in Suvorovo died. A day later his uncle called me and asked me that we do a Christian funeral for the young man. Since the man died in Germany we had to wait for the body to be transported from Germany. When they brought the body I went to the church in Suvorovo where the body was brought. All kinds of people came as well as the believers from the church. We started singing about 5 p.m. We sang for about three hours and prayed. Then we stopped. After 10 minutes most of the people kept insisting saying: “Sing more”. We sang again, prayed and I preached. Then the power went off. Most of the people kept insisting “keep singing”. So, we sang and prayed until three o clock in morning, while seeing just from the light of a few phones. For about eight hours we had a good meeting even though it was a funeral. You could tell how the Lord comforted these people.


I want to thank you for the offering you gave me two months ago. This winter I told the Lord that I needed some funds to fix the room where I work on the Bulgarian translation. I could not do the work on the Bible without getting the room ready. So, I thank the Lord that He put it on you to help with the need, and that you all provided.


The churches over here love you all and are praying for you all. May the Lord bless you all.


Brother Mitko.




Greetings from Ukraine in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, February - 2019


We Hope and Pray the Lord is working in you to accomplish His Good Pleasure in 2019. (Phil. 2:12, 13)


Belarus visits with Bro. Chuck Milton were Blessed. We both saw four souls receive Christ. Sunday I stirred up the Minsk Church so that this December they’ll also be participating. I got to preach to 50 lost students at the Seminary’s English Club. For two days I worked in a village three hours S.E. of Minsk. One visit was particularly memorable: As I began to speak, the elderly lady said, "I’ve seen you before.” I responded, “This is my first trip to Belarus in my life." She said, “I saw you three days ago. I could have drawn your picture. I didn’t see the other two fellows who are with you" (trainees), but she said, "I definitely saw you." I asked, “What did God tell you I was coming to visit you for?” She answered, “To explain things to me and put me on the right path.” I responded, “Then you need to listen well, and turn to God, believing the Gospel today.” After explaining the Gospel, she got on her knees and called upon the Lord in repentance and faith. This was my first instance of a clear confirmation that God prepared someone to hear me present the Gospel to them for their Salvation. It also confirmed that the Lord surely wanted me in Belarus that week. *This Church of over 190 souls started in 1931, after one family received a Gospel of John from a traveling Christian. It is the only growing village in the whole region and 95% of the village is Christian. Then we had two more days with Bible students. Dennis and Alex gave them needed practical time: starting a conversation, then turning it to Christ and presenting the Gospel. Part of each visit was given to one student to involve him in the process.

Chernovetsky Region (13 towns) & Northern Moldova (two towns): The International Commission National Team of nine men including myself explained the Gospel to over 620 lost souls. They actually shuffled me around to five villages where I witnessed to 92 souls {and got to teach on Relationships in a local trade school.}. I was in villages where the seed of the Gospel needed to be sown in hearts. Although I only saw five receive Christ, 20+ others said they understood and knew it’s time for them to make that decision. Please continue to pray for these that said, I’m not quite ready yet”. **Some are already attending small group Bible studies. JUST last week, blind Nina, 75 years old, called for Ivan my trainee, then called on the Lord for salvation. One brother didn’t see any get saved during 50 visits, but on Sunday two of them repented at Church. Many others though were AMAZED to see how the Lord did Exceeding Abundantly above. Some saw 15-20 souls saved in the towns where the Churches had already sown the seed, watered it and continued laboring through intercession as preparation for our visits. One village which was only full of people called “The Old Faith”, NOW has 15 true Believers who got saved during last year’s and this year’s Crusades. They asked for prayer as they prepare to build a “House of Prayer” in their town.

Pray for upcoming visits: (March) in the town of “Unmovable” and (April/May) in Zhytomyr & Khmelnytsky. March 20th - 26th trip to Poland to help a couple Ukrainian Missionaries & the 27th - 30th I.C. Conference in Budapest. The Lisikh family, our sent Missionaries, came back from Altai, Russia for a three month furlough to encourage their supporting Churches. Seeing slides and hearing testimonies was great: (bellow is their Prayer Letter.)
Lakeside’s Christmas Play worked out perfectly with 122 gifts on hand and 121 children attended.

Distributing the 8,500 Evangelistic Calendars was encouraging as people received them with a smile and thanks. *Pray they’ll read them daily, so God can plant His seed in their hearts through messages about Christ.


To God be the Glory, Please Pray for David’s Salvation & Elisabeth’s Health! Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher

 - *Please use our email Address:

Richard Maher and Paul Gray established the Ukrainian Church which sent out these Missionaries.


Eugene & Julie Lisikh Family - in Altai, Russia, Ministering to Mongolians and Russians in Oost Kahn, Yabogan, White Annoy and Vladimirovka-Altai (towns in Siberia just above Mongolia in Russia)


Greetings! Prayer Letter for January - 2019


Glory to the Lord for His wonderful works to the children of men, for His mercy, grace, love and all the abundant blessings which He has given us through Jesus Christ! We testify to you, Brothers and Sisters, that the Lord abundantly blessed our trip to Ukraine and visits to our supporting churches. We began our trip with a heart melting experience as the Ukrainian border guards took us off the train and we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. We then began to see His miracles in many ways like when He parted the Red Sea. We thank the Lord for you, and for your sincere and generous hospitality, help and intercessory prayer. It is so nice to know that “you have our back”.

We are glad that through this trip God worked it out for us to be able to start homeschooling our children. We have received abundant blessings from the Lord through this.

Truthfully, we have great joy and peace in your love. It was very nice to visit you in your church services (in Ukraine) praising the Lord together and to see your faithfulness. May our God supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

We thank the Lord for Pastor Richard Maher and his wife Sister Oksana who bought the tickets for Brother Sergei Beck and his family to be able to come and take our place here in Oost-Khan while we had our three month furlough in Ukraine. We thank the Lord for Brother Sergei and his family, and for their sincere dedication to the Lord. When I returned, I saw that God used the Beck family here in Altai for His glory.

I would like to mention many of you, because each of you in a special way were a blessing to us from the Lord.
On December 19th, we returned safe and sound to Altai considering all of the danger that such a trip of four days on a train entails. Thank you for your prayers,

Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters. Here in Altai it is -30 to -40 degrees Celsius (-22 to -40 Fahrenheit), but everything works for good -- all the germs are being killed. Our local Brothers and Sisters were very happy at our return, as were we. Honestly, we were a little tired from our trip. Currently Sister Julie is busy homeschooling our children and making up for missed lessons. We’re a little bit under the weather as we reacclimatize to Altai.  We are also getting back on track into the routine of our church services here in Oost-Khan, White Annoy and every other week in Vladimirovka.

Today Brother Salavat and I drove to some other villages to visit people. It was a joy to share the Gospel and visit our Brother and his family. We also brought Christian calendars back with us from Ukraine, and we are distributing them here in Altai. Please pray that the Lord would continue to burden and bless Brother Salavat and his desire to visit his former acquaintances. If the Lord allows us to on Christmas, which is officially celebrated here on January 7th, we will distribute Christmas newspapers.

At the moment, the young lady from our church named Elvira is living with us. Glory to the Lord, He is working in her heart, and it is evident how her relationship with God has become so much better.  We had a good church service in White Annoy, however, right now Brother Sergei Ivanovich is in a sad spiritual state. Please pray for him.

We hope to visit Yabogan. Please pray for Sister Galena from Yabogan. She recently had an asthma attack that brought her to the brink of death. Please also pray for the salvation of our old acquaintances who are still living in Yabogan.

Please pray that the Lord would use us here in Altai as much as He wants, how He wants, and where He wants. And that we would totally rely only on Him, His amazing grace, His Presence, His guidance, so that we would decrease, and He would increase. Please continue to pray the Lord would raise up local workers from here in Altai.


We also now understand that we need to be prepared for persecution, if the Lord allows, but for now all is peaceful.
May the Lord bless you! May Grace be with you! The Lisikh Family





- Flour and Oil news letter clarification -


We apologize for the misunderstanding regarding our most recent newsletter pertaining to the flour and oil distribution.  The letter states, “The 2018 flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria was completed successfully”.  It should have said, “2017".


Unfortunately many who support the Bulgarian feeding thought that we had already reached our goal for the year.  So far we have received 30% of the $75,000 that it takes to feed 2,200 church families in Bulgaria.   For many years the Lord has blessed these poor saints with these provisions through your charity.


We ask that you along with many others will continue to support this endeavor in 2018, and look forward to this need being met through your prayerful and financial support.  Thank you for your generosity, understanding and support for this work.


Rev. Mike Nixon

Director of Charity Baptist Mission




Flour and Oil distribution in Bulgaria


Dear Friends,


Last winters flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria was completed successfully. We thank the Lord for your generosity in assisting over 2,200 church families. Each family received 110 lbs. of flour and 5 liters of cooking oil. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who prayed and contributed to this ministry. The church families were very thankful for God supplying their needs.




Winter came late this year and many testified that the flour and oil reached them just at the right time. In one village there was a widow woman whose house had burned down a few years ago. Now she lives in a little room by herself. She had come to the end of her supplies for the winter and was out of food. She was going to start asking the neighbors for food when the truck entered her village and we began unloading the flour and oil. Praise the Lord, he does all things well. There are many others who have similar stories of God's provision concerning the flour and oil. Many poor and hungry children were able to enjoy freshly baked bread, through your faith and charity.


We would like to do the same for the upcoming winter. This will cost between 70 and 80 thousand dollars depending on the exchange rate. For $35 dollars we can purchase enough flour and oil to take care of a family during the cold winter months.


Again, thank you for participating in this ministry. "For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister." (Heb. 6:10)


In Christ, Rev. Mike Nixon Director




Important update from South India.


Dear Friends,                                                 August 17, 2018


We write to you with an urgent need for prayer. As some of you may already know, Charity Baptist Mission has a Children’s Home in South India. It is now monsoon season in where the home in is located, and this region of India is completely flooded. There is no electricity; schools are closed, airports are closed, stores are closed and some hospitals are closed. The dams were overflowing and the gates had to be opened to relieve some of the pressure; but it’s still raining, which is causing more flooding. On Wednesday August 15th around midnight Eastern Standard Time, the Children’s home was flooded with waist-deep water. The children and staff were able to get to a higher floor salvaging some items, clothing and school supplies for the children.


As of this writing on Friday August 17th at 8:00 P. M. EST, the Children’s Home is still flooded with water. It is very slowly beginning to recede. Right now the greatest need is to get food and clean water into the home. Thankfully, some friends in neighboring communities (located on higher ground) were later able to get in through the back of the home in order to get much needed essentials for the children and staff.


The home was opened in 1975 and has never experienced anything like this. This is the worst flooding South India has experienced since 1924.


Please pray for their safety. We know there will be a lot of repairs to be done after the water recedes. The home’s financial support has been really low lately, and there are no funds available to do this much-needed work.  Please pray about this.


Sincerely, Mike Nixon, Director